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Dogs have become a part of our families and a massive part of our everyday life. Today, we’re going to highlight a bit of breed information pertaining to Aussiedoodles.

An Aussiedoodle is a fantastic dog that’ll fit well with most living circumstances. To highlight this kind of dog, we’re going to go over their personality, physicality, and a bit of other information pertaining to the breed.

Let’s get started!

Aussiedoodle Personality Traits

An Aussiedoodle has become a relatively new breed of dogs that has risen in popularity over the years. They’re a cross between an Australian Sheperd and a Standard Poodle.

As you can probably guess, they share a lot of the same characteristics between the two breeds. Let’s go over a few of their personality characteristics.


Since they’re half Australian Sheperd, you can assume they’re very energetic dogs. Well, that’s definitely the case with them.

They love to play, go outside, and make frequent visits to the park. If you’re a family that as a big backyard, then they’ll be perfect for you.

Just make sure you allow them to get the needed time to be energized. Otherwise, they’ll feel anxious and bored without having to eliminate their energy.


With the amount of energy they give off, they’re also very loving dogs. They love to play and have fun with the people they love.

If you can give them the time of day to have fun together, then they’ll know when to relax. Since they’re very loving dogs, they know when someone needs a bit of attention or love if they’re having a bad day. Always a plus to have a caring dog.


As you can probably guess, an Aussiedoodle is a very devoted dog. They’re very thankful for you for taking care of them and providing them with a place to live.

Because of this, they’re 100-percent devoted to you in every single way. They’ll guard you if need be. However, keep in mind that this way causes issues with other humans or dogs if they don’t understand the difference between a friend and a potential threat.

Although it’s not very common, it’s always a possibility. Be sure to train them early on the two differences.

Physical Characteristics

Physically speaking, an Ausiedoodle is a medium-sized dog that has a big range they can fall under.

They’re typically 14 to 23 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 25 to 70 pounds. Females are usually smaller than males.


We hope you enjoyed the information we presented on Aussiedoodles! As noted, they’re fantastic dogs that just about any person will enjoy.

If you are interested in reading about if Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic we have an article on just that!

Remember to check a local shelter or breeder near you if you’re considering adopting one. You’ll definitely fall in love with them and realize why they’re such a great dog to adopt.

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