10 Easy Boredom Busters For Your Dog

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It is true, dogs can get bored! When your dog gets bored they can do reckless things. This is why you should always make sure they have the toys or activities to keep them entertained. Here are several different ways you can put an end to your dog’s boredom.

Hide and Seek With Treats

Dogs love playing hide and seek especially when there is a tasty treat as a reward. Dogs are very good at finding the source of smell when it comes to food. This can be a simple game, but dogs love to do this.

Get your dog to stay, give them a chance to smell the treat, place it somewhere out of their sight, and let them search. Watch as they scamper across the house looking for this treat.

It might take them a little bit to understand all the rules to the game. But dogs are very smart and will learn how to play hide and seek very fast.

A Digging Box For Your Dog

This can be a project, but your dog will love you for it. Dogs enjoy digging and you don’t want them to dig up your backyard. But, you can build a sandbox that your dog can dig in without ruining your land. Here are the instructions on building a sandbox provided by Lowe’s.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Dogs are like humans it is fun to learn new things and get rewarded for them. If you keep the learning fun and rewarding your dog will enjoy it and will be mentally stimulated.

Buy Some Interactive Toys

These are very cool toys that can keep your dog occupied for hours. Usually, these toys are like puzzles the dogs have to figure out how to get one toy out of another toy. They are fun, but simple and are great challenges for your dog’s mind. If you want to see some of the best interactive dog toys, check out this list!

Make A DIY Toy

This could actually be a great boredom buster for both you and your dog. You can even make a toy by yourself with a shirt. There are several tutorials that you can find on youtube for diy toys. Your dog will love this new toy, and it won’t even cost you a dime to create one.

Frozen Treats

Try making some treats and then freezing them! After a long warm walk or a short training session this is a great reward that your dog will love. Here are some treat recipes that I put together from around the internet. Follow the instructions and enjoy, if your dog enjoys ice cubes they will love frozen treats.

Go For A Walk

This one doesn’t need much explanation, but it is a great option. Dogs love physical activity, going for a walk will make their boredom disappear. If you want to make things more interesting, bring some treats and feed them to your dog along the walk.

Set-Up A Dog Play Date

Go to the park with your dog and find some other dogs. Or if you have some friends with dogs then you should ask them if they want to set up a playdate with your dog. Dogs need social interaction with other dogs. It will not only stop their boredom, but they will act better around other dogs. Dogs love playing around with another dog.

Play Fetch With A Special Tennis Ball

Nothing breaks a dog’s boredom like a game of fetch. If you want to make it extra special, put some treats inside of the tennis ball. It is like a DIY interactive toy. Your dog will love these games of fetch even more with this special reward on the inside of the ball. Here is a tutorial to creating a special interactive tennis ball toy.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Buy your dog a bone and give it to them. I’ve seen my dog chew on a bone for a week straight before they needed a new one. They spend hours everyday laying down and gnawing away. If you are looking for some good bones for your dog, check this list out!

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