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How Big Are Alaskan Malamutes?

Alaskan malamutes are large, beautiful Alaskan sled dogs that have ancestors who have been around for thousands of years.

When considering an Alaskan malamute as a pet, also known as a Mal, you should keep in mind that these dogs are big. But how big are Alaskan Malamutes?

Well, it depends as there are average size Mals and there are giant Mals.

Owning one of these dogs should not be taken lightly; they are a lot of work and a lot of responsibility.

Their larger size and beautiful looks can also make this breed cost quite a bit of money if you are buying them from a breeder. Check out our article on how much are Alaskan Malamutes.

But they are incredible dogs that should absolutely be considered when looking at Alaskan sled dogs as potential pets.

How Big Are Alaskan Malamutes?

Keep in mind as we’re talking about Mals that there are different types. There are average size Mals and there are giant Mals. The average size Mal is what most people consider when looking at these dogs as a pet; giant Mals are ridiculously huge.

The average Mal is around 24 inches tall, and weighs about 80 pounds when full grown. The dog becomes fully grown fairly quickly; by 6 months they will reach their full height and by a year they will reach their full weight.

The puppies are fantastically cute but remember that if you choose a lovely 10-pound puppy, you’re responsible to take car of an 80-pound dog for 11 more years; these dogs live an average of 12 years.

Giant Alaskan malamutes, or giant Mals, are usually not considered when looking at these dogs for pets because they are just so large and so much work is required to train them and keep them.

These dogs are 35 inches tall and reach 190 pounds, which means that they will probably be far bigger and heavier than you.

These dogs are powerful working animals but remember that if you aren’t prepared to take care of and feed a large dog you shouldn’t get one of these as a puppy.

How Much Do Male Alaskan Malamutes Weigh?

Males are generally larger, with the normal sized Mal reaching 85 pounds. These dogs are around 20 pounds heavier than huskies, a similar Alaskan sled dog breed.
They are also a couple of inches taller.

Male giant Mals can reach 200 pounds, more than double the size of their smaller counterparts.

How Much Do Female Alaskan Malamutes Weigh?

Females are smaller, with the normal sized Mal reaching around 75 pounds. They are also normally a couple inches shorter, reaching around 22 inches.

Keep in mind that these dogs, male or female, will be large. Giant Mals can reach 180 pounds for females, which is still crazy big.

I can’t even imagine how much these dogs probably eat! Keep that in mind when picking out such a large and powerful dog.

Final Thoughts

And there is your answer to how big are Alaskan malamutes. These dogs make amazing pets and are very loving, you must remember how large they are when choosing a Mal as a pet.

If you also want to learn more about this breed check out this complete guide to the breed.

They will be loyal to you, but they will also be a lot of work; do your research and know what it takes to keep a Mal as a pet before diving into their world.


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