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Are Golden Retrievers Hyper?

Golden Retrievers are amongst the three most popular dogs in the United States. But how do they fare most of the time when it comes to being hyper?

Or in simpler terms are Golden Retrievers hyper? No, but it depends on how well they are trained and how much they are exercised.

Which can be both mentally and physically exercised because dogs with an excess of energy will act out or act hyper.

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper?

No, typically Golden Retrievers grow up to be very kind and gentle dogs that have a soothing demeanor. However, you must understand that any dog’s energy can be overwhelming if they aren’t trained to act the right way.

You have a huge impact on the way your dog acts through how you train them to be.

Dogs learn about what they can and cannot do based on what you allow and don’t allow regardless of breed. However, there is another factor we will talk about next.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Two of the main causes of dogs being hyper and destroying their environment is an excess of energy and being bored.

Which often you can eliminate both these issues by spending time with them and doing things with them.

You don’t have to occupy your dog every hour of every day.

Setting aside time to play with your dog and walk your dog will calm them down and give you time for yourself.

Because there is a good chance your dog will take a nice long sleep after a long walk.

Fun Boredom Busters For Your Dog

The good news is you can also mentally stimulate your dog using toys and other fun games.

Here are some fun boredom busters that we wrote about which will keep your dog from being bored.

Interactive dog toys specifically can occupy your dogs while you are occupied or away.

Depending on the type you get some are just stuffing toys that you can put peanut butter in and some are self-moving toys your dog can chase.

A self-moving interactive dog toy that makes your dog chase it might be better for burning energy, but it can also be a bit pricier.

Another game you can play with your Golden Retriever using treats is Hide & Seek. For a Retriever dog breed, this would be a fun and engaging game for your dog.

With the right training, you can turn this into a regular game that your Retriever can thrive at.

We will leave you with one more boredom buster, make a DIY toy. This might take up some of your own time, but it’s worth it if you are looking for a free solution.

Toys can be made with a variety of materials, but one of the most popular ways is using an old shirt to make a rope toy.

You can find a list of our 10 favorite ways to keep the boredom away here!

Wrap Up

So, are Golden Retrievers hyper? It depends, but if you do it right no. This can mean the right training, the right stimulation, and sometimes it can even depend on your dog.

Some dogs are hyper in their nature, a good example of that is this famous TV dog.


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