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5 Best Outdoor Dog Beds in 2021

Dogs, similar to their owners, love feeling comfortable at home.

Whether you’re going to an outing or simply hanging out in your backyard, these are the best outdoor dog beds that will provide your furry best friend with the best comfort they deserve.

If you are looking to buy a waterproof dog bed, you should check out the best waterproof dog beds list!

What Are The Best Outdoor Dog Beds?

K&H Original Pet Cot

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed Gray/Black Mesh Large 30 X 42 X 7 Inches
  • ELEVATED DOG COT: Raised dog bed helps pets stay cool in warm spring and summer months
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Elevated pet bed with its breathable mesh center, is great for travel, camping, picnicking and more.
  • STRONG & STURDY: Dog cot holds up to 200 pounds, durable and tested for strength

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Great for camping and outings, the K&H Original Pet Cot™ is one of the highest rated outdoor beds for dogs.

This waterproof and durable pet cot has a mesh center that allows your dog to stay refreshed and cool when resting. Your dog deserves only the best quality and comfort.

This product also comes in 3 sizes to accommodate the different types, breeds, and weights of your dogs.

The replaceable and washable cover makes it easy for repairs and laundry. This allows your dog to enjoy his stay on the cot for a continuous amount of time.

Being sturdy and durable, the cot can withstand up to 300lbs of weight depending on what you order.

You can rest assured that your dog will enjoy playing and resting in this cot.


  • Easy to assemble. The cot does not need any special tools to be constructed, and it is easy to put together or apart depending on the occasion.


  • A lot of buyers mentioned that the cover easily rips at the seams and that the mesh center is not as durable as claimed. 
  • The canopy of the cot is sold separately from the bed itself.

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Paws And Pals’ Elevated Pet Bed

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed - Steel Frame, Temp Control, Indestructible Chew-Proof Pet Cot w/ Trampoline Suspended Raised Hammock Best for Portable in/Out Door Use Cooling Platform | Medium
  • DIMENSIONS: Two (2) sizes: MEDIUM 32.55” x 25.5” x 8” (Frame), 25.5” x 24.85” x 0.05" (Mesh). Holds up to 35 pounds & LARGE 43” x 30.6” x 8” (Frame), 35.5” x 29.5” x 0.05" (Mesh). Holds up to 40 pounds
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe down with cleanser or soap.
  • FOR USE INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Waterproof design is great for outdoors

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This pet bed by Paws and Pals is quite similar in design with the first product mention.

They both have mesh centers that allow the movement of air towards your dog’s tummy.

This helps them feel refreshed and also keeps them away from both cold and hot ground.

The replaceable mesh cover is waterproof and easily washable which means that you don’t need to keep the bed inside when it is raining.

The frame can withstand either 40lbs or 88lbs of weight depending on which model you buy.

This implies that the whole pet bed can support the weight of toy, small, and medium-breed dogs.

The mesh cover is claimed to be able to withstand both the weight and the claws of your dog.

Aside from these, the detachable components make for easy transportation and cleaning up if you and your dog is going out for an outing.


  • Affordable. This product is more affordable than other elevated pet beds in the market.
  • The overall product is easy to assemble and will only take at least 5 minutes to build. This makes it handy for transportation and traveling with your dog.
  • Easy to wash. The bed and mesh could simply be hosed down to be cleaned. It’s easy and efficient.


  • The frame is sturdy, but some say the cover is not.
  • Easy to assemble, but only if you know how to.

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Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

Chuckit! Travel Pillow Bed, One Size, Blue and Grey
  • Portable Pet Bed: This travel dog bed has a double offset soft to touch quilted quality construction; Measuring 30 x 39 inches, a poly-suede makes the top, and the ripstop on the bottom adds durability
  • Travel Ready: A must have with your best friend on the go, this outdoor bed fits most dogs and is perfect for camping, RV, going to the beach, or to keep it in the car; Machine washable and breathable for quick dry-out
  • Go Fetch: Chuckit Performance toys are designed with you and your dog in mind; Try our full range of interactive indoor and outdoor dog toys including tumblers, flyers, fetch toys, chew toys and more

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Differently from the products above, the Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed is not an elevated bed with a mesh center.

Instead, it is a comfortable, pillow-like bedding that is designed for compactness.

The lightweight bed can be rolled up on a nylon stuff sack and brought around when traveling.

This makes it easy to transport. It doesn’t have any parts where you need to build or put together anything, as you only need to roll it out for it to be possible for use.

The durable bed resists tears and piercing from your dog’s claws. This durability also allows it to be machine washed for easy laundry.

A suede top ensures that your dog feels the most comfortable when laying in this bed.

This Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed can accommodate small to large breeds of dogs. They will surely feel comfortable with this bed!


  • Compact. This travel dog bed does not need any assembly. It can be rolled up easily and be put inside a bag or the trunk of a car. This makes it handy for traveling and camping
  • The product is more affordable than other similar travel beds.
  • Easy Washing. Since you can machine wash this travel dog bed, then it would be easier to wash and clean not needing any other special procedures to wash.


