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How To Train Your Dog To Not Jump On People

It can be hard being greeted by your dog every time you walk through the door with a giant leap onto your leg or body.

So let’s get to the point, this is how to teach a dog not to jump on people?

How To Teach A Dog Not To Jump On People?

Ignoring Your Dog

If your dog is jumping on you, you should ignore them  and walk away so they learn it won’t give them the attention they want.

Giving them what they want in this situation will only perpetuate the issue.

So if you do get jumped on when you walk in the door just look away from them and walk away.

Then when they calmly walk up to you without jumping reward them with all your love and treats. In time, they will associate propper behavior when you arrive.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Calm Before Welcoming You

This is for people who have very excited dogs when guests are coming over.

If someone is coming over then you can keep your dog on a leash for the initial greeting.

After a little time passes and your dog has calmed down allow your dog to greet your guest and interact with them calmly.

A leash works for medium-energy dogs, but if your dog is uncontrollable when guests come over a cage or contained room is probably best.

Distract Your Dog When Guests Come Over

Get your dog to play a game of some sort when you know guests will be coming over.

This will distract them for long enough for you to greet them and get them inside.

Depending on the game you are playing with your dog it might even tire them out a little so they don’t have as much energy to greet guests.

This won’t always work because your dog could just as easily stop his game and run to the guest, but it is a tactic worth trying nonetheless.

Get Guests To Follow Your Rules

It can be hard to teach your dog good behaviors at first if you are having a lot of visitors over that don’t teach your dog not to jump on them like you do.

If you are having people over let them know what to do if your dog comes charging at them to jump on them.

Keep Your Dog Well Exercised

Sometimes your dog will charge guests or you when they walk in because they have a lot of stored up energy.

The way to avoid the build-up of energy is to exercise your dog every day even for just 20 minutes.


Like any trick, you teach your dog positive reinforcement is crucial, when your dog does something right give them a treat.

This teaches them what they should do and over time you will be able to stop giving them treats. They will learn what is right and continue to do it regardless.

Replace Jumping Up With Another Command

An easier thing you can teach your dog to do instead of just stopping altogether is to replace jumping up upon greeting with something like sitting or laying down.

This will be much easier than telling your dog to take all their energy and do nothing.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few tips to help you stop your dog from jumping on people.

Over time we will add some more tips to this article, but for now, try your best with the knowledge you now have to solve this issue.

Dogs are very easy to train if you are willing to give them your time and effort.

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