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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Cats?

Australian Shepherds are some of the most adorable and beautiful looking dogs. Causing people to the point of loving them from the get-go because of how cute they are.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Cats? Yes, generally speaking, Australian Shepherds are good with cats. But that doesn’t mean all are.

They are also one of the best dogs for families.

We’ll go over this answer more closely later, but in simple terms, most Australian Shepherds don’t mind cats, and if your Australian Shepherd was specializes with cats a young age that can also help them get along!

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Cats?

Yes, generally speaking, Australian Shepherds are good with cats. However, this doesn’t mean that all Australian Shepherds are good with cats.

It’s like saying all humans love pizza. Although most humans love pizza, not all of us do.

Australian Shepherds are incredibly intelligent. They’re so intelligent that they generally know better not to harm something that is harmless like a cat.

Although this may seem intimidating, it’s not. A dog who is highly intelligent is a huge positive.

If you own an Australian Shepherd, and they’re acting more aggressive than usual then realize that something might be wrong with them.

Meaning they might have a health issue, a physical issue, or a form of social anxiety.

All of these factors are the leading contributors as to why they might act harmful toward a cat. If they demonstrate any of these characteristics, you should bring them to a veterinarian.

The vet will make sure everything is okay with them, and fix anything that is wrong with them.

Basically, be mindful of the cats in your household. If you want to adopt an Australian Shepherd, then you’re probably fine. Just realize that if they have a certain issue with them, they might act-up.

This is why it’s important to make regular vet visits so your dog can live a happy and healthy life.

Other Characteristics of Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. Females are around 18 to 21 inches in height and 31 to 44 lbs in weight. While males are around 20 to 23 inches in height and 51 to 64 lbs in weight.

They have a wide range of colors for their coat, such as merle, black, and red. They typically live around 13 to 15 years.

As noted, they’re extremely intelligent, loyal, and friendly dogs. They’re great for homes and the individual because of their loving nature.

Other Dogs that Are Good With Cats

Other than Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Pugs are all great with cats. Something to consider when you determine which kind of dog you want to adopt.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you were wondering: “Are Australian Shepherds good with cats?”, you should know from this article that they are.

To quickly recap everything, they’re good with cats because of how well behaved they tend to be in a household environment. However, some of them might have a weird reaction to cats, which is why it’s important to careful in your adoption.

Always ask questions, and be mindful of your home environment.




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