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5 Best Tactical Dog Vests in 2021

Tactical dog vests not only have very useful utility purposes, but they also have a beautiful appearance.

Many tactical vests also have a lot of size-altering features so that you can get your dog vest to fit exactly to your dog’s needs.

You probably already know plenty about why you should get a tactical dog vest, but let’s dog about which vest you should get specifically.

What Are The Best Tactical Dog Vests?

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness, K9 Working Dog Vest

This product is very strong and is capable of handling any size of dog, just remember to get the right size.

Although there are some customizations you can make to boost the sturdiness of this product, by default it is great.

This is advertised as a no-rub and escape-proof product, that can handle much pulling force.

The metal buckles placed on the most load intensive place, your dogs shoulders, has been tested and can handle 1000 lbs of load.

If you opt for the 2 metal buckle and 2 POM buckle variation then you will have two POM buckles on the stomach as well.

Because this is a less intensive area these weaker buckles are used and can only handle 250 lbs of weight.

If this doesn’t sit well with you, they also make variations with 4 metal buckles instead of 2 and 2.

The front clip for leash attachment is also no pull, and allows you to control your dog during a walk with less effort and limits you being pulled by your dog.

This feature is also good for teaching your dog to “heel” or walk beside you.

But if you don’t want your dog to walk this close, or want to reward them with a looser more traditional walking style.

A back leash clip is available and it will act as a regular leash clip.

Lastly, a durable handle is built into the top of this vest for quick hands-on control of your dog if you are getting close to other dogs or people.

This can be useful for getting quick control of your dog without having to grab them loosely by their body.

Side Note: The straps are adjustable, but you should refer to the sizing chart and get a size that properly fits your dog.


  • Metal Buckle And POM Buckle can handle large weight loads
  • No-Rub and Escape Proof
  • Front And Back Leash Clips
  • Durable Handle Built-In
  • Straps For Carrying Gear On Your Dog’s Vest


  • Handle On Vest Could Be Better
  • Make Sure You Get The Right Size Or Your Dog Will Escape

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OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest

This vest is made of high-quality 1000d nylon and is padded with soft padding in the high-pressure areas for your dog’s comfort.

The buckles, although not as strong as previously mentioned metal buckles, are quick release so putting on this vest and taking it off is quite fast.

Each of these sides has two MOLLE straps for adding attachments to add extra features to your vest.

Some examples of things you can attach to this vest are MOLLE pouches for extra storage and ID panels which is like a dog tag for your dog.

This vest comes in medium, large and extra-large sizes so you’ll have to have a larger dog to use this specific vest.

The color options available are black, ranger green, grey, and coyote brown but not all sizes are available for all colors.

Lastly, this vest is water-resistant which dodges water and avoids the need to dry off a soaked vest if your dog gets wet during a walk.

There is also a simple handle attached to the top of the harness for hands-on control if you need it.


  • High-Quality 1000d Nylon
  • Water-Resistant
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Soft Padding In High-Pressure Areas


  • Handle Isn’t Very Strong
  • Not Great For Small Dogs

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Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Service Dog Vest

Again, this tactical vest is made of 1000d nylon a durable material that is commonly used in tactical vests.

For maximum comfort, the inside of this product is neatly stitched and softly padded so there is no chafing for your dog and so they can use it comfortably.

Comfort is just as important as strength when it comes to any harness or vest because your dog will be wearing it for long periods of time.

You don’t want them to be uncomfortable or even more you don’t want them to feel pain while they wear it.

The large strap is adjustable so you can get a tight fit and there are also 4 quick release buckles that ensure quick and easy on/off process.

With a v-shaped metal leash clip on the front of the vest for a strong grip and ideal for close walking techniques.

The sizes available are medium, large, and extra large.

With color options of black, coyote brown, grey, MCP (which is like a multi-color camouflage), and ranger green.

If you get a size or color you don’t like you get a 90 day warranty for a replacement or full refund!

