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Top 20 Best Disney Dogs in 2021

Dogs and Disney movies are like bread and butter when put together.

Everyone has seen these famous Disney dogs and how can you not love them.

Good or evil dogs in Disney movies are full of personality and usually do a good job of mimicking how we imagine dogs would be if they were more human.

Some dogs in Disney cinema are even the most recognizable cartoon characters in all of the films and TV.

We tried to gather the most popular dogs across time therefore many dogs from recent Disney movies won’t be included.

If you already know all these dogs, take the quiz and find out if you know all of their names by just looking at them!

Without further adieu, here are the 19 most popular Disney dogs from one of the biggest movie studios in the world.

What Are The Best Disney Dogs?

Slinky From Toy Story

There is no way you have gone through life without knowing about this calm, sweet toy dog. This may be a technicality, but it still counts!

Slinky is a cross between a slinky toy from the 50s to the 70s and a dachshund. Slinky has a part in all of the Toy Story movies and serves as a good friend to Woody.

Goofy From Various Films

Not many people might know this because of Goofy’s human characteristics, but he in fact is.

Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog, meaning a non-human with human traits. To add to that Goody and Pluto are also very good friends!

Bolt From Bolt

Bolt is a Disney film from 2008 that did well in the box office, but it didn’t quite go down in history as one of Disney’s best-known films.

However, Bolt did have a unique look that many people from the younger generations would recognize at a glance.

That distinct look is based on a white shepherd, just scaled down in size.

Pluto From Various Disney Films And Shows

Mickey’s best friend and the most popular cartoon dog character in the world in my opinion.

Pluto was officially created in 1931 although the first appearance of Pluto was in 1930 as a hound with no name.

Now, Pluto has appeared in more than 176 movies and TV shows and is loved by many Disney fans, what a journey!

Tramp From Lady And The Tramp

If you are an enthusiast of the original Disney movies then you know this playful dog.

Although Tramp can be seen as child-like he is still quite brave and smart.

Tramp is one of the main characters in Lady and the Tramp and is a very popular Disney character.

Trusty From Lady And The Tramp

Trusty is an old Bloodhound that plays one of the good dogs in Lady And The Tramp.

This dog doesn’t play a big part, but he is a memorable Disney dog that enjoys to share his wisdom.

Dug From Up

This is my favorite Disney dog because of his hilarious dialogue and adorable Golden Retriever appearance.

He is clearly overweight which only adds to his huggable look. The irony is, Dug belongs to Charles Muntz who is the evil villain at the end of the movie.

Nana From Peter Pan

Nana is from Peter Pan and she is a servant in the house that cleans up after the children.

Like any nana, she is loyal and loving. She isn’t in most of the movie, but the audience still remembers her loving role.

Max From The Little Mermaid

Max is an English Sheepdog that belongs to Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.

He is a sweet dog that has the ability to love everyone, especially his owner and Ariel.

Peg From Lady And The Tramp

Peg plays a small part in Lady And The Tramp which most of the time she spends protecting Lady from making mistakes or getting hurt by other dogs.

All One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Most Disney fans know about this movie and all of these dogs. They are definitely in the top 5 most recognizable dogs from movies.

Be honest, every time you see a dalmatian you think of these dogs and this movie.

Old Yeller From Old Yeller

Old Yeller is a loyal dog that selflessly saves his family from danger and served his owner’s farm. If you want to see what breed he was in the movie and book check out our article on what breed is Old Yeller.

Bruno From Cinderella

Bruno is Cinderella’s dog and he has many similarities with Trusty. He is a bloodhound that is very loyal and only wants to protect Cinderella from being harmed.

Percy From Pocahontas

Percy goes from a spoiled pug living a life of luxury to living as Pocahauntus’ pet and only wanting to see her happy.

Percy is a side character with an inspiring transformation with great life lessons.

Copper From The Fox And The Hound

Copper was the main protagonist in the fox and the hound. Copper is loyal and his journey is often full of tough decisions, but he uses his intelligence to find the best outcomes.

Jock From Lady And The Tramp

Jock grows on you over the film. He often acts like a grumpy old Scottish man that is not afraid to share his opinion.

But, at the end of the day, Jock is really just protective of all those he loves.

Lady From Lady And The Tramp

Lady is a cocker spaniel and is oftentimes found being too kind or polite.

Which is often why many other dogs try their best to protect her from the troubles of the world. This distinct personality makes her a popular and adored Disney character.

Dodger From Oliver And Company

Dodger is a Jack Russel terrier and character in the movie Oliver And Company.

Dodger’s personality is a street smart dog with a lot of self-confidence in his ability. Less popular than the other dogs on this list, but still known by many.

Sultan From Beauty And The Beast

Sultan is the playful footstool that walks around in Beauty And The Beast.

Originally a dog, but the enchantress transformed the dog into a footstool, which later gets reversed at the end of the movie.

Toby From The Great Mouse Detective

Toby is the Basset Hound and is the pet and partner of Sherlock Holmes in The Great Mouse Detective.

Even though Toby is professional and helps solves cases he still remains a playful/fun dog.


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