  • Not good for chewy dogs. While the bed is durable, it cannot endure being chewed on all the time.

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AmazonBasics Elevated Pet Bed

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed, Large (51 x 31 x 8 Inches), Green
  • Breathable mesh fabric helps keep pets cool by allowing air to flow
  • Elevates pets more than 7 inches off the ground
  • Easy to clean (using tap water only); simple assembly (screws and hex tool included)

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Similar to the first 2 pet beds, this pet bed is an elevated bed with a mesh cover to produce airflow beneath your dogs and make them feel refreshed.

AmazonBasics’ pet bed comes in 5 different sizes from XS to XL, with XL being as big as half of a twin bed. This gives the product great versatility.

The mesh cover can be easily cleaned with tap water. You can choose between green and gray mesh covers.

Your pets are sure to enjoy their stay on this bed as they rest comfortably on top of the mesh covering.

The durable mesh cover can withstand the weight and claws of your dogs.

The breathable cover is raised more than 7 inches from the ground which gives sufficient airflow and comfort for your dogs.


  • The durable cover can withstand most dogs and their weights. It is definitely much more durable than other similar products.
  • The variety of sizes gives it flexibility, making it available for both toy and extra large breeds. The XL size is also perfect for groups of small dogs as well as for a single extra large breed.


  • Some people who bought this product report that the legs and supports of the bed are not sturdy enough for their dog.

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SUPERJARE Elevated Pet Cot With Canopy

SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Dog Bed, Elevated Pet Cot with Canopy, Portable for Camping or Beach, Durable 1680D Oxford Fabric, Extra Carrying Bag - Silver Gray
  • A LUXURIOUS ACCESSORY FOR FURRY KINGS & QUEENS! What kitten or doggy doesn’t just love to relax and enjoy the outside activities? That’s why we designed and crafted this gorgeous, elevated, outdoor pet bed with ideal dimensions - 36" x 48" x 9.1"; and it comes with a canopy for full shade and protection
  • STURDY & DURABLE DESIGN! Made of sturdy, durable 1680D Oxford fabric and steel frame, which mean that, this exquisite pet bed can hold up to 120 lbs, and endure the playful scratching and playing of your beloved furry companions
  • HAVE A FUN AND COZY SUMMER! Made of breathable fabric, keeping your pet away from the sultry! Elevated design brings your pet a refreshing summer! it comes with a canopy for full shade and protection! Tips: The canopy is not protected from water, we recommend that you move the pet bed indoors, or in a covered area in rainy days or in stormy weather. So your furry friends won't get wet

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Last but not least is SUPERJARE’s Elevated Pet Cot. This cot comes with a canopy, K&H’s separate canopy.

The cot is elevated more than 9 inches above ground which keeps your pets from feeling the hard, cold, or hot ground below.

The attachable canopy gives your dog protection from sunshine and gives suitable shade so that your dog would feel comfortable.

Both the mesh cover and the metal frame are sturdy enough to support up to 120 lbs depending on which size you buy.

The breathable mesh cover gives a sufficient airflow below your dog which makes them feel more refreshed and cool.

The product was made from durable materials which will you peace of mind as it will last for a long time without needing to be repaired or replaced.


  • Complete with canopy and comfy cover. The canopy and cover combinations keep your dogs from sunlight and hard ground. It will give your pup a sense of coolness.
  • Lightweight. This product is lightweight and can be easily carried to the beach or to a park. Its lightness helps when traveling and moving the cot


  • Hard to assemble.
  • The canopy does not protect from rain.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Outdoor Dog Bed?


Most beds that are made for the indoors will get destroyed if they are used outside. Many are cloth and non-resistant therefor, not made for the outdoor elements.

Also, many indoor beds are not made for the snags and sharp edges outdoors and could possibly tear.


A lot of indoor beds are also cloth or non-resistant to the elements. If you decide to use your indoor bed outside you could very easily track dirt inside.

Save yourself some time, an outdoor bed is either resistant or elevated and you don’t have to bring it inside when you’re done.


The luxury of an outdoor dog bed is that you can use it on a hike, in your backyard, or even in your home.

Stop buying a dog bed for every travel or every place your dog sleeps. Get one of these beds and save yourself money and time.

The Final Verdict

Among all of these outdoor dog beds, it is highly recommended to use and purchase Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed.

It has some faults, it cannot be used in the damp or wet ground as it will easily get dirty, it isn’t as breathable like the cots, and it’s weak against chewing.

These faults, however, are not enough to disregard this product.

The other products either can be easily damaged or hard to build. The main purpose of the best outdoor dog beds is to be durable and easily assembled.

You wouldn’t want to spend hours of your travel to either fix the bed or assemble it. You and your dog are there to enjoy, not to do repairs.

Chuckit!’s product does not need any assembly and is highly rated for its durability aside from getting chewed.

As long as your dog is not a chew-maniac, then it is highly recommended to buy the compact, lightweight, and durable Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed as it is the best outdoor dog bed.

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