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How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them

You love your dog, but you probably aren’t sure if they know it. By now you are already doing things that show this, but what else could you be doing to show your affection.

Before we begin, check out this article about the signs your dog loves you.

These are 7 things you can do that tell your dog, “I love you” without saying a word.

What You Shouldn’t Do


Although treats are efficient tools for teaching your dog new tricks, they are a flawed tactic if you want to show your dog love.

Signs of affections through action are better than buying things for your dog because it makes your relationship special and unique.

Anyone can give your dog treats, but no-one can understand and love your dog the way that you can.


You’ve most likely tried this or think this is a way to show affection because it is how humans show affection.

However, many dogs will react like they are being constrained and will begin to freak out and wildly move to break your hug.

If you want to show your affection without scaring your dog, you should try leaning on them.

How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them

Play Games With Them

Like most of the ways on this list, this is a simple solution.

Your dog doesn’t need any grand gestures or fancy gifts they just want to hang out with you.

A way that is fun for both of you is by playing games together, like fetch, tug of war, or many others.

Spend at least 15 minutes every day playing with your dog, the look on their face of pure joy is well worth your time.

Looking Calmly Into Your Dog’s Eyes

By calming looking into your dog’s eyes while petting them you are allowing your dog to release oxytocin.

This hormone is otherwise known as the love hormone, and dogs often create a loving bond with their mother as a result of this hormone.

However, if you get too intense with your gazing, your dog might think they did something wrong. So stay calm and gently pet them while looking in their eyes.

Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed With You

This is a huge leap for you and your dog because during sleep is a dog’s most vulnerable position.

If your dog can trust you to protect them during this time trust and a huge relationship of love is born.

This trust also makes your dog believe you are a member of the pack therefore reinforcing your bond.

You make your dog feel like a true family when you are trustworthy enough to sleep together.

Using Dog Voice

According to the study by Medical News Today, dogs actually like the high pitched voice that so many people do with their puppies.

They prefer the high pitched voice over the regular way of talking, especially when words relevant to them are being said.

So don’t get in your own head about talking to them in a certain way, or what you think other people might think.

When it comes down to it most people use this voice and if you are willing to talk in a way your dog understands it shows you love them.

Listening to Your Dog

Your dog gives signs when they are sad, angry, or happy.

Without verbal speech, we can understand their visual speech like tail movements, eye movements, and lip movements.

You display love to your dog by listening to their body language. It shows that not only are you actively trying to understand, but you want to help.

Leaning On Your Dog

A gentle lean on your dog’s torso can indicate that you love them.

Don’t lean too hard that you fall on them though because then it will be taken in a completely different way.

It’s like a less involved version of a hug that your dog can easily do in return.

Taking Your Dog For A Walk

You probably knew this one already judging by the fact whenever you say “walk” around your dog they start jumping and spinning uncontrollably.

Since you already know what to do it’s time that you act on it.

Even a short walk that takes 10 minutes is a good start to showing your dog you love them.

But if you really want to display your love go for a long walk and let them walk a little looser on the leash than you usually do.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day to show your love you need to be yourself and express yourself.

Showing your dog you love them is just a matter of taking care of their everyday needs and spending time with them.

These everyday things you do to take care of your dog shows you love them.

But if you really want to show them your love, go the extra mile and spend more time understanding and hanging out with them every day.

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