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Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Some dog owners love their pets but have a very hard time dealing with the allergies that being in the presence of a dog can bring on, so they may be interested in acquiring a Basenji.

Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic Dogs? Yes, Basenjis are hypoallergenic because they shed very little and are less likely to trigger allergies.

Basenjis happen to be a hypoallergenic breed, making them a good choice for aspiring pet owners.

What Are Hypoallergenic Dogs? 

Being hypoallergenic means that something is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. The prefix hypo is Greek for under or beneath but is synonymous with less or fewer.

So a hypoallergenic dog is one that carries a lesser chance of being problematic for an owner with allergic sensitivities.

Humans tend to have allergies not so much to the dog hair, but to certain proteins found in the dog’s saliva and urine. When dogs groom themselves, they spread these proteins all over their coat.

As a dog grows new cells under its coat, the old coat is shed, releasing the hair into the air (referred to as dander), and the proteins with it. Breathing these triggers allergies in people.

Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Basenjis are classed as hypoallergenic because they very seldom shed. The Basenji is a near obsessively clean animal, practicing their fastidious grooming habits frequently.

This makes them a low maintenance breed from a grooming standpoint, as well as cause them to maintain themselves well enough to release much less dander.

Their short hair should still, ideally, be brushed daily. For those suffering from allergies from the proteins on the hair described above, it’s recommended that a hound glove is used, and the brushing takes place outside, away from any open windows of the residence.

Good Choice For Those With Allergies

The Basenjis keep themselves very clean and they do not bark (though they sometimes “yodel”.

The lack of barking is significant however in that it prevents the dog from releasing more of the allergy-inducing proteins from their saliva out into the environment.

They only shed about once a month, and the level of shedding can be further mitigated by appropriate grooming. A daily brush will go a long way to keeping your home dander free.

Do Your Research?

Having a Basenjis is not a guarantee to lack of allergic reactions, and the same goes for any dog breed commonly known for being hypoallergenic.

Your allergies may be severe enough that having a dog of any sort, or any animal covered in hair that sheds even occasionally is simply not for you.

You can make your own life much harder and ruin your dog’s life by acting too quickly without adequate knowledge.

After all, allergies are one of the main reasons dogs end up in shelters. Jumping into dog ownership uninformed is unfair to both you and the animal.

So then, are Basenjis hypoallergenic? Their diligent self-grooming, short coat hair, and lack of barking cause them to have less allergenic proteins on their bodies and therefore cause them to be likely to trigger less allergic reactions.

Make sure to discuss your allergy situation with a Basenji breeder before picking up the pup.


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