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Are Great Danes Good Apartment Dogs?

Great Danes are fantastic, large, elegant dogs that make great pets. Before diving into the pros and cons associated with owning a Great Dane in an apartment, the short answer to the question is yes.

Are Great Danes good apartment dogs? Great Danes make great pets for apartments and really in any situation!

They are known for being very loyal and calm; many people even have these large dogs as service animals. They are also very strong dogs.

However, there is always a bit of skeptical optimism when it comes to considering any large dog for an apartment. Keep the following things in mind when considering a Great Dane for your apartment.

Are Great Danes Good Apartment Dogs?


Great Danes are very calm, loving pets. They are great for apartments because they remain calm and do not need a lot of attention; that is not to say they should be neglected, but they are not little princess dogs like Maltese’s.

They are not likely to tear apart your apartment; they are well-mannered and respectful of your space.

Also, they do not need nearly as much exercise as the average large dog. That does not mean they should go weeks without going for a walk; they enjoy a good walk as much as any other dog.

Even though they can get energetic when you play with them, when you are lounging around in the apartment, they are happy to lounge around with you.

They adapt very well to any situation they find themselves in; just make sure they are trained early so they can get used to their situations.


The biggest con of owning a Great Dane in an apartment complex is their size. They are big, and you should keep that in mind when getting a Great Dane.

It is not a huge problem for the dog itself, but it might be for you. They take up a lot of space just by standing up, and you will be sharing a small space with them.

There is also the potential that they could knock things over; even though they are not known for tearing up things in your apartment, they could inadvertently do damage simply because of their size.

Finally, they often have loud barks. Even though they will not bark that much, it might be loud for your apartment.

All of these cons can be easily overlooked if your apartment has multiple rooms and if you do not own too many valuable vases and lights that could get knocked over by a big dog.

As long as they are trained early, they will acclimate well with their environment and will be great apartment dogs.

Final Thoughts

So are Great Danes Good apartment dogs? Yes, Great Danes can make great apartment dogs, but just make sure you get them enough outdoor exercise.

Also train them early and take care of them and they will be happy to lounge with you in your apartment!


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