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How to Get Dog Hair Out Of A Car – A Straightforward Guide

Tired of having dog hair covered seats and carpets? Well if you are looking to learn how to get dog hair out of a car then you have come to the right place.

Dog hair can get everywhere, especially when you have a heavy shedder!

So what can you do to clean up after them and stop the hair from transferring to your clothes? Here are 4 tips on how to get dog hair out of car upholstery.

Before we begin if you are looking for good dog shampoo for shedding we have many good choices for you to choose from.

How to Get Dog Hair Out Of A Car

Specialist Vacuum Cleaner

You might have already tried to vacuum out your car of dog hair and dander to no avail, which is where you need a specialist vacuum cleaner.

A quick search online will bring up several pet specialist vacuums that will have a stronger suction to help pull up the tiniest of hairs.

You can also buy special pet hair heads for your existing vacuum. These are generally smaller than a standard vacuum head and often contain little brushes that work to catch the smaller hairs when the vacuum is running.

Lint Roller

Need to know how to get dog hair out of upholstery without a vacuum? Lint rollers aren’t just useful for clothing, they also work really well on upholstery as well.

A lint roller is a handheld roller that has a sticky outer coating (usually removable and disposable) that works by rolling the sticky surface across your upholstery and pulling the dog hairs away with it.

The lint outer can then be pulled off and washed or disposed of, depending on whether you have a reusable lint roller.

The lint roller may not be as immediately effective as a vacuum, but it is a really good alternative for people who can’t get the vacuum to reach their cars due to lack of a power outlet.

Velcro Mitt

You will usually find these Velcro mitts at the pet store and can be used for both grooming your dog AND cleaning your upholstery.

They work in a similar way to the lint roller by collecting up the dog hairs in the Velcro as you brush the mitt across the upholstery. The hair can then be peeled off the mitt and thrown away.

Rubber Gloves

A little known tip, by wearing rubber gloves and rubbing them across your upholstery you can collect up the tiniest of dog hairs and rub them into a ball.

The more vigorous the rubbing, the better the effect. This is more effective than both the lint roller and the Velcro mitts, but it does mean a lot of effort from you.

Wrap Up

Now that you have 4 handy tips on how to get dog hair out of a car, you have no excuse! Grab what you need and get cleaning your car today!


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