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5 Best Reflective Dog Collars in 2021

Safety is a priority when walking your dog, especially if you do it when it is night time or cloudy. But how can you make sure that drivers or bikers can see your dog?

The answer is a reflective dog collar!

It’s just like a regular dog collar, except it has the ability to reflect light and make your dog’s neck glow. Here are five options for reflective dog collars!

What Are The Best Reflective Collars?

Mile High Life Night Reflective Dog Collar

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This is a durable dog collar with several different vibrant color options for you to choose from.

Each collar has a dotted line of 3M reflective material that surrounds the whole collar. These dotted lines are going to light up at night when lights shine on them.

The buckle is lightweight so it shouldn’t weigh your dog down. Also, the gunmetal D-ring is also very strong and can hold onto your leash without snapping off.

There is not much else to this collar, just make sure that you get the right size because it comes in 4 sizes.


  • Good Reflection
  • Vibrant Color Options
  • Strong Gunmetal D-Ring
  • Lightweight Buckle


  • Has Trouble Keeping Tightness Over Time, Need To Tighten Regularly
  • Could Reflect A Bit Brighter

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Creation Core 3M Reflective Mesh padded Dog Collar

Creation Core 3M Reflective Mesh Padded Dog Collar Adjustable Nylon Outdoor Adventure Pet Collar, Orange L
  • SOFT MESH - The wide soft mesh padding and ergonomic design make this nylon dog collar is comfortable and does not cause wear on dog's fur or skin.
  • REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Nylon webbing with reflective material ensure good visibility and safety at night on the road.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Easy and quick to put on, both dog and the owner will get accustomed to the nylon pet dog collar in no time. The buckle is lightweight and have large loading capacity which improve the tensile strength of this nylon pet dog collar.

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This is a comfortable collar with more features than other reflective dog collars.

This collar features a soft mesh on the inside of the collar to provide cushion and avoid nylon rubbing on your dog’s skin.

This collar also has two reflective dotted lines that go around the collar with an orange line that runs between them.

This is better than most other collars because it has double the reflection. This means your dog’s collar will be even brighter when light shines on it at night.

The O-Ring is made of a strong Zinc-alloy that won’t break like other cheap plastic rings. But, it is very large and can too big especially for smaller dogs.

As far as options available there are several sizing and color options available that all look beautiful.

There are extensive sizing options ranging from XXS to XXXL. And there are 5 color options so there is a color for everyone’s liking.


  • Two Reflective Dotted Lines Around The Collar
  • Mesh Padding
  • O-Ring Made Of Strong Zinc-Alloy
  • Several Color And Sizing Options


  • The O-Ring Is Very Large
  • Sizing Can Be An Issue So Check Measurements Carefully

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GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar

GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number in Blue for Boy and Girl Dogs, 3 Adjustable Sizes, Small, Medium, and Large
  • BE VISIBLE DAY OR NIGHT. Made with durability and safety in mind, our highly reflective, personalized collar offers optimal comfort and increased visibility for you and your dog.
  • OUR REFLECTIVE DOG COLLAR IS EMBROIDERED with your dog’s name & phone number. The embroidery is permanently stitched into the collar for strength and long-lasting durability. The collar also features a secure plastic side-release buckle and a non-corrosive stainless steel D-ring. In addition to the highly-reflective surface the collar is made of nylon webbing with smooth, tapered edges for a comfortable fit. This collar has everything you need: durability, safety, and customization.
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE COLLAR SIZES: Small (5/8 inch wide by 11-16 inches adjustable length), Medium (3/4 inch wide by 14-20 inches adjustable length), Large (1 inch wide by 18-26 inches adjustable length).

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As the name would suggest this collar can be customized to give your dog exactly what they want.

The customizations you can make to this collar are the color of the thread and collar, size, and text on the side which can be up to 25 characters.

The text on the side is for your dog’s name and your phone number so that if you lose your dog someone can contact you.

It’s like a fancier version of an ID tag that won’t get torn off because it is custom embroidered into the collar.

It is very impressive how reflective this collar is, there is no doubt this collar will make your dog visible at all times.

The edges of this collar are also smooth for comfort purposes.

The stainless steel D-ring is non-corrosive and strong enough to keep your dog’s leash locked to the collar.


