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10 Best Dogs For Families In 2021

Most dogs are friendly, yet not all dogs are friendly with children.

If you have children the most important thing about getting a dog is getting a dog that is kind to them. This list will serve as a guide to the best dogs for families.

What Makes A Dog One Of The Best Dogs For Families?

Good With Kids

If you have a family that might mean that you have children.

You can always teach a dog to be good with children, but it is best to choose a dog who is more gentle with them.

This was the main deciding factor for dogs on this list. If a dog was not kind with children they were immediately ruled out.

Good With Other Pets

If you are a person with a fur family, it is important that you get a dog that plays nice with others.

As I mentioned with kids, you can train this dog to be nice with other pets. But, it is good to get a dog with less aggression.

Good With Strangers

This is not as much of a deciding factor, but it is still important to know. If you have family chances are a lot of new people will be coming in and out of your house.

It’s important that your dog is good with friendly strangers, but knows which people could be bad.

You can train this dog to be nice with strangers, yet still cautious when new people come around, like a watchdog.

The younger you train them these skills, the better they will be at it.

10 Best Dogs For Families In 2020


An english bulldog sitting on a patterned carpet floor

These dogs make great family pets because they are friendly with all people. Whether they are strangers or children a Bulldog will always be a friendly companion.

Bulldogs are also friendly with other animals. They are great with other dogs and other cats.

This makes them one of the most friendly small dogs, a perfect choice for a family.


A boxer dog sitting on a couch

Boxers are very loving dogs and are gentle with children. They are also great watchdogs, but that can make them very suspicious of strangers.

Yet, most interactions with new people end with a Boxer licking the stranger and trying to play games.

They can be more aggressive with other dogs. But with the right training and frequent social interactions with other dogs. Boxers will learn to play gently with other dogs.

If you are going to get a boxer you should get the right food! Here is the best dog food for boxers list!

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever sitting in the grass

Golden Retrievers could be the perfect dogs and might just be the #1 best dogs for families.

These pure-hearted dogs are great for families because they are way too friendly.

Golden Retrievers are friendly with cats and other dogs. They are friendly with strangers as well.

Most of all Golden Retrievers are friendly with children. They are gentle and they are patient.

This makes them an ideal dog for families because they completely lack aggression.

If you do get a Golden Retriever you should get them the shampoo and grooming brushes they deserve!

German Shepherd

A german shepherd sitting in the grass

German Shepherds are very good with children and they know to be gentle. But, German Shepherds are territorial and will be suspicious of strangers.

With the right training, these dogs will be welcoming of strangers.

German Shepherds are also good with other pets. With lots of social interaction at a young age, these dogs will learn to be nice with other dogs.

German Shepherds are also known to be protective and will be a good watchdog for the family if you want them to be.

Labrador Retriever

A white labrador retriever sitting on a sidewalk

These dogs are like Golden Retrievers because of their pure-hearted friendly attitude. They are very kind to humans and act the same to other pets.

Whether it is a stranger or a child they are welcoming and gentle.

They are great with other dogs and cats, in the end, these dogs are super playful and are looking for friends.

These dogs want nothing more than to be another kind member of your family environment.

If you need to know the best puppy food for labs we have a list for that too!

Bernese Mountain Dog

A bernese mountain dog laying in grass

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are from large dogs from the working breed class. What they know is being a loyal, friendly companion to humans always doing as they ask.

These dogs are friendly to everyone they meet and every pet they meet.

These dogs don’t need a lot of physical activity, but you should walk them every day. This doesn’t mean they can’t handle a long hike or walk if you wanted them to.

Even with this work ethic, these dogs are still great companions to cuddle and spend time with.

If you are considering a Bernese Mountain Dog check out our list of the best names for a Bernese Mountain Dog!

Boston Terrier

A boston terrier with a human scratching their neck

This is a perfect candidate for the best dogs for families in apartments or small houses.

These are definitely on the list for the most friendly small dogs. They are kind to children, strangers, and other pets too.

Unlike many other small dogs, Boston Terriers don’t have the urge to bark often.

If you happen to live in an apartment then you should check out the best dogs for apartments list!

It has several options for you to choose from along with a detailed description.


A havanese dog standing in the grass with the sun behind them

Havanese dogs are without a doubt some of the best dogs for families. They are playful animals that love all people and pets.

They are friendly with every dog and human they meet and don’t need much physical activity at all.

They are very smart and independent, but they don’t like to be alone and want to feel like they are a part of the family.

These dogs are also great because they are hypoallergenic. Which means that they don’t shed often.

This is great for people with allergies because there will be less dander. Dander is what triggers allergies in certain people.

The less there is the less chance of having allergies.

If you want a dog that doesn’t shed, check out our best hypoallergenic dog article for more dogs like this!

Australian Shepard

An Australian Shepard laying in leaves

This dog is very intelligent and very hard working. They love spending time with their owners and are almost attached to them.

Australian Shepherds might follow you around the house. They are part of the herding group and enjoy doing things for their humans.

These dogs are also very friendly with children and other pets. They are gentle with kids, but they are suspicious of strangers.

You should train them while they are puppies to be kind to strangers. Australian Shepherds can also be great watchdogs if you want them to.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A pembroke welsh corgi laying on a beach in the sand

Corgis are small, smart, and full of love. They are friendly with all humans and pets and love spending time with the family.

These dogs are very territorial and can serve as great watchdogs. But, this makes these dogs will bark a lot without proper training.

These dogs may be small, but they need lots of physical activity.

If you don’t get these dogs to walk every day they could be at the risk of becoming overweight or even obese.

Final Thoughts

Those are all the best dogs for families. Before you get a dog, think about what personality you want in your dog then decide on which dog you should get.

There are several breeds of dogs and they have their own unique traits. Which dog you should get depends on what you need in a dog.

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