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95 Japanese Dog Names For Your New Dog

While also considering what your dog’s name means in other languages. Especially if you are choosing a name from a foreign country like Japan.

Which brings us to the topic of this article, the best Japanese dog names for both male and female dogs.

Your search for the perfect Japanese dog name ends here, these are the 95 best Japanese dog names.

The definitions of these names were found on several different websites, however, before you name your dog double check the meaning in Japanese and other languages.

You don’t want to teach your dog to respond to a name, then later change it because it has a bad meaning.

Japanese Male Dog Names

  1. Haruto (Spring, Person)
  2. Sota (Thick/Big, Smoothly)
  3. Yuki (Snow, Happiness)
  4. Haruki
  5. Koki (Vast And Strong)
  6. Ryusei
  7. Sora (Sky)
  8. Sosuke (Several Meanings)
  9. Riku (Handsome)
  10. Soma
  11. Ryota
  12. Rui
  13. Ryuto (Dragon)
  14. Kaito
  15. Haru (Spring)
  16. Yusei (Save, Help)
  17. Kota (Happiness, Good Fortune)
  18. Yuito
  19. Yuma
  20. Ren (Lotus, Love)
  21. Takumi (Artisan)
  22. Minato (Harbour)
  23. Eita
  24. Hiroto (Great Flying)
  25. Shota
  26. Daiki
  27. Kosei (Personality)
  28. Takeru (Warrior, Fierce, Health, Noble)
  29. Hinata (Sunny Place)
  30. Toma
  31. Manato
  32. Rikuto
  33. Ryuki (Dragon Rider)
  34. Aoto
  35. Ibuki
  36. Tatsuki
  37. Haruma
  38. Taisei (There are five different meanings for this name)
  39. Yuta (One With Many Friends)
  40. Itsuki (Tree)
  41. Yamato (Most Notably, The Yamato Period in Japan. The Kanji Separately Mean Great and Harmony)
  42. Soshi (Element, Data)
  43. Taiga (River, Stream)
  44. Kosuke (Rising Sun)
  45. Shoma (Reaching For Truth)
  46. Yushin

Japanese Female Dog Names

  1. Yui
  2. Rio (Center Cherry Blossom)
  3. Yuna
  4. Koharu (Small/Heart)
  5. Hinata (Sunny Place)
  6. Mei (A Reliable Sprout)
  7. Hina (Chick, Young Bird)
  8. Mio (Beautiful, Cherry)
  9. Saki (Blossom, Hope)
  10. Kokona (Heart And Greens)
  11. Haruka (Faraway, Distant)
  12. Rin (Dignified)
  13. Miyu (Beauty, Superiority, And Gentleness)
  14. Akari (Lights)
  15. Yuna (Kindness)
  16. Honoka (Head, Ear, Spike)
  17. Aoi (Hollyhock Flower)
  18. Momoka (Hundred, Flower)
  19. Ichika (Pure Light)
  20. Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
  21. Himari (Sunflower)
  22. Yume (Dream)
  23. Nanami (Seven Seas)
  24. Ayaka (Colorful Flower)
  25. Yuka (Fragrant)
  26. Airi (Pearl)
  27. Riko (Truth, Jasmine)
  28. Noa (My Love)
  29. Mao (True Center)
  30. Yua (Love, Affection)
  31. Hiyori (Weather)
  32. Misaki (Beautiful Bloom)
  33. Yuzuki (Small Citrus Fruit)
  34. Ayane (Colorful Sound)
  35. Rina (Village, Jasmine, Vegetables)
  36. Sana
  37. Ría
  38. Ruka (Bright Blue Flower)
  39. Kaho
  40. Hana (Flower)
  41. Karin (Quince)
  42. Risa
  43. Kanon (Flower, Sound)
  44. Shiori (Bookmark)
  45. Fuka (Shark)
  46. Rino
  47. Natsuki (Moon, Vegetables, Green)
  48. Reina
  49. Anna

Wrap Up

Those are the Japanese dog names that we promised. Hopefully, you found one that meets your liking, if not be sure to check out one of our other dog name articles below.

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