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6 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars In 2021

You want the best for your little four-legged babies. The collars they wear are there for you and for them. 

When you purchase a collar in your local store, you get nylon material that is hard and scratchy. 

Your baby deserves rolled leather dog collars. They are comfortable and become softer with every day they are worn.

And once you are done with this article, see our selection of leather dog leashes.

What are Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

The name says it all; they are collars made from leather that is rolled and then stitched evenly together using a sewing machine. 

The leather most often used is Latigo leather because it is tougher, and they are able to handle the everyday life of a pet without breaking. 

At first, they can feel a little hard and rough, just like any other type of leather. 

Types of Dog Collars to Choose from

Today, there are many different types of dog collars to choose from, made with different materials including:

  • Metal chain
  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Suede
  • Nylon blend
  • Faux leather
  • Genuine leather

The collars are held together with a variety of buckles and snaps ranging from hard plastic to heavy metals. 

The snaps and buckles will vary depending on the brand and company putting them together. 

There are so many different features about these collars to choose from including the wide variety of buckles and snaps.  

Measuring your Dogs Neck

You want to have a well-fitting collar that is not too loose or too tight. The color size and material is the key.

If your collar is leather, you will need to factor in the general give within the leather as it is worn.

Measure around the neck using a regular tape measure. 

Make sure that you rest it on the neck but not tight. Once you have that number, add one to two more inches to get the total collar length.

If your dog is small in size, you may only need to add an additional inch to the collar.  

You can learn more about fitting your dog in a new collar by watching this video.

What are the Benefits of Using Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

Leather collars have benefits that may be exactly what you are looking for. Leather has been around for many years and it doesn’t seem as though it will be leaving any time soon. 

Benefits of using leather include:

  • Buckle style closures are normally on leather collars
  • It’s more like wearing a belt instead of a color. 
  • There is different quality leather to choose from
  • You can purchase leather in a variety of colors to match the leash
  • There are different widths available
  • There are different styles available
  • Leather collars are easier to personalize. 

Things to Look for In A Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Leather collars are uniquely created using leather which is made from cowhide or plant-based. 

They are normally rolled up or flat. They include a buckle to close the collar once you have it on. 

The collar will feel like a belt to your dog once they break it in and get used to it. 

Today’s leather is not just available in the traditional brown but in a wide assortment of colors and styles to choose from. 

Your dog will be happy in his collar no matter what mood he is in. 

Remember, there are different styles of pet collars to choose from. 

The collar you choose should be based on the size of your dog, the disposition, and the dog’s needs.

If you choose the wrong collar, your dog may have a behavioral issue to alert you that something is wrong. 

If the collar doesn’t fit right, the dog could end up strangling himself or herself. 

The collar you invest in should be able to keep your dog safe and be comfortable for them to wear. 

Rolled Leather versus Round Leather

Some people prefer regular leather collars for their dogs while others prefer the rolled.

If you are unsure about the right one for your animal, here are a few interesting facts about both rolled and round leather dog collars. 

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

This type of collar consists of a basic piece of leather that is rolled up and then stitched together using a special machine. 

The collars made from rolled leather are normally made from Latigo leather because it is tougher and more durable. 

The downfall to this type of leather is that it could be rough on the skin because the leather itself is also rough. 

The rolled leather is beneficial in keeping the dog’s fur from matting around the collar. 

Round Leather Dog Collars

Round leather dog collars are comfortable and durable as well. They are made to protect the coat of the dog and come in a variety of colors. 

How to Buy Different Sized Rolled Leather Collars

Rolled leather collars are unique and are made especially for dogs. 

The collars are made knowing how the dogs daily routine normally is; they get up, they go out, they get to eat breakfast, go back to bed, get up in the afternoon and get a run in or at least a walk in before its time for dinner and then bed. 

This busy schedule is hard to keep up with and the last thing they want to worry about is the collar that they have on being stiff and uncomfortable. 

This would make them feel restricted and unhappy. It can also change their behavior as well. 

When you want to find your dog a collar that meets your standards and has your dog’s comfort in mind, then you will want to do your research to find the right one. 

The internet is full of products to choose from so its hard to decide which ones to consider, until now. Below are reviews of the most popular rolled leather dog collars to choose from. 

What Are The Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Dog Collar

What makes this collar so special is the high-quality handcrafted leather that is super soft to the touch and good looking.

