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Auggie Dog Breed Information

The vast majority of us love dogs. Of the dog breeds available to adopt, one of the best dogs to adopt is an Auggie dog. An Auggie is an incredibly cute dog that is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Corgi.

To find out more about this lovely dog, we’re going to take a deep dive into their personality characteristics, physical characteristics, and other information surrounding the breed. Let’s get started!

Auggie Dog Personality Traits

Over the years, Auggie’s have become increasingly popular to adopt and there’s a reason why. Although they need a lot of room to play in and live comfortably, they tend to be very easy going dogs.

Which makes them a perfect fit for most living situations. Let’s highlight a few of their main personality characteristics:


Since they’re a cross between a Corgi and an Australian Shepherd, then you can probably assume how affectionate and loving they can be. They love humans as much as you love them.

Make sure you give them the proper attention and love they deserve. Otherwise, they might feel anxious and not be able to live their best possible life.

Have a designated playtime for them, take them on walks, and be prepared to snuggle up with them.

They love to get close and lay with you. Just remember to give them the same affection back. Since they’re extremely loving and affectionate to you, why wouldn’t you give them the same response back?


Outside of being affectionate, they’re very curious dogs. If they hear a noise or something going on, they’re going to investigate it.

When they’re younger, they tend to get into things just out of habit. So, if you hear some rustling in your kitchen cabinet, it’s possible your Auggie just wanted to check out what was going on.

To avoid any issues that may arise with their curiosity, just make sure they have enough toys and activities to do to keep them distracted.


As you can probably guess, Auggie’s are extremely playful dogs. Whether it’s playing fetch, going for a run, or playing with toys indoors, they love it when you play with them.

Make sure they have more than enough toys to play with because they enjoy being active and staying busy.

If you live in a small apartment, be sure to take them on frequent walks and visits to local parks. They tend to not love being kept in a small indoor setting.

Just like you, they love to get out of the house, so bring them outside when you can.

Physical Characteristics

Size-wise, Auggies usually fall under the smaller medium-sized dog section. They’re usually around 10 to 13 inches in height, with their weight being around 20 to 30 pounds. Females are typically smaller than males.

Their coat is usually multi-color which means they’re not just a solid color. They can be any combination of white, brown, tan, black, etc.

Also, they tend to grow two different coats throughout the year which allows them to comfortably live in hot or cold weather.


Now that you know more information about an Auggie dog, hopefully you’ll consider adopting one if the chance presents itself.

Be sure to check out local shelters and breeders if you’re interested in adopting an Auggie. They’re fantastic dogs that’ll fit well with just about any living situation!


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