Lastly, this vest does have room and is capable of having extra products attatched to it.

Such as water bottle, MOLLE containers, ID badges and there are even places to put a patch.

However, all these are sold separately and only one patch is included with this product.


  • 1000d Durable Nylon
  • Neatly Stitched And Softly Padded Inside
  • Adjustable Large Strap
  • 4 Quick Release Buckles
  • V-Shaped Leash Clasp On The Front
  • MOLLE Attachment Compatible


  • Runs Large

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Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest Nylon Patrol Waterproof K9 Service Dog Vest

This vest is very different from the other vests on this list in terms of design.

This tactical vest is very minimal and discards many of the extra MOLLE attachment slots in exchange for a small clean appearance.

But, there are still spots on this vest for patches if you need them.

This vest is also made of 1000d nylon material, the durable, lightweight material found in many other vests, yet this vest is waterproof as well.

Add adjustable onto the list of features because the abdomen and thorax belts can be adjusted to fit your dog’s shape.

Also, this vest is no-pull meaning it won’t hurt your dog by putting aggressive pressure on their neck or other parts of their body and hurting them.

This is often a problem in traditional dog collars.

On this harness there is also a leash clasp ring made of heavy-duty metal materials.

Which is located at the top for close control when walking your dog on a leash.

By close control I mean the “heel” formation, which is good for patrolling or teaching your dog good leash manners.

This is also lined with soft padding so that your dog can remain comfortable while using this product for long periods of time.

This material is also breathable to avoid overheating.


  • Durable 1000D Nylon
  • No-Pull Vest
  • Leash-Clasp Ring On The Front
  • Lined With A Breathable, Soft Padding
  • Waterproof
  • Minimal Design


  • Straps Are Known To Loosen Up While Using

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Tactical Dog Vest With Handle MOLLE Service K9 Harness

This tactical dog vest is simple in design, but it has all the features to make it a solid option.

First, as a change of pace, this product is actually made with 1050d durable nylon that is also waterproof.

This is soft and breathable on the inside so your dog can stay comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, there are also 2 adjustable belts on each side and 1 adjustable belt on the bottom stomach side.

These are so you can easily fix this vest to your dog’s specific size.

With 4 buckles also on this tactical dog vest they not only make it more secure, but they also make the on and off process much faster and easier.

Which is great for people with wild dogs that refuse to put a harness on without a fight.

Also, to ensure your dog doesn’t break this vest and run free this vest includes metal buckles on the shoulders that can handle loads up to 1000 lbs.

The metal buckles are placed in the shoulders because it is the heaviest load point where your dog will put the most pulling weight on.

Lastly, this vest has MOLLE straps on each side of the vest for attachment of extra customizations.

Such as MOLLE patches, ID panels, or other extra MOLLE strap compatible items.


  • 1050d Durable, Waterproof Nylon
  • Multiple Adjustable Belts
  • 4 Quick Release Buckles
  • MOLLE Attachment Compatible
  • Metal Buckle At Heavy Load Point


  • Some Vests Come Faulty

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Wrap Up

These vests are all good options for your dog, it comes down to what you need and what you think looks best!

However, if you want to know which of these products that we recommend it would be the IceFang Tactical Dog Vest.

Specifically the 4 metal buckle version of this vest because it maximizes the amount of pull force this vest can handle.

The POM buckle can handle 250 lbs loads while the metal clasp can handle 1000 lbs loads. That is 4x the capable load making it a better option in my opinion.

Also, this vest is no pull, has two leash clasps for different walking styles of either close and controlled or the traditional loose walking style.

This vest is also no rub, escape-proof, has several adjustable straps, and you can use MOLLE compatible attachments on it like pouches, containers, and ID panels.

Get your tactical vest today to completely change you and your dog’s walking experience.

Your dog will feel better and look better, and you can free your hands up on walks by letting your dog carry some of those extra items in attachable MOLLE pouches.


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