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Are German Shepherds Good with Cats?

Is your beloved pooch a German Shepherd? Maybe you are thinking of getting a dog, but you already have cats and are worried that the two might not get on with each other?

Are German Shepherds good with cats? Yes, if socialized and trained properly, your pets can live happily together for as long as possible.

Some dog breeds are better suited to cats than others, and that is why it is really important to do your research into the type of characteristics of each breed before committing to buying a dog.

Here, we are going to talk about German Shepherds, their background and answer are German Shepherds good with cats.

No two dog breeds are the same. From their instinct to hunt to their massive personalities, each dog breed has a different set of characteristics which makes them unique and desirable.

But what about German Shepherds? What are their characteristics and background?

German Shepherd History

German Shepherds were, as you may have guessed, were originally bred for shepherding sheep.

They are gentle yet intelligent dogs that had the perfect instincts for herding sheep and looking after their flock.

Made popular in America after the first world war, German Shepherds are now in the top 10 dog breeds for households across the US and UK.

This intelligent dog has had many roles over the years from sniffer dogs to serving as assistance dogs for the blind.

These creatures are so versatile and kind that they make the ideal working dog and household pet (or occasionally both!).

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

Due to the historical role that German Shepherds have been bred to do, they may have a hard time getting along with cats.

Smaller, furry animals in the GSD household is likely to be subjected to “herding” and putting into their place on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it if you are introducing a puppy German Shepherd to a home with cats.

Cat Training Your Dog

You can train your German Shepherd puppy to get along with your cat. By ensuring you socialise them properly and introduce them well, you will be able to feel more comfortable that your GSD won’t chase after your cat or hurt them as they grow older.

To start, introduce your cat to your German Shepherd puppy when they are as young as possible. Always monitor their meetings and be ready to take action if you need to.

If possible, try to discourage your cat from running away as this will only encourage your puppy to chase after them.

After a few meetings, your puppy will become less intrigued by your cat and will begin to see them as less of a toy and more of a member of the family.

As well as socializing your cat and puppy, you must also practice disciplining your dog if he pursues your cat.

Just as you would teach them to sit or stay, teach your dog that they are not too rough play with your cat and reward them when they don’t.

So, are German Shepherds good with cats? If socialized and trained properly, your pets can live happily together for as long as possible.

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