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85 Australian Dog Names From The Land Down Under!

Picking a dog name is a very important step in getting a new dog. It takes time to pick the right name, you could be saying it for 10+ years so choose wisely.

It has to be a name you are comfortable saying in public (obviously), and one that you can easily say in a hurry. Yet, you must still choose a name that you enjoy and think is fun or unique for you and your dog.

If you are having a hard time choosing a name for your dog, try to choose a name that fits your new dog’s personality or unique appearance. But let’s get to the names…

These names come from the land down under! If you just got an Australian dog or are looking for a fun Australian name for your dog look no further.

Here are 85 Australian dog names:

  1. Bindi
  2. Joey
  3. Chipper
  4. Archie
  5. Toowoomba
  6. Bambam
  7. Mite
  8. Choccy
  9. Copper
  10. Fraser
  11. Grubs
  12. Tim-Tams (This is a popular Australian chocolate biscuit)
  13. Chaser
  14. Ranga
  15. Skippy
  16. Shep
  17. Byron
  18. Brindabella
  19. Victoria (The South Eastern State Of Australia)
  20. Coral
  21. Orchy
  22. Adelaide
  23. Uluru
  24. Flynn
  25. Hopper
  26. Dingo
  27. Kakadu
  28. Dart
  29. Deffo
  30. Margot (Like Margot Robbie born in Dalby, Australia)
  31. Mate
  32. Ledger (Like Heath Ledger born in Perth, Australia)
  33. Vegemite (Very popular Australian food spread)
  34. Wombat
  35. Safarfar
  36. Ozzie
  37. Wallaby
  38. Hobart
  39. Grommet
  40. Brizzie
  41. Barbie
  42. Saltie
  43. Wagga
  44. Perth
  45. Pikelet
  46. Canberra
  47. Speedy
  48. Bitzer
  49. Sheila
  50. Boonie
  51. Jaffa
  52. Taz
  53. Tidda
  54. Shred
  55. Dundee (Yes, like Crocodile Dundee the popular Australian movie franchise)
  56. Lightning
  57. Anzac
  58. Lutana
  59. Zippy
  60. Kango
  61. Chiko
  62. Brumby
  63. Hugh
  64. Emu
  65. Terror
  66. Cate
  67. Hunter
  68. Croc
  69. Gurge
  70. Gunner
  71. Roo
  72. Ranger
  73. Mel
  74. Trucka
  75. Didgeridoo
  76. Sydney
  77. Aussie
  78. Ace
  79. Tasmania
  80. Darwin
  81. Boomer
  82. Watts
  83. Dasher
  84. Kangaroo
  85. Yellowtail

Wrap Up

Wow, Australia sure does have some very fun and interesting names! I hope that at least one of those names is a perfect fit for your new dog. Have a good time with your new dog and if you want some more dog name ideas check out some of our related posts!

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