By handcrafted I mean this small business out of New York went through a 20 step production process to create a beautiful and comfortable rolled leather dog collar for your dog.

There are several sizes available for dogs of all measurements from Shih Tzus to Great Danes. It is great for outdoor use and you can get it in so many different colors!

We will lead you to the version of this collar that fits necks from 22″ – 24″.


  • This collar is made of high-quality leather and is made to last 
  • The soft rolled leather is the answer for dogs who have long hair to keep it from matting. 
  • The buckle of the collar is safe and is well made so it doesn’t pull. 


  • Dog tags can leave a black mark on the leather, but you can wipe it off most of the time so it’s not a permanent mark.   

Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The rolled collar is great for all dogs. Each collar is made from only the best English bridle type leather. It is beautiful, durable, and comfortable as well. 

These collars stretch but only minimal stretching in order to preserve the shape and size. It’s a great choice for dogs with long hair. 

The leather is stitched fully and a roller buckle featuring a center ring as well as a D-ring. The hardware is made from solid brass to resist corrosion. 

There is hardly any glare to the collars and they are meant to last a very long time before you will need to replace them. 

The collar we will lead you to is 3/4 inch by 22-inch.


  • Solid brass that doesn’t corrode
  • Provides comfort for dogs with long hair
  • Brass hardware
  • Beautiful and durable
  • Minimal stretch for a better long-lasting fit


  • It may wear a spot on the back of your dog’s neck while breaking it in.

Coastal Pet Products Circle T Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar

If you struggle with collars that pull your dog’s fur or wrap around it so that it gets stuck, look no further than the round dog collar. 

It’s a great choice for dogs with longer hair as it will not mat hair. And the collar itself is top-quality and made from full grain leather.

The collar we will lead to you is (L) 6.3” (W) 6.3” (H) 0.2”


  • Won’t mat in dog’s hair
  • Made of real full-grain leather 
  • Rounded collars have a core made from leather to hold the shape better

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This collar is made out of soft, full grain leather that will softly sit around your dog’s neck. And the design is still very fashionable for people who want a quality leather collar that stands out.

Attached to the premium leather is a durable steel buckle and D-ring that will hold up well over time.

We will link you to the collar that is good for neck sizes between 19″ – 21″.


  • Made From Soft, Full Grain Leather
  • Durable Steel Buck And D-ring
  • Looks Very Fashionable
  • Great For Dogs With Long-Hair

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

These collars are made with strength and comfort in mind. The genuine leather is very soft and these come in many colors and sizes.

There isn’t any unique age requirement for these collars either. Whether you have a senior dog, a puppy, or anything in between you can use this comfortable collar as a nice upgrade from the scratchy nylon collar you may have now.

All around these are great basic dog collars that have everything you would look for in a standard rolled leather dog collar.

We will lead you to the size that fits necks between 12″ – 14″.


  • Made With High-Quality Genuine Leather
  • Soft Leather
  • Durable
  • Good For Dogs Of All Ages
  • Very Stylish
  • Perfect For Dogs With Longer Coats


  • Sizing Can Be Tricky So Take Your Time Measuring Everything Out

Dogline 18-Inch Long Soft Rolled Genuine Leather Martingale Collar

When measuring for this collar, the specifications are provided while the collar is open.

It’s important to measure the dog around the neck and add two inches beyond that. 

The leather is very soft so your dog will be comfortable from the start.

This collar features a very simple design, but that can be good for people that want a nice minimalist collar that still has high-quality materials and a soft to the touch feel.


  • Lightweight leather
  • Soft leather that is padded
  • Strong leather that is durable
  • Leather is dyed


  • Very Simple Design (Good Or Bad Depending On What You Are Looking For)


When buying a rolled leather dog collar, you must know what size neck your dog has.

Once you determine the size of the neck, you can then begin to search for the right collar for your dog. 

There are several to choose from on the internet so take your time and select one that fits comfortably for your dog. 

He or she must be able to live the life they enjoy living without any restrictions. 

Dog collars may be something that you can purchase in a store that is close to your home but this is not just any collar; this is a rolled leather collar.

If your dog has long hair and it constantly gets tangled up within the collar, you will appreciate this type of collar because it doesn’t catch the hair at all. 

The collars are good for any breed of dog and any size, including miniature and toy dogs which are extra small to begin with. 

Simply measure their neck before you purchase to ensure you are getting the right sized collar.



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