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Are Boxers Hypoallergenic?

First off, I LOVE Boxers and I firmly believe they are the best dog breed. The Boxer dog breed was the first dog I ever had and they are so full of love. However, I do remember how much they used to shed, which leads us to our question.

Are Boxers Hypoallergenic? Boxers are not hypoallergenic because their short coat is known to shed a lot, making them bad for people with allergies to pet dander or hair.

However, there are several other great hypoallergenic dogs to choose from.

Are Boxers Hypoallergenic?

Are Boxers Hypoallergenic? No, they are not. Hypoallergenic dogs are often defined by their tendency to shed less and therefore trigger allergies less. 

This breed may trigger allergies less than other breeds and shed less hair, however, they shed year-round and officially are not recognized as a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Why Are Boxers Not Hypoallergenic?

That is not as easy of a question as you might think.

Many people that the hypoallergenic status is given based on the fact that a certain dog breed may not shed or cause allergies.

When in reality saliva and dander are the leading causes of allergies.

When dog hair falls off your dog it is covered in dander which is why having a non-shedding dog can help reduce allergies.

However, dander will still be on your dog’s coat when you touch them, and if they lick you it can still trigger your allergies.

Dander is also called “dandruff” which as humans we also get. Dander is microscopic flecks of skin that your dog sheds.

Nothing can stop this however shedding transfers the dander from your dog to wherever they may be through their hair.

I Want A Boxer, How Do I Avoid The Allergies?

Truthfully the key to avoiding allergies is good hygiene that only you can do for your dog. This means consistent weekly grooming.

Specifically, you should get a brush and start brushing your dog’s coat often.

A brush will remove the loose fur on your dog’s coat which will prevent that loose fur from rubbing off on things around the house.

Most likely you can get away with doing this weekly, but if your Boxer’s shedding is heavier it might be best to do this every day.

Another benefit of using brushes is the redistribution of natural oils on your dog’s skin.

Using a brush is like painting these oils across your dog’s skin which is crucial to avoid dry skin.

Dry skin causes dander and dander cause allergies. By targeting the source you can heavily reduce allergies.

Final Note On Grooming: Get someone who isn’t allergic to do the grooming considering a lot of dander and saliva will be involved.

Next, bathing is key in making sure your dog has less dander and is in general much healthier.

The Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America says that you should bathe your dog every week to reduce airborne allergens.

While bathing something you might want to try is anti-allergy or anti-dander shampoo.

The elevator pitch on anti-dander shampoo is that it will rehydrate your dog’s skin to reduce or eliminate flaking dry skin or dander.

Lastly, you should keep your home clean and don’t let your Boxer on any furniture.

Since the dander will be on your dog’s skin, coat, and hair the more they touch the more it will spread.

This is why limiting what your dog makes contact with will reduce allergies.

If you have any dog you should already be cleaning your home often due to all the hair!

But it is especially important if you have allergies because every time you clean you are cleaning up allergens.

Why You Should Still Get A Boxer?

If you are still reading then let me provide the positive sides of owning a Boxer that make all the allergies worthwhile.

These facts are both researched and come from personal experience as I had an adorable Boxer for about 10 years!

First of all, Boxers are one of the most fun and playful dog breeds that you will have the pleasure of meeting.

They always are down to play with you or even just hang out with you. Boxers love their owners and we love them.

Second, Boxers are friendly with children and people they know.

However, they are suspicious of all strangers at first and will make for a great watchdog.

All this together makes this breed great for families looking for a family dog.

Third, you can train boxers to do anything you need them to do.

Although they can be stubborn it is a part of their charming personality and with persistence, Boxers will learn!

This can be seen as a mixed trait, but ultimately they are very intelligent and will listen to you.

Lastly, just look at them, Boxers are so uniquely beautiful. They have those wrinkly facial features, a wide range different looking coats, and unique large eyes.

Do Boxers Shed A Lot?

Boxers shed a good amount due to the fact they have a shorter coat.

However, boxers will shed consistently throughout the year, but there won’t be a lot of furs that comes out. Since their coat is so short you won’t even notice it happening.

Dogs with longer hair such as the German Shepherd are easier to spot when they start shedding because you will notice their hair falling off.

With boxers, you will just need to assume they are always shedding and keep cleaning them and the house on a schedule.

More About Boxer Fur/Coats

Boxers are best when in temperatures that are moderate or in other words temperate.

They are prone to overheating when exercising in hot temperatures. And when in very cold temperatures they can get quite cold due to their short coats.

Boxers also don’t get winter coats as thick as other longer haired dogs because of how short their coat is.

It gets marginally thicker however not enough to make them great for cold temperatures in the winter.

In the winter, it is best if you keep your dog inside as much as possible if you live in a cold place.

If needed there are dog coats or dog blankets you can use to warm up your dog and keep them comfortable.

In the summer, it is harder to keep your dog cold than it is to keep them warm.

However, there are several tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer you can check out here.

One tip not included on that list is a dog cooling pad, which is a great reusable solution.


At the end of the day, any dog you have will shed and they will all cause allergies on varying levels. Hypoallergenic dogs will shed less, but they require more maintenance than regular dogs because of their special coats.

Unfortunately, Boxers aren’t hypoallergenic, but if you are willing to do the work you can reduce the number of allergies they cause. If you are convinced that Boxers may not be right for you, here are 24 hypoallergenic dog breeds.




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