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  • money saving tips for dog owners cover image

    Money-Saving Tips For Dog Owners in 2020

    Having a dog is an expensive duty, but a very enjoyable duty. You must spend money on your dog, but you don’t have to spend as much money as you are spending now. Here are your money saving tips to […] More

  • english labrador vs american labrador cover image

    English Labrador Vs American Labrador

    If you’ve spent any time at all doing research on Labrador Retrievers, you have more than likely come across the great Labrador debate: English Labs Vs. American Labs. Besides the fact that the terms are frequently used to refer to […] More

  • best dog shampoo for huskies cover image

    Best Dog Shampoo For Huskies

    Some pet owners tend to clean or bathe their dogs with human shampoo. However, that is not recommended especially when it comes to huskies. It causes dry skin, stripped hair, irritation, and itchiness. Ready to keep your dog looking at […] More

  • australian dog names cover image

    85 Australian Dog Names

    Picking a dog name is a very important step in getting a new dog. It takes time to pick the right name, you could be saying it for 10+ years so choose wisely. It has to be a name you […] More

  • best small dog harnesses cover image

    Best Harnesses For Small Dogs

    Is a collar not enough to hold your wild small dog back? Then, it’s time to check out a safer, stronger option to control your dog. Collars tend to pull on the neck when you pull your dog back. But, […] More

  • best shampoo for pitbulls cover image

    Best Shampoo For Pitbulls

    Pitbulls have a common reputation of being aggressive, violent dogs. Like any dog, they are actually quite playful and kind if you train them right. Pitbull’s enjoy running around outside and rolling in the dirt and grass whilst playing game. […] More

  • hypoallergenic dog breed cover image


    12 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds in 2020

    Hypoallergenic dogs are great for dog lovers that need a dog that doesn’t shed as often. People think that hypoallergenic dogs will completely end allergic reactions. But, they actually limit them with a non-shedding coat found on specific dogs. What […] More

  • Stop barking cover image

    How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

    The time has come, your dog has been non-stop barking and you can’t sleep or relax due to your dog’s barking. I understand your pain, no matter what you have been doing your dog just keeps barking. Your friends have […] More

  • Puppy proofing your home cover image

    The ULTIMATE Puppy Proofing Guide

    There are few things in life that are definite, and puppies wanting to chew on everything is one of them. Puppies have not yet met a single thing they haven’t wanted to chew on. Puppies can be so unpredictable you […] More

  • are bulldogs aggressive cover image

    Are Bulldogs Aggressive?

    Bulldogs are some of the most loyal and protective types of dogs. They’re a great dog to adopt for this reason alone. Are Bulldogs aggressive? Yes, however, not always. It depends on how much of a natural tendency they have […] More

  • are dalmatians aggressive cover image

    Are Dalmatians Aggressive?

    Dalmatians are some of the most beautiful and unique types of dogs in the world. They’re fun, filled with energy, and all-around great dogs. Are Dalmatians Aggressive? Yes, they can be aggressive towards strangers due to their guard dog nature, […] More

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