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Are French Bulldogs Easy to Train?

There is a way that we can adore our pets AND not have to live with the consequences as well and that is to train them properly.

Are French bulldogs easy to train? Yes, as long as you use the right training methods and motivation.

Putting the effort into training your dog from an early age can pay dividends when they are older.

It will help them grow into wonderful pets and fantastic companions as they get older.

French bulldogs are pretty easy to train, as long as you know what sort of motivation to use.

They are also one of the best dogs for apartments.

French Bulldogs History

Originating from England, these bulldogs were taken to France and bred to become toy sized versions of the original Old English Bulldog.

These pooches have historically been companion dogs (although they have had their fair share of ratting experience too).

Made more popular in recent years by Hollywood celebrities, the French bulldog is now one of the most popular dog breeds for households and families.

French Bulldogs Today

French bulldogs are still used mainly as companion dogs. Their playful nature means that they have a fantastic character and always assume they are the biggest dog in the park!

They are happy to play all day and to rest all night, but they don’t enjoy being left alone.

The French bulldog is the sort of dog you’d take to the office and keep by your side no matter what you are doing.

They are very intelligent dogs, but their most rewarding feature is that they just love to please their human masters.

Are French Bulldogs Easy to Train?

Because of this love to please their masters, French bulldogs are very easy to train.

The key is to make everything seem like it is a game and not to reward them with food or treats but to reward them with praise instead.

Due to their stocky little size, French bulldogs do not need extra calories in the form of treats, especially when they will do it for the love of their owner!

It is worth noting that some Frenchie’s do enjoy creating mischief.

This will make the task of training a bit more difficult, but a bit of perseverance from the trainer and you will have a very well behaved dog.

Overall you can train any dog, it just comes down to the fact that some breeds are easier to train than others.

If you want a companion and a dog that is going to love you unconditionally and stay by your side no matter what then a Frenchie is for you.

So