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Barkbox Review: Is Barkbox Worth It?

Doesn’t it suck to go out and find new dog products every month for your dog’s ever-evolving taste? Barkbox is your solution and this is our Barkbox review!

This can save you time and money every month on dog products.

Barkbox is a dog subscription box service that sends out boxes full of several different products to your doorstep for a cheaper price than buying the products separately.

Barkbox Review: Is Barkbox Worth It?

What’s Comes In A Barkbox Subscription?

A standard Barkbox includes at least 2 dog toys and 2 all-natural bags of treats with one chew. I say given week because occasionally Barkbox offers an extra toy with your box that is the same theme.

The Super Chewer Barkbox is made for dogs who destroy dog toys fast.

This package comes with 2 durable fluff-free dog toys, 2 full-size treat bags made in the USA or Canada, and 2 Meat chews that are all-natural.

What Are Barkbox Themes?

Barkbox themes set the basis for what products will be used in the subscription box of the month.

Some past themes are “The Good, The Bad, And The Pugly”, “Knights Of The Round Table” and “Chewrassic Park”.

Every month there is a new theme so you and your dog can enjoy new products every month with unique looks and tastes.

At checkout, you can decide to get the current month’s theme, or you can choose “surprise me” for a unique Barkbox that you won’t know the contents of.

How Does Barkbox Work?

To buy a Barkbox you go through a custom dog subscription box building process of fewer than 10 steps.

First, you enter your dog’s name, your dog’s breed (if it is for the Super Chewer), your dog’s birthday (if it is for the Super Chewer), size in terms of weight in tiers of the small (0-20 lbs), medium (20-50 lbs), and large (50+ lbs). 

Then, Barkbox will ask if your dog is allergic to beef, chicken, or turkey if they are they will send a package that excludes those ingredients.

Regardless, all treats that come in Barkboxes are all-natural and never contain corn, wheat, or soy.

If you are doing the Super Chewer box you will be offered a $9 per month upcharge to get an extra toy every month.

Then, you will choose your payment plan which we will cover pricing further down in this article.

The 3 plans available are the 1 month, the 6-month, and the 6-month plus a free toy subscription plans.

Lastly, you choose if you want the current theme or a surprise box and you proceed to checkout! Just like that in 6 steps, you can get a Barkbox subscription.

What’s The Difference Between Regular And Super Chewer?

The differences between the regular and the Super Chewer versions are pretty big and build a strong case to pay only dollars more every month to get the premium quality. 

Super Chewer will provide your dog with much stronger toys that have no plush to ensure they are durable.

Also, you get one extra chew with the Super Chewer and the option to get a third very strong toy.

Barkbox Quality

If you get the right toys for your dog then you will get the most time out of these products.

Many reviewers claim their dogs love the taste of the treats and that these toys have lasted longer than most others. 

If you get the Super Chewer Barkbox than you will get the longest lifetime out of each box and you will get the strongest/most durable toys.

If these toys don’t live up to the quality they are promoted as Barkbox has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They will send you a replacement toy free of charge, no questions asked.

Also, if you have ANY problems other problems with your Barkbox products or account several reviewers have claimed that Barkbox has amazing customer service that resolves issues fastly and easily.

Pricing Plans

The regular Barbox includes the products that we have discussed and you can start for only $22 a month if you go for the 12-month subscription.

If you only want to try one box to see what it is all about, you will pay $35 for one month and one box.

The Super Chewer Barkbox with the upgraded more durable toys for aggressive chewers that destroy toys fast.

This type of box can start at $29 per month for a 12-month subscription. Or you can go with the $34 per month for a 6-month subscription.

And the most expensive is the monthly plan of $45 per month.

Don’t worry about shipping costs either, in 48 of the United States you can get free shipping for your order and your subscription box with ship immediately.

Saving Money With Barkbox

Many times in this article we’ve mentioned saving money while using Barkbox, but just how much are you saving? 

Barkbox estimates the value of their regular box goods at over $40, so if you get the 6-month plan for $25 you are going to save at least $15 every month on dog products.

Barkbox estimates the value of their Super Chewer box goods at over $45.

Which means for the 12-month plan you are saving at least $16 every month. But, in my opinion, these products are probably closer to $60 of value.

Great For Gifting To Friends With Dogs

Don’t know what to get your friend? What’s better than buying them a Barkbox that can save them time on buying dog products.

The process to gift a Barkbox is very simple and similar to the regular buying process.

Barkbox Gift Pricing

The regular Barkbox pricing for gifting is $35 for 1 box, $89 for 3 boxes, $149 for 6 boxes, and $249 for 12 boxes.

The Super Chewer pricing for gifting is $45 for 1 box, $99 for 3 boxes, $179 for 6 boxes, and $329 for 12 boxes.

Is Barkbox Worth It?

YES! Between the money that you save and the quality of these products if you don’t have Barkbox you are throwing away money every month on treats and dog toys.

Not to mention, the joy that your dog will get when your dog subscription box shows up every month makes Barkbox worth the money alone.

And that’s it for out Barkbox review we hope we helped you find the information you were looking for. Enjoy your monthly toys, treats, and chews!

Buy Regular Barkbox At Barkbox.com


Buy Super Chewer Barkbox At Barkbox.com


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