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5 Best Leather Dog Leashes in 2021

Are you tired of buying low-quality nylon leashes that get chewed through or collect a fur coat in one month of use?

Then a leather dog leash is an item you need. They are stronger, better looking, and more durable. With proper care, they can be used for several years.

What Are The Best Leather Dog Leashes?

Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash

FAIRWIN Braided Leather Dog Training Leash 6 Foot - 5.6 Foot Military Grade Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Medium Small Dogs ( M:5/8" x5.6ft, Brown) 004
  • M:5/8"x5.6ft-REAL GENUINE LEATHER dog training leash is real Italian imported leather, assembled and accomplished in China. Has the original authentic flavor and modern fashion style. handmade, tensile resistance is strong, durable.
  • METAL CLIPS Using pure copper alloy casting, the high quality plating process, outstanding clip appearance, simple and practical, strong tensile resistance can carry 500 Lb pull force, it is easy to tie on the dog collars or chest straps.
  • MILITARY GRADE TRAINING Law enforcement and military grade of professional training. Suitable for medium dogs such as Dachshund, Welsh corgi pembroke, Beagle, Shetland Sheepdog.(Please select the suitable size according to the size chart on page A +)

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This leash is made from real imported leather from the USA. But, the dog leash is made in China.

This leash has a modern style and is handmade. Yet, this still has a very durable and strong design.

It is not only the authentic leather that makes this tough enough to handle the strength of your large dog.

But, the metal clips are also very strong and can handle 500 pounds of pull force. These outstanding clips are made with pure copper casting.

Whether you are a daily dog walker or training service or police dogs this leash will work for you!

This leash is also a dog training leash. The strong materials in this leash allow you to have stable control over your dog when training.

The length is at a comfortable amount at about 5.6 feet long. The length allows you and your dog to enjoy a relaxed walk.

While still keeping control over your dog so they cannot walk too far ahead without you.

Depending on the size of your dog you should pick the size of your leash. There are four sizes of leashes, small, medium, large, and extra large.

All these leashes have the same length no matter which size. The measurement that changes is the width of the leash.

A small leash has ½ inch width and a medium leash has ⅝ inch width. Also, a large leash has ¾ inch width and an extra-large leash has 1-inch width.

This leash is also comfortable to hold as you are walking your dog. Since the materials such as the leather are so high-quality it won’t cause irritation on your hands.


  • Metal Clips Can Handle 500 Pounds Of Pull Force
  • 4 Different Sizes For Different Sized Dogs
  • Real Imported Leather From The USA


  • Some Describe This Leash As Too Stretchy

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ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash

ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot x 3/4 inch - Great Gift Ideea for Christmas - Soft and Strong Leather Leash for Large and Medium Dogs - Dog Training Leash (Brown)
  • Superior leather dog leash made to last for years; the Adityna leather leash is made of a single piece of premium grade genuine leather; this makes it a resistant leash which allows you to have controlled walks; this 6-foot x 3/4 inch dog leash has the perfect length for walks and training
  • Adityna designed the most efficient leather leash; it has been tested successfully on over 500 medium and large dogs ( labrador, golden retriever, border collie, german shepherd, caucasian shepherd, bernese mountain dog and more); 360º heavy-duty stainless steel clasp was used to make the training dog leash stronger; you will feel safe using it
  • Soft and strong at the same time, the adityna 6 foot leather leash can prevent the burning hands feeling when the dog pulls hard; our dog leash leather is easy to double up and hold if you need to keep your dog close; it can be used as a short dog leash as well

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This leash is great for large dogs that can be very wild during walks. The premium materials are making sure you stay in control.

In particular, the stable high-quality metal clasp and strong, genuine leather.

This only comes in one size, large. Which is about ¾ inches wide and 6 feet long, this is great for large dogs, but might be too much for small dogs.

The superior leather makes this leash one of the best. Everything from the looks to the softness.

