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What Is Dog Boarding?

What is dog boarding? Generally, dog boarding is a service provided by professional kennels or dog hotels. These places will care for your dog while you go on vacation.

The kennel staff is responsible for keeping your dog happy and healthy while you are away. Some facilities, also, offer doggie day camps for people who work long hours.

If you are traveling with your dog here is a list of dog-friendly hotels.

What Is Dog Boarding?

Boarding Facilities

Boarding is offered by many different types of facilities. Some vets and groomers even offer boarding. But in general, there are two main types of boarding facilities.

Boarding Kennels

These places will usually feed your dog, walk him, and possibly spend a little time playing or snuggling with him. Your dog will usually have indoor and outdoor access.

Some of these places offer playtime for many of their guests to get to play together. Some will offer other amenities like gourmet dog treats or extra walkies.

Dog Hotels

If you want to leave your pet in luxury then you want a pet hotel. These facilities offer much more comfort and amenities.

In addition, the norm of boarding kennels, dog hotels often offer massages and other spa treatments, DogTV, and even swimming pools.

Generally, the staff are very enthusiastic and just love dogs!

Dog hotels will usually send you daily updates of your pet or have in-room cameras so you can check up on your dog whenever you desire.

Pet Sitters

There are other options for what to do with your pet when you take a vacation as well. You could hire a pet sitter.

Some pet sitters will take care of your dog in their home, while others will dog/house sit for you. This can be super helpful if your dog is anxious when not in his own home.

Another plus, with pet sitters, is that sometimes you can find a person that your dog already knows. If your dog knows the person, that can be very comforting for him.

Whereas a boarding kennel or dog hotel may be very stressful with a new environment and all new people.

Travel With Your Dog

I know that if you are looking into boarding you are probably not wanting to take your dog with you.

But bringing your dog on vacation can be a wonderful experience for both of you. Traveling together is a great way to bond with your dog.

It may be a bit harder, but there are lots of places that are very pet-friendly.

If you find the right areas many shops and, even, restaurants will welcome dogs!
Most dogs love an adventure.

And yes, it would be an adventure for them to be boarded or to have a pet sitter. But I think we all know who your dog would prefer to adventure with… You! Their person.

Consider Your Pet

All that said, it is important to think about your dog. Some of these options will work better for some dogs and not as well for others.

If your dog is reactive and very uncomfortable around other dogs, then getting a pet sitter might be a good idea.

On the other hand, perhaps your dog loves to play with new dogs and people. A boarding facility with dog-dog playtime might be a better option.

Or perhaps your dog’s heart breaks every time so much as a door separates them from you. In that case, bring them along if at all possible!


What is dog boarding? Dog boarding is for those instances when you cannot bring your dog with you, but you need someone to look after them for you. This could be for an extra-long workday or an exotic vacation.

You can choose a professional facility that offers the basics like walkies, feeding your dog, and providing shelter.

Or you could choose a dog hotel that offers gourmet food, DogTV, luxury beds, full spa experiences, and a pool.

Be sure to consider your individual dog when choosing a dog boarding facility.




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