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Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

What kind of snacks and treats are you currently feeding your dog? Are you looking for even more special treats and you’re not quite sure what to add-in?

If you’re wondering ‘can dogs eat chickpeas’ you’ll want to take a closer look right here to find out more.

Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

The short answer is that dogs actually can eat chickpeas. Even though chickpeas are used in hummus (which is very harmful to dogs) they’re actually not harmful.

In fact, chickpeas are very healthy for your dog and give them a whole lot of great nutrients, including different vitamins and minerals, protein, and a whole lot more.

That means if you’re looking for a snack to give your dog while you’re eating your finished product (that hummus) or you’re looking for something they can enjoy, chickpeas are a great way to go.

It’s going to be a simple snack for them to eat too, and it works in a number of different ways.

What You Need to Know

Chickpeas are full of protein, which is one of the big benefits of them.

Not only that but they have a whole lot of fiber to help with your dog’s digestion.

They also have vitamins A, B and C, lecithin, and potassium.

That’s a whole lot of stuff in just one little chickpea.

And those nutrients help your dog’s metabolism, memory, and learning, and even most of their internal organs and muscles.

All of that is going to be a great option for your dog whether you’re using them in smaller amounts or even in larger amounts.

The easiest way to feed your dog chickpeas is to cook them and mash them up.

From there, they can be used as a form of dip (you can eat them that way too or turn your share into something else).

You can also cook them but leave them entirely whole.

They’ll still be soft and they’re full of all the ingredients that your dog needs.

It’s going to be a great way to increase the levels of protein that they’re getting and they’re going to feel like they’re getting a really special treat.

So it’s a win-win for both of you.

Wrap Up

So, if you’re wondering ‘can dogs eat chickpeas’ the answer is a resounding yes. They absolutely can and in many cases maybe they should.

They’ll get a lot of protein and fiber and other vitamins and minerals that are going to help them out all over.

What could be better than that? And when this is a snack that gives you all those same health benefits?

Why wouldn’t you want to have chickpeas in the house for both of you to snack on?

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