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Fantastic Dogs Like Border Collies

The Border Collie is one of the smartest, most dedicated, extremely social, and adaptable breeds in existence, who are easy to train.

But you may consider other dogs like Border Collies if you don’t think Border Collies are the perfect dog for you.

So without further interruption here are your alternative dog breeds that are like Border Collies.

Dogs Like Border Collies

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd standing in front of a white background

Ironically, mostly bred in the US (not Australia), this breed shares a lot in common with the Border Collie.

Both breeds are herders, over the top loyal to their people, highly trainable, and family-friendly.

They do share some commonalities which are reasons some people steer away from Border Collies too.

Their relentless energy and need for attention from owners make them lovable and loyal but can wear on an owner that does not want to dog constantly around them.

If you have a cat you may want to read our article about if Australian Shepherds are good with cats.

One of their biggest drawbacks is that if not allowed to expand energy, much like the Border Collie, they bore easily and can wreak havoc in a confined space, so this is not a breed you would want in an apartment.

Shetland Sheepdog

shetland sheepdog in a field

Another beautiful, active, fun-loving breed, who is comparable to Border Collies. They are very intelligent, easy to train, and is fiercely loyal to owners.

While they are good with “their” people, they do tend to have reservations about strangers.

They are generally friendly with other dogs but seem to be even more ok with cats.

You may want to prepare to expand a lot of energy with these guys as well.

Much like Border Collies, the Shetland Sheepdog is extremely energetic, and not an ideal breed to allow boredom with.

The yapping to go along with the energy and stranger anxiety can be a lot for some owners to handle, however.

Icelandic Sheepdog

For an alternative with a more even temperament, you might consider this lovable fluffy breed.

This breed is affectionate, child friendly, socially developed, and playful.

They are not quite as smart or trainable as Border Collies, but they make up for it in being less territorial and less grooming intensive.

They are barkers, however, maybe more so than the Border Collie, as they like to alert their owners about strangers, other animals…or really anything else with their bark.

They are not as high energy as the Border Collie either, so they are a bit more suited to a calmer, less active owner.

Finnish Lapphund

finnish lapphund in grass

Nicknamed the “Lappie” this breed is a beautiful, kid-friendly, smart and playful.

Like the Border Collie, they do need their exercise, but their demand for it is not quite as excessive.

They are an adaptable, affectionate breed, who happens to shed seasonally, making it doubly important for owners to invest in some lint removal devices.

While friendly with other dogs, they do not seem to be quite as fond of cats.

They are not as socially needy as the Border Collie, but they are more aloof to strangers, being typically friendly, calm, and submissive to people.

They are a bit harder to train and are not quite as intelligent as the Border Collie.

Like the Border Collie though, they are no ideal for apartment confines, as they need the room to roam and play.

Their friendly, attentive nature however makes Lappie a great therapy dog.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few of the choices you might consider when looking for dogs like Border Collies, There are multiple others.

The commonalities between these Herding dog breeds tend to be consistent on affection, barking, workmanship, and high energy.


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