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Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?

We all love our pooches, there is no denying that. But how do we know when our doggies love us back? Also, why does my dog lick my ears?

Here we are going to run through the signs of affection and answer some big questions like why does my dog nudge me and why does my dog lick my ears?

If you ever wanted reassurance that your pet dog loves you back then read this article and find out more. Also, check out our article on signs your dog loves you.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?

Ear Licking

If you are wondering why does my dog lick my ears, it’s because they love you! It is a sign of affection from them and dates back to their ancestral genes when they used to live in packs.

They would lick each other’s ears to let them know that they were accepted into the pack. By licking your ears, they are showing you that they love you and that they want you in their pack.

Tail Wagging

This is a pretty obvious sign of affection. When your dog is wagging its tail, it is showing you that it is pleased or content.

You will find that the more excited or happy they get, the more wildly their tails will wag. This will become especially prominent around mealtime!


Did you know that your pet leaning on you is a sign of affection? More commonly shown in large dogs than small, leaning on their owner is a sign of comfort and security.

Just like a small child will hide behind their mother’s legs, a dog will lean on their owner for support and comfort.


All dogs love to play fetch, but when your dog gives you their toys it’s a sign of affection.

This usually occurs when you are sat quietly or talking to others, your dog will go off and get their favourite toy to leave in your lap.

This sign of affection shows that they love you so much they would give you their prized possessions. You can’t get more loved than that!

Eye Contact

Dogs will avoid eye contact if they are being told off or if they have done something wrong. Conversely, they will stare intently into your soul to show you how much they love you.

Because they can’t verbalise it, instead they show you with their actions and by maintaining eye contact with you.


Nudging is one of the less common signs of affection when it comes to dogs showing their owners how much they love them.

Dogs will occasionally nudge their owner when they come home or when they are sitting quietly. This is to let them know that they are still there and that they still love them.

Wrap Up

So now that you know the signs of affection from your pet, you can feel assured that the next time someone asks you why does my dog lick my ears or why does my dog nudge me, you will have the answer which will be BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!


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