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Why Does My Dog Growl at Night?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering: “Why does my dog growl at night?”. Well without having to bore you to death, your dog is most likely growling at night because they’re anxious.

Besides anxiety, it can be caused by vision loss, hearing loss, medications, or other health concerns.

Possible Answers To “Why Does My Dog Growl at Night?”


To help you fully understand this, try thinking about if you were a dog. As a human, when we feel anxious we have the ability to go to someone for help. Dogs don’t have that luxury.

If they feel anxious about something, they’re going to growl.

Think about where your dog sleeps at night and what could possibly be making them anxious. Come up with ways to help them cope with their anxiety. Be patient and be helpful toward them.

Getting angry at them will only make the situation worse for you and them.

Vision Loss

Sometimes a dog begins to growl when it’s hard for them to see. If they have poor vision, then their vision is going to be even worse at night.

Consider the age of your dog, and if you know they’ve had issues in the past with regard to their vision, then address the issue.

Come up with ways to help them and talk to your veterinarian about what you can do. Your vet might come up with solutions you might’ve not thought of. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hearing Loss

Similar to vision loss, your dog might be growling because of hearing loss. If they have hearing loss then being in a dark room at night may cause them to panic.

If you have an older dog or have a dog with a history of bad hearing, try to figure out ways to address the issue.

As noted, definitely visit your veterinarian and figure out ways to help your dog.

Hearing loss is a serious issue, and can greatly affect your dog’s life. Avoiding this issue will only make it worse.


Sometimes your dog is on a medication that makes them feel uncomfortable and causes them to growl at night.

Consider looking at the medication they’re on and what you can do to help them.

You may want to take them off the medication if it’s doing more harm than good, but always talk to your veterinarian beforehand.


Other than what is listed in this article, there are a plethora of reasons your dog is growling at night. If you have a hard time determining what their issue is, definitely bring them to an expert.

They’ll definitely narrow the reason why a lot faster than you’ll be able to determine.


Upon the conclusion of this article, we hope we answered your question “why does my dog growl at night”. Anxiety is the number one cause for dog growling at night. Besides night growls, anxiety is a part of the reason dogs will act up in general.


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