This 100% premium grade genuine leather has a gentle touch on your hands and won’t burn your hands as your dog runs.

The heavy-duty stainless steel clasp will stay locked in place while you walk your dog. There will be no loose clasp allowing your dog to shake the leash.

The leather leash comes from the factory already treated and broken in. Also, because this leash is not nylon you won’t have to worry about your dog’s hair collecting on it.

No more unappealing hairy leashes and getting hair on your hands when you grab your leash.

If you aren’t sold on the strength and quality of this dog leash know that there is a warranty. ADITYNA offers a two-year warranty for this leather dog leash.

As another bonus, with the sale of a ADITYNA leather dog leash, you will get a poop bag dispenser.

This is a great add-on to your dog walking accessories, a convenient dispenser you can clip to your leash. Your days of fumbling for loose waste bags in your pockets are over!

Another great feature about this leash is the triple stitching. Triple stitching makes the dog leash even stronger.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clasp
  • 100% Premium Grade Genuine Leather
  • Two-Year Warranty


  • Some Leather Dog Leashes Have Chemical Smell

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FOCUSPET Leather Dog Leash with Double Handle

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What’s better than one leash handle…TWO! This leash gets on this list not only for the high quality make and material, but the uniqueness as well.

This leash has the traditional handle at the end of the leash and one next to your dog’s collar and neck.

This leash has strong materials. The padded leather makes this leash pretty thick and strong.

The quality of leather and the stitched make, allows this leash to feel comfortable as you hold it in your hands.

No tearing at your hands as your dog runs and rubs the leash against you.

Back to the double handle feature and why it is an important feature.

You don’t have to spiral the leash up your arm to reel in your dog or grab them uncomfortably by their collars.

It’s as simple as reaching down and grabbing the second handle to bring in your dog without hurting them.

The metal clasp on this leather leash is rust-proof as well. Not to mention this clasp is very strong and sturdy, capable of carrying a 500-pound pull force.

Even with all these sturdy materials, this leash is still lightweight.

The natural leather gives you strength but doesn’t provide extra weight. This leash is strong and sturdy without being heavy to the point long walks tire out your arm.

Impressive functionality aside this is a beautiful dog leash.

With handmade braided design near the handles and soft light brown leather.

Don’t worry about these good looks fading either because this leash is water and stain-resistant.


  • Double Handles
  • Rust-Proof Metal Clasp
  • Can Handle 500-Pounds Of Pull Force


  • The Stitching Can Come Undone
  • Leash Get Longer Over Time Through Stretching

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LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash

LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash - Brown 6 Foot x 3/4" Dog Walking Leash Best for Medium Large Dogs, Latigo Leather Dog Lead & Puppy Trainer Leash
  • 6 FOOT LEATHER LEASH YOU CAN TRUST - Have you been looking for a durable leather dog leash? Then your search is OVER! Leatherberg leather leash is made of top quality 100% real leather with strong double stitching and a metal rivet on each end. Our Leatherberg dog training leash will hold up all dog breeds.
  • PAIN - FREE WALKING AND TRAINING - Leatherberg leather leashes are made of 100% real Latigo leather. It's soft yet durable and absorbs some of the pull. We use the same leather material to make our leather dog leashes as other top brands in the U.S.
  • TRUSTED - Why Do Amazon Customers Give Our 6ft Leather Dog Leash 5-Star Ratings? Our dog training leash is the #1 choice because of its professional grade quality. You'll be able easily control and train a dog with this amazing tool.

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This is leash does not impress in looks, but it is very sturdy and strong.

This leash is made of 100% real leather and has strong double stitching with a metal rivet at each end of the leash.

The length of this leash is about 6 ft and the width is ¾ inches.

This leash is ideal for a medium-sized dog. 6ft length is the recommended length for a dog training leash.

Some say the width and length on this leash are comfortable and balanced.

This is made of 100% real latigo leather and quality US rawhide.

