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Our Journey

I started this site because I am a dog lover. Most of my social feeds are full of dogs and I am always learning more about them.

I also have a lifetime of experience with dogs packed with tactics, tips and funny stories that I want to share with the world.

And our team shares the common goal of wanting to provide helpful information to those that need it.

The members of our team also have had the pleasure of spending decades living with and loving dogs so they know what you are going through! 

Our Team

As we just mentioned, our team of writers have decades of experience living with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and shedding! Small, medium, large and beyond we have been through the journey of loving dogs.

This helps us identify what tips we should be sharing with you and how we can be the most resourceful! Our team is all for helping both new and long-time dog owners navigate the exciting waters of being a dog owner.

And we are always looking to add new perspectives to the team so we can better our content for our fellow dog owners.

Our Goals

Dogs provide unconditional love and we provide the same amount of love right back to them. But we show our affection to dogs in multiple ways, like by understanding them, spending time with them, and of course buying them stuff!

We want to help you go the extra mile in making your dog happy because bringing them joy makes us happy too.

In addition to wanting to spread joy to all the good dogs out there, we want to answer some questions that aren’t getting enough attention.

As a dog owner, you will have dozens if not hundreds of questions about your dog. At times it can get very stressful, especially when you can’t get an answer!

We try our best to provide accurate information using reliable sources and extensive research, so we can answer as many of your questions as possible. 

But of course, it is important that you know the articles on this blog are no replacement for veterinary guidance and is for informational purposes only.

DoggOwner does not intend to provide veterinary advice and you should always contact your Veterinarian for medical issues involving your dog. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey as a dog owner! Enjoy the experience and be sure to take lots of funny pictures!