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Can Dogs Eat Coconut?

Giving your dog food off of your own plate can be a great treat for them and it’s something that you definitely want to do occasionally, right?

That might be why you’re wondering ‘can dogs eat coconut.’ You want to know if this sweet treat, that tastes great to you, is also going to taste just as great for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut?

The short answer is that dogs can eat coconut. So if you’ve already given them some or if you’re planning to you don’t need to worry.

Now, there are some things that you should know before you go giving them a lot of it.

We’ll talk about what type of coconut you can give them and we’ll talk about some of the side effects that you can expect if you do give them a little more than is recommended.

No matter what, you’re going to have a pretty happy dog.

What You Need to Know

Coconut oil has long been recommended for dogs and it has a whole lot of health benefits actually.

In fact, many vets actually encourage pet owners to give coconut oil to their dogs.

The coconut itself, however, is a separate thing.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad for your dog. On the contrary, you’re going to get just as much of the health benefits by giving your dog the coconut meat as you will by giving the coconut oil.

In fact, you’re actually going to get more of those health benefits from the direct meat.

Now, on the opposite side of things, coconut contains something called medium-chain triglycerides. These can cause a little bit of an upset stomach and bloat in your dog.

That means it’s important to talk with your vet before you start passing off this sweet treat to your dog, but in most cases, it’s not going to be a problem.

The key is to give them small amounts and not to overload them.

But that’s going to be true for any type of human food that you decide to give your dog. Keep it in moderation and let your dog enjoy their new favorite treat.

Wrap Up

When it comes down to it, the answer to ‘can dogs eat coconut’ is yes.

You can absolutely give your dog coconut and feel not only okay about it but good about it.

That’s because your dog is going to get some health benefits and they’re going to enjoy it.

They always seem to enjoy it when you give them something special, right?

They feel like they’re getting something they’re not supposed to have, and you can be confident that you’re giving them something that their vet not only accepts but actually approves of.

That’s going to be an even better opportunity for them and for you.

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