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American Pugabull Dog Breed Information

Who doesn’t love dogs? As humans, we have a special connection with our furry little friends. They give us joy, laughter, and a friendship that’ll last a lifetime.

Of the dog breeds available for adoption in the world, one of the most interesting and newest breeds is an American Pugabull.

Physical Characteristics of an American Pugabull

Since American Pugabulls are a relatively new breed, their physical characteristics have a large range.

This is due to the fact that they’re a mix between an American bulldog and a pug. This causes them to either fall closer to being the size of one over the other.

However, most of them tend to be in the medium-sized range of dogs. Although that “medium-sized range” might be a bit larger than you might realize.

Weight-wise, a Pugabull typically weighs somewhere between 25 to 70 pounds. As for their height, they’re usually around 12 to 20 inches in length. As noted earlier, they have a wide range for their physical size.

Just like most dog breeds, they’re coat color has a lot to do with their parent’s color. The examples of their coat color include red, tan, brown, black, and white. However, they’re usually a blend of two of these colors. Meaning they’re almost never a solid color.

Their coats are usually very short which makes them very easy to groom. However, they’re unfortunately not hypoallergenic. Which means if you have serious allergies then you probably should avoid adopting or going near a Pugabull.

Emotional Characteristics of An American Pugabull

Just like a Pugabull gets their physical traits from their parents, they get their emotional characteristics from them as well. Think of their emotional traits as the best of both worlds from a pug and bulldog.

They’re known to be extremely loyal dogs. To the point that they’d be borderline good guard dogs. Since they’re loyal dogs, they’re extremely affectionate and love to spend time with their owners.

However, since they’re so loyal and dedicated dogs to their owners, they run the risk of being mean to other dogs. To avoid this, make sure they spend a good amount of time with other dogs early on in their life.

Generally speaking, they’re very energetic dogs. Which means they’re going to want a lot of attention from you. To help calm them down and give them the attention they want, be sure to take them on walks and play with them often.

Playing with them will calm their energy levels down and will allow them to be more relaxed. Similar to how they act around other dogs, be sure to train them early on to help them with their energy levels.

If you don’t train them early on, they might have a hard time listening to you and will develop bad behavior characteristics because of it.

Health Issues

Just like a lot of Bulldogs and Pugs run into health issues, Pugabulls unfortunately run into a lot of the same health issues. Issues include respiratory problems, cataracts, joint problems, hip issues, and much more.

These issues are why it’s so important for you to stay on top of your dog’s health. Be sure to get them a veterinarian and talk to your vet about how you can help them live the healthiest life possible.

Despite these health issues, they have a relatively high lifespan for a dog with the average lifespan being 12 to 14 years.

Origins of a Pugabull

The Pugabull breed began in the 1990s when breeders wanted a perfect companion dog. After the combination of a Pug and a Bulldog, they finally got their perfect companion dog.

They were essentially bred as a “designer breed”, but over the years, a lot of them have entered dog shelters as their numbers began to increase.

They’re considered to be a rare and new breed because of the numbers surrounding the breed. However, they’re lovely dogs and deserve our love and affection.

Similar Dogs to a Pugabull

Just like we’d expect, the two dogs that are closest to a Pugabull are a Pug and a Bulldog. Other similar dogs include Pitbulls and Terriers. Just like Pugabulls, they have a wide range in sizes and share a lot of the same characteristics.

What a Pugabull Eats

For food, they should be on a diet that is great for medium-sized high-energy dogs. Giving them the wrong type of food can harm them and lead them to a shorter lifespan.

If you can feed them a healthy and correct diet for them, then they’ll be their incredibly energetic and fun selves for most of their lives.

Where You Can Adopt a Pugabull

Of course you can adopt a Pugabull right from a breeder, but this can be very expensive. However, over the last few years, there have been an increase of Pugabulls in dog shelters.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time dogs are abused and neglected which causes them to have behavior issues. Causing them to be forced into a shelter.

Don’t let these dogs sit in their misery, they don’t deserve that. It’s a shame they’re forced in these kinds of situations so you might as well try your best to help them.

What to Be Aware of With a Pugabull

If you end up adopting a Pugabull, be mindful of training them early on. If you can train them early on then they’ll be an incredible dog for you, your family, or any situation.

They love playing, so always be mindful of spending time with them. Daily walks, occasional trips to the dog park, and dog toys are always great ways to keep them occupied.

As noted earlier, be sure you have a good veterinarian for them. Just like most dogs, you never know when a health issue might come up and you need to get them help.


We hope you enjoyed our dog profile on the American Pugabull. They’re incredibly energetic and loyal dogs which is why you should consider adopting one.

If you do, you’ll grow a close connection and have a friendship that’ll never fade.


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