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10 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Temperatures

Keeping cool in the hot summer temperatures can be a challenge for humans, but it is an even greater challenge for dogs. How? Dogs can’t do most of the tactics humans do on their own they need you to do things for them to keep them safe.

Luckily for you, there are many ways to keep your dog cool in hot temperatures! Here are just 10 ways you can keep your dog cool in hot temperatures.

10 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Temperatures

Cold Water

The number one thing you can do to keep your dog cool is give them an endless supply of cold water. Not only will this cool your dog off but it will prevent the dehydration of your dog which can lead to awful side effects.

Avoid Peak Heat

This is often one of the most overlooked ways you can keep your dog cool, but nonetheless a very efficient and useful method. Check your weather app and observe when the sun is high and when the temperatures are at their highest.

Once you know when this time is you should either walk and exercise your dog before or after this time in order to avoid heat exposure.

Get A Dog Cooling Pad Or Find A Cool Surface

You will often see your dog lay down on your tile floor after a warm walk outside. This is one of the only actions they can take on their own. If you want to help your dog find a cool place to lay down on, get them a dog cooling pad.

A dog cooling pad is a cooled surface that can be put on the floor like a dog bed except it will cool your dog when they lay on it.

Some of these cooling pads require refrigeration and some automatically cool. This is not a necessary tool, but can be a useful item for people without cold surfaces in their home.

Swim With Your Dog!

Jumping into your pool or getting a dog pool for your dog can be a fun way to keep your dog from getting hot.

Just make sure you keep your dog’s ears safe because getting water in their ears without proper precautions could be harmful to their health.

Don’t Stay Outside For Long

If you do happen to be outside during the peak heat hours of the day, make sure you take your dog inside of air conditioned buildings with you. Under no circumstances should you leave your dog in the car or leave them tied up outside.

These kinds of long exposures of heat are extremely dangerous to dogs and can even lead to death. So if you have your dog with your running errands bring them with you, or leave them in the safety of your air conditioned home.

Frozen Dog Treats

There are several recipes for frozen dog treats on the internet that you can easily cook up and freeze for long term storage. These are good for cooling of your dog’s mouth like an ice cube, but much tastier for your dog.

Stick To The Shade When Outdoors

To avoid direct heat from the sun bring your dog into the shade, not only does this avoid extra heat from the sun, but it also avoid sunburn. This is simple, but a good tactic to avoid multiple negative effects of the sun and heat.

Stay Vigilant With Your Grooming

Fur is made to keep your dog warm, which in the summer can be counter intuitive. If you have the money you can set up grooming appointments often during summer months.

If you don’t have or want to spend that much money, get your own dog clippers and do it yourself. Whatever you choose, just make sure you keep your dog’s fur at the right length, when dogs have lots of hair it’s like wearing a thick blanket 24/7.

Keep The Cool Air Coming In

This is one of the most simple ways you can keep your dog cool.

When you and your dog are at home make sure your air conditioner is running all the time. This is so your home stays cool and your dog can stay cool or easily cool down when coming back from the outdoors.

Stay Off The Hot Pavement

Since pavement is most likely in the sun for the majority of the day during the summer it is very hot. Unluckily for dogs, they have their exposed paws which experience much pain when exposed to the heat on pavement.

Two ways you can combat this is buying your dog shoes that fit their feet and walking in the grass if you touch the pavement and it is hot. If you can feel the heat when you touch the pavement, so can your dog.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we have on the ways you can keep your dog cool in hot temperatures for now, but if you combine these tips together you can keep your dog feeling nice and cool.

Stay safe and be smart about the actions you take on your dog’s behalf, if you can feel the heat so can your dog.


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