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Can Dogs Eat Lobster?

Spoiling your pets is part of being a pet parent, right? You want to be able to give them some of the special things that you’re eating and you want to be able to treat them.

So, can dogs eat lobster, let’s dive into that.

Can Dogs Eat Lobster?

The short and easy answer is that dogs can, but shouldn’t eat lobster.

It’s full of things like omega-3 fatty acids and proteins though it also has a high-fat content, which makes it an option and even, for some dogs, a type of alternative protein.

But it’s important to pay attention to a few other things about lobster before you start feeding it to your dog, not to mention you need to make sure you aren’t giving them too much (this should not be their entire source of protein).

What You Need to Know

Lobster is only safe for your dog if you cook it entirely and get rid of everything but the meat.

You need to very carefully get rid of all the gross stuff that you wouldn’t eat and every bit of the shell.

You also need to make sure that it’s fully cooked and that it’s a fresh meal as well.

You don’t want to give them lobster that you ate hours or even a day ago.

This can be very harmful to them because of the way bacteria can grow.

Another downside to lobster is that it’s actually really fatty and it has a whole lot of natural sodium.

These are a couple of reasons that it’s not really a good thing for any of us to eat a lot. Instead, we should be cutting back and so should your dog.

Wrap Up

When it comes to lobster many of the professionals will tell you to just avoid it.

There are a lot of things about it that aren’t so good and there are a number of ways that lobster could even be dangerous, which means you may want to opt for a different treat for your dog.

You might think lobster is great for you, but you have the ability to make that decision about the unhealthy aspects of lobster for yourself.

Your dog definitely deserves to have food that is healthy and helps to promote a long life for them.

So, if you’re wondering ‘can dogs eat lobster’ the answer is probably not.

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