  • Very Reflective
  • Custom Tailored To What You Want
  • Stainless-Steel, Non-Corrosive D-Ring
  • Smooth Edges
  • Embroidered ID Text Options


  • Plastic Buckles Can Break Easily When Under High Pulling Power
  • The Collar Adjustment Covers Part Of The Phone Number

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Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Hangle By Tuff Pupper

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle | Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar | Padded Reflective Dog Collar with Adjustable Stainless Steel Hardware | Convenient Sizing for All Breeds
  • ✅ - OUR TOUGH DOG COLLAR IS BUILT TO LAST – Our heavy duty dog collar with metal buckle is built using 3mm thick rip and fray-proof ballistic nylon with accent stitching to create the perfect combination of durability and design aesthetics. With premium 100% stainless steel buckle and hardware, our collars are more secure and longer lasting than nylon buckle dog collars.
  • ✅ - INTEGRATED STRETCH BUNGEE SAFETY HANDLE – This wide dog collar allows for tighter control of your dog’s movement when waiting for traffic, in a crowded space, or to secure your dog through anxious situations. Better than a tactical dog collar with handle, the stretch bungee provides a more comfortable, yet secure hold.
  • ✅ - DESIGNED FOR COMFORT & SAFETY – Our reflective padded dog collar’s soft neoprene material & mesh padding along the inner collar offers maximum breathability for vigorous activity during hot summer months. The dual 3M reflective stitched trim helps you keep an eye on your dog, even in low-light. Plus, you will appreciate greater nighttime visibility when walking near roads.

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This collar has high-grade durability from the 3-millimeter rip and fray proof nylon.

This collar has a 100% stainless steel buckle that is much stronger than plastic buckles that are known to break often.

A stretchy bungee handle is built-in to this collar so you can grab your dog when you are in highly populated areas or when you encounter others on walks.

It’s much more comfortable to hold because it is much less rigid than the average tactical handle.

As far as the reflection goes there are two reflective strips that go around this collar and over the handle for great reflection.

It has been said that even in low light conditions these reflectors still work well.


  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Bungee Handle
  • Two Reflector Strips
  • Durable Fray, Rip-Proof Nylon


  • The Handle Stretches Out Quick, And Can Destroyed Easily

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Blueberry Pet Colors 3M Reflective Classic Solid Color

Blueberry Pet Essentials 6 Colors Safe & Comfy 3M Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar - Violet, Medium, Neck 14.5"-20"
  • Neck 14.5"-20", Width 3/4", Size Medium; The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave ONLY 2 fingers between collar and dog neck. A properly fitting collar and harness won't leave any room for your dog to chew
  • The collar is not for tie out. NEVER leave your dog unattended with a collar on. This collar is a single product. Its matching leash (B01NAIB7BD) sold separately
  • Since the 3M reflective threads are stitched into the nylon webbing, it is normal to see that the reflective strings are frayed with the stiches where two layers of webbing are connected. The durability of this collar will not be affected. Please note that the 3M reflective threads are stitched into the webbing on one side only

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This collar is simple but it works great and reflects very well thanks to the dual reflective strips.

You should know to buy the right size with two fingers of space and don’t use this collar for tying up your dog outside.

The D-ring that holds onto the leash is made of metal so you can be sure it won’t break off if there is a strong pulling force.

The buckle is another story it is made of eco-friendly plastic but when there are plastic buckles you have a risk of overwhelming it and breaking it.

If you are happy with this collar, there are leashes available that are like this collar and made by the same company.

It isn’t necessary but if you want to be extra safe at night it’s an option.


  • Double Reflector Strip
  • Metal D-Ring
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Buckle


  • Plastic Buckle Could Be Much Stronger
  • Some People Say It’s Too Thin For Big Dogs., Which Makes It Easy To Chew Through

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Wrap Up

It’s a good thing that you want to keep your dog safe, just make sure you get the right collar to do it.

Which reflective dog collar is the best depends on what you need so take this information and choose carefully.

If I had to choose one of these reflective dog collars it would be the GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar.

It has very bright reflection and you can customize it to put your name and number sewed into the collar.

None of these collars can be chalked up as the very best because they are all good for different reasons.

The main differences come in the intensity of the reflected light and the extra unique features.

That’s all for now, whichever collar you choose it will make you and your dog much safer when walking in the evening.

Keep being a good dog owner and check out any related articles below for more tips or helpful product articles.


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