Which is very soft and durable, this won’t make your hands irritated or sore after a walk.

If you are not impressed with the quality or any aspect of this product, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.

This offer lasts up to a year after you buy this leash.


  • 100% Luxury Real Latigo Leather
  • Strong Double Stitching
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee For 1 Year


  • Too Thin For Big/Strong Dogs

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Timber and Tide Outdoor Co – Premium Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash

Timber and Tide Outdoor Co - Premium Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash - 6 Foot Long x Almost 1 Inch Wide - Soft and Extra Strong Full Grain Leather - Great for Large and Medium Dogs
  • 100% FULL GRAIN LEATHER: Unrivaled strength and comfort. Our luxurious Latigo leather leash is incredibly strong, yet supple and soft enough to keep your hands comfortable on long walks.
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST: Designed to withstand constant use from your furry friend. At 7/8” wide and 4mm thick, our leash is significantly higher quality than others found on the market.
  • HEAVY DUTY HARDWARE: Made for the toughest pulling dogs. The beautiful, long-lasting design of the Antiqued Clasp and Rivets will make this leash the envy of your friends for many years to come.

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This leash has a very simple, but nice design with dark brown colored leather and antiqued clasp.

Timber and Tide claim that this leash is much higher quality than the other leashes on the market.

This leather is 100% full grain latigo leather. Which is premium soft and smooth leather for comfortable pain-free walks.

This leather will keep its quality because it has a water-resistant finish. This prevents the breakdown of the leather when exposed to water.

The size of this leather dog leash is 6ft in length and ⅞ inches width. They have also provided the thickness for this product which is 4mm.

Many people describe the size of this product as perfect.

Timber and Tide products are all made for the best police and military-grade strength.

While also doing their best to provide great comfort while using it. Making this leash great for casual walking or dog training.

This company stands by the quality of this leash by giving all buyers a full one-year warranty.

If this product breaks you have a warranty for the first year after sale to get a brand new one!


  • Maximum Police And Military Grade Strength
  • Water Resistant Finish
  • 100% Premium Full Grain Latigo Leather


  • Rivets Can Be Ripped Out By Very Large Dogs

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Final Thoughts

I would buy any of the leashes on this list. All these leashes got picked out because of their outstanding all-around quality.

If I were to buy one of these leashes, I would choose the Timber and Tide leather dog leash.

It looks great and has amazing functionality. It is stable and durable, with the added bonus of being water-resistant.

The military-grade strength is a great function that gives peace of mind. Knowing the dog won’t snap it in half and run around the neighborhood.

What Should I Look For In A Leather Dog Leash?

Soft Leather

Don’t worry you are safe on this list. The leashes that we have listed here are the best and are the best in part because they have soft leather.

Your dog won’t be touching the leash, so this function is more for the dog walker.

The problem found in many nylon leashes is it will rub against your skin, irritate it and can even make you sore.

The same can happen with a leather leash if you buy a leash with rough leather.

The main idea is, be sure to buy a leash with soft leather so you don’t hurt your hands every time you walk your dog.


This is very important and you will see throughout this list this number can vary between sizes.

The larger the size of the leash the greater the width. This is due to the fact that the larger your dog is the more they will pull on the leash when they walk or run.

A wider leash will give you more control and prevent your dog from breaking the leash.

If you have a large dog and walk your dog on a narrow leash you risk your dog breaking the leash.


Most of the leashes on this list will be around 6 feet. Which is the recommended length for a dog training leash.

Many of the leashes on this list are dog training leashes due to their great functionality.

A good leash will be long enough to give your dog freedom. But short enough so that they can’t go too far ahead of you and get into trouble.

Strong Clasp

This is very important because this is the bridge from your leash to the collar. Get a leash with a strong clasp that can handle strong forces and remain stable.

The leashes on this list will have good clasps a some can even handle 500 pounds of pull force!

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