Best Shampoo For Golden Retrievers in 2019

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Best Shampoo For Golden Retrievers in 2019

Here is the best shampoo for Golden Retrievers!

Your Golden Retriever deserves only the best quality of shampoo. Both you and your dog wouldn’t want him itchy all over, would you? The following are the best Golden Retriever shampoos out in the market. 

If you are getting your dog the best shampoo for golden retrievers, then you should also get them a proper grooming tool.

Check out these top-quality and highly rated shampoos for your Golden Retriever below!

What Should You Look For In The Best Shampoo For Your Golden Retriever?


Good Smelling

This seems obvious, but it is often overlooked. Your dog is going to be rubbing up against everything in your house and you every day. If a shampoo has an odor you don’t like maybe you should consider another option.

pH Balanced

The shampoo you choose should not be too alkaline or too acidic, which is another way of saying pH balanced. If your shampoo is imbalanced, it could create more dander on your dog and make their shedding worse. 


If your dog has any allergy sensitivities be sure to check the ingredients in the shampoo before you buy it. You will be washing your dog top to bottom with it the last thing you want is to get a shampoo they are allergic to.

It’s also a good idea to buy a shampoo that is good for allergies and sensitive skin friendly.


This is not a necessity, but it is a nice feature to have. By long lasting, I mean in smell or in whatever benefits that specific shampoo has. This is important only if you don’t wash your dog frequently.

Since Golden Retrievers are not hypoallergenic, you should also consider dog shampoo for shedding. It will lessen your dog’s shedding and provide allergy relief.

What Is The Best Shampoo For Golden Retrievers?


PET CARE Sciences 5-in-1 Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

This natural and effective shampoo is a product of PET CARE Sciences. They employ a formula that is 96% derived naturally from palm and coconut oil. The product does not have any harmful chemicals like sulfates or alcohol that can make your dog itchy or damage its coat!

PET CARE Sciences is a reputable brand that offers a 100% refund if ever you and your dog are not satisfied with the product that you received. This shampoo promises a great result for your dogs that can nourish their fur. The product has scored high reviews and rankings in from buyers. Buying this shampoo for your Golden Retrievers will not be a thing to regret. Not only is it effective, but it is also more recommended than most brands!


  • The product does not trigger any allergies that your dog may have.
  • The effects are long-lasting, and some reviews comment that it even lasts for weeks on end.
  • It only leaves a nice mild and soft smell that will not irritate your or your dog’s nose.


  • Does not lather or spread easily.
  • A batch of the product had an error and didn’t have any labels. Some labels are also non-specific and vague.
  • This shampoo is less affordable than similar brands and products.

Bodhi Dog Oatmeal Shampoo

Made in the USA, this oatmeal shampoo prides itself for being effective and hypoallergenic. It is an all-natural, anti-itch shampoo derived from oat proteins, Aloe Vera, coconut, fruit extracts, and contains vitamins A, D, and E. All of these natural ingredients ensure that your dog gets the best quality shampoo and an amazing bath time!

The product comes in at 4, 8, and 17-ounce bottles. It also does not contain any harmful substances like detergent or alcohol and is a hundred percent non-toxic both for you and for your dog. Bodhi Dog is a small, family-owned business in the US. They want only the best for you and your dog, and as such, they produce only the best products.

They offer a full, 100% refund if you do not love their product. This goes to show how confident they are in the quality and effectiveness of their products. And they can back up that confidence with real results! Bodhi Dog’s oatmeal shampoo is also a highly rated and top-quality product in the market.


  • This product is not just for dogs and can also be used for cats, rabbits, and even ferrets!
  • It is affordable than most brands.
  • The product is administered as a spray for easy use.
  • The company offers amazing customer service.


  • Some buyers report that the product triggers mild to severe allergic reactions on their dogs. So best beware.

Lillian Ruff Dog Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Lilian Ruff’s shampoo and conditioner set is gentle and very effective to your Golden Retriever’s fur or itch problems. The materials used in this product are 100% natural and free from any harmful ingredients that can cause harm to your dog.

The product contains coconut oils and lavender. These oils showed great promise at preventing ticks and fleas as these substances are a natural insect repellent. Their shampoo and conditioner also contain Aloe Vera and natural oatmeal which moisturizes your dog’s skin and coat, making it less prone to rashes and itch.

As a conditioner, the natural coconut oils and lavender also relieve pain, stress, and inflammations that your dog may have. This set can also be used, and is safe, for cats. The gentle coconut and lavender smell of the product can last for days on end.

This shampoo and conditioner set will leave your dog having a soft fleece coat and a well-moisturized skin. It doesn’t contain any substances that can cause itch and allergies to most dogs. Using this product will surely make your dog satisfied! However, as a guarantee, the manufacturers offer a full refund within 30 days if ever that you or your dog didn’t love the whole product or its effects.


  • The product is a vegan formula and is gluten, paraben, and sulfate free.
  • This shampoo and conditioner set comes with a free poop bag dispenser containing 15 poop bags.
  • Trustworthy money-back guaranteed in 30 days if you or your dog is not satisfied with the product.
  • Easy to apply to your dog!


  • Buyers have reported that the product came to them with poor or damaged packaging.

Healthy Breeds Bright Whitening Dog Shampoo

Healthy Breeds’ whitening shampoo enhances and brightens your dog’s white or creamy fur! This shampoo is not only great for Golden Retrievers, but it can also be used for over a hundred and fifty breeds of dogs!

Don’t beware as while the shampoo’s formula brightens up the coat of dogs that have white or creamy fur, it does not affect other colors like black or gray. This shampoo not only brightens your dog’s fur, but it also adds smoothness and luster to it. It can also moisturize your dog’s fur and skin, which reduces the chances of itches and allergies that your dog might experience.

The product gives off a nice and delicious Pina Colada scent. The shampoo helps control fur tangling and matting, which makes your dog feel better and more relaxed. The manufacturers are located within the US, and their products are made in manufacturing facilities that are federally regulated.


  • The shampoo brightens your dog’s light-colored coat but does not affect other colors.
  • It is affordable, and considerably cheap next to most brands.
  • Shampoo lathers easily and thickly, making it easier to wash and rinse your dog.


  • Some, but not all, customers reported not seeing any changes in their dog’s light coat even after repeated use.
  • Contains sulfates which can cause harmful conditions to your dogs like itchiness, irritation, and allergies.

Burt’s Bees Tearless Dog and Puppy Shampoo with Buttermilk

This tearless dog shampoo is made with only the best ingredients including buttermilk that soothes your dog’s skin, and linseed oil that conditions his coat. The product has been formulated without sulfates, parabens, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals that can cause itchiness, irritation, and allergies to your dogs.

The product contains 16 ounces of the shampoo, and its bottle is 23 cm tall. It is pH balanced for your dogs and does not contain any artificial coloring or additives. This makes it healthy for you to scrub all over your dog. Burt’s bees’ shampoo will give your dog a gentle and healthy coat that you’ll love to pet.


  • The product does not contain any harmful materials or allergens that may cause bad conditions to your dog.
  • Bottles are produced using 80% post-consumer recycled bottles.
  • Tearless, and will not irritate your dog’s eyes.
  • Cheap and affordable. It is the cheapest, high-quality item within this least, and maybe even the whole market.


  • Since the shampoo does not contain artificial fragrances and additives, there is not much of a scent in the product.
  • Similarly, because it doesn’t contain other substances, the shampoo is thin and does not lather easily. Some customers reported that the shampoo is so thin that it just slides right off before they could’ve lathered it.


The Final Verdict

It is highly suggested to use Lillian Ruff Dog Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner Set for your Golden Retriever. The shampoo is both effective and healthy for your Golden Retriever, and it is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful substances like sulfates and petroleum.

The product will leave your dog with a light scent of lavender and coconut scent that you and your dog surely love. It will make your dog feel refreshed as the shampoo contains oatmeal and Aloe Vera that moisturizes your dog’s skin and fur.

In addition to this, the product can also be used on cats as it is gentle and pH balanced. The manufacturers take pride in this product and offer a hundred percent refund if you and your pet are not satisfied with the results. Keep in mind that this is also a setting where you’ll be able to get a shampoo and a conditioner, and a poop bag dispenser as a bonus!

Faulty packaging has been reported, but only by a minority of the buyers. The rewards of this product significantly outweigh the risks that may occur. Come and purchase this product now! You will surely not regret it as both you and your Golden Retriever will enjoy Lillian Ruff’s dog shampoo and conditioner set!

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