Why Does My Puppy Eat Grass?

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When I got my first puppy, the first thing I noticed when I would take him outside to go to the bathroom is that he would eat grass.

It’s not that he was necessarily supplementing his diet with it; I was feeding him a ton of food every day.

For some reason, he felt the need to chow on grass every day!

It wasn’t very much, but it still interested me, and I wanted to know more about why he would do that.

In the end, it turns out that it is a completely normal action; however, eating grass could also be a sign that the puppy has some underlying issues.

Why Does My Puppy Eat Grass?

Improving Digestion

There are some indications that puppies will eat grass to improve their digestion. This isn’t known for sure, but there are reasons why it might be the case.

Many puppies will eat grass if they have diarrhea, and the grass might be helping them have firmer stools.

There are other times when a puppy might not be able to digest something he ate, so he will eat grass to induce vomiting.

No one knows if that’s completely true, but it is definitely something to consider when seeing your dog eat grass. You should monitor your dog for vomit afterward to see if something came up.


Some people believe that instincts play a large factor in why puppies sometimes eat grass.

A dog would never naturally eat kibble in the wild; it’s not a part of their natural diet, even if the ingredients in it are natural.

In the wild, studies show that a large portion of wolves eat grass, so there is definitely an indication that dogs naturally eat grass if they can’t find other food.

This doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t eating enough food; he might just have the natural instinct to eat grass as well.


Your puppy could be eating grass if there is a deficiency in his or her diet. There are puppies that eat grass because they aren’t getting enough fiber in their diets.

Just like the fact that eating grass can help a dog’s upset stomach, the fiber in the grass can also help your dog have healthier bowel movements.

It is important that you get your dog the amount of fiber he needs; if he is eating grass, you might try giving him treats filled with fiber and see if that helps his health improve.

Final Thoughts

When getting a puppy for the first time, it can be difficult to know if your dog is sick or if there’s something wrong.

When you see your puppy eating grass, you’ll probably think that something could be wrong, but it’s more likely that it’s just a natural thing that your puppy is doing.

Some dogs eat grass to improve their digestion, taking advantage of the rich fiber content within the grass.

Other dogs might be eating grass instinctually because it’s something that wild dogs do as well. Either way, it’s usually not anything to worry about!