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The 15 Best Dog Podcasts you Have To Listen To

Are you a fan of listening to podcasts while you drive, work, or even to go to bed? Are you also a fan of dogs? Then you’re in luck because there are several dog podcasts out there that can keep you up with the latest news or entertainment on dogs.

What Are The Best Dog Podcasts?

The Hunting Dog Podcast

This podcast is specifically for those who hunt with their dogs, hence the name. There is no set upload schedule or required length per episode.

Just some very plain-spoken, candid podcast episodes speaking to friends of the host. Some episodes are also marked explicit, so be careful if you are at work.

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Can I Pet Your Dog?

This podcast is all about two women dog owners that discuss all things dogs.

All dog events, dogs they have met this week, recent news about dogs, and general dog knowledge.

It’s a great podcast and is worth checking out for a variety of dog-related content.

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This is a great podcast that covers a lot of dog training and general knowledge about your dog.

If you are interested in the emotions and actions of your dog these podcasts give a great in-depth analysis.

The topics often very still, but you are always learning something.

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All Things Pups Podcast

This podcast is all about training your dog and it is hosted by a dog owner with more than 10 years of dog training experience.

She has a unique approach to training dogs and claims many famous people trust this podcast.

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No Bad Dogs Podcast

This is a recent podcast having started only February of 2018 with monthly uploads that can vary in time.

He offers great dog advice and claims to be America’s Canine Educator. This podcast is all about dog training and is good if you’re looking to train your dog some new tricks.

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Bad Dog Agility

This podcast is great for becoming an informed dog owner. This show has several hosts and they often talk about dog-related knowledge.

And you can even begin to understand some dog psychology and training.

They also have great guests that share their insights and this podcast will make you a well-educated dog owner.

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Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast

In this podcast the host talks to guests from competitive dog sports training. The dog-related topics vary on the guest, but typically they will talk about dog training.

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Dog Works Radio

This is a podcast with lots of variety in dog-related topics, from dog training to good destinations to bring your dogs.

Dog Works Radio doesn’t have a set length per episode the host talks about the topic until all the essential knowledge is said.

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The Dog Trainer Quick And Dirty Tricks

Unfortunately, this podcast was discontinued in 2015, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of archive podcasts for you to listen to.

This podcast will give you great advice about what you should do with your dog or what dog you should get.

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Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcast

This is a great podcast for learning how to train your dog.

Dr. Dunbar mostly discusses dog training and how to get your dog to act properly with other dogs and with you at home.

All around a good podcast for dog education.

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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Another great educational podcast that can sometimes upload several more than 1-hour long episodes every week.

The podcast covers dog training and common questions that are asked frequently by dog owners. This is a great podcast for struggling dog owners that need a little help.

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It’s A Doggy Dog World

With a very clever name, this podcast is another monthly upload podcast in a longer form that discusses all dog information.

This podcast has several hosts and is a good conversation about all topics that are dog-related. This is another good podcast you can listen to during a commute.

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Canine Nation

This is another amazing podcast focused around training your dog and tips for dog owners.

They are still very active posting one podcast every week, each one at about 15 minutes or less.

This is perfect for new dog owners or existing dog owners looking for tips on the go.

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DogCast Radio

This podcast only does one podcast every month, but they have been doing it since 2005 so there are more than 200 episodes for you to listen to.

They make up for their monthly podcast by making it 30 minutes and covering everything dog related.

News, breed information, training tips, all of it. DogCast Radio will keep you in the loop.

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Vegas Rock Dog Radio

This podcast is an hour long per episode and talks all about general dog news.

You can learn a lot from this podcast as well because the host offers much insight and knowledge.

Her guests do as well, she occasionally brings dog experts onto the show to share their advanced knowledge of these dog topics.

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Final Thoughts

Those are the best dog podcasts right now, in total that is 15 podcasts that can help you train your dog or learn more about your dog in general.

Hopefully, these podcasts help you with your commute or with your dog training. And if they do, be sure to share them with your friends.


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