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How Much Are Alaskan Malamutes?

People in the market for a dog sometimes like their breeds big and beautiful and on that front, one can hardly go wrong with an Alaskan Malamute.

How Much Are Alaskan Malamutes? These pups can carry a relatively steep price depending on certain factors including purity of the breed (origin), color, and size, but they can range between $500 and $3,000.

How Much Are Alaskan Malamutes?

$500 – $800 Price Range

You can certainly find Alaskan Malamutes available In the $500 to $800 price range, but do be cautious about what you are getting into. The price may be great and within your budget, but It is very rare for these pups to be purebreds.

If they are purebreds, there is some chances the breeder is aware that these dogs have certain health issues. This may cause them to not only grow up with an odd and even ugly appearance, but to develop poorly, and have a tough life.

Generally, if finding a pure breed is not a major concern, you can find puppies in the lower end of this range. You might even find some slightly below.

$800 – $2000

This is the most common and widest range where many of the factors mentioned previously start coming into play. Falling typically between $1,000 and $2,000, you could acquire an Alaskan Malamute from a registered breeder.

Puppies offered in this price range usually are purebreds, or very close to being such. They usually have a coat of beautiful color, are stunningly cute, and have already adopted basic training.

Another big factor is the dog’s size. Alaskan Malamute usually come in two sizes: regular and giant.

An adult standard Malamute usually weighs within the 40kg range, while a giant could grow as big as 65kg. Even if the two are of the same origin, the standard will typically cost 1.5 or 2 times less than the giant version.

The dog’s color will also play a part in the cost. Assuming size and origin are comparable, a black-white Alaskan Malamute will garner the lowest price.

One with a pink or brownish-white coat will ask for the largest price, while a red-white one will somewhere in between.

Over $2000

Considering all of the above information, any Alaskan Malamutes which come from highly experienced breeders might be in excess of $2000.

In certain cases, where both of the dog’s parents have either participated or won big dog competitions, the price may be in excess of even $3000. This all depends on how much that background means to you.

Keep in mind that these professional breeders are very picky about the owners they will allow to acquire Malamute puppies.

You may be questioned on your pet raising skills, experiences, and the pup’s upcoming conditions might be investigated before the dog is allowed to come home with you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this information was sufficient to answer the question of how much are Alaskan Malamutes. 

Before you consider the pricing of acquiring the dog, do some research and get a good feel for whether this is a breed that suits your lifestyle well.

They are very strong dogs that are often confused with Huskies because of their similar coat, and over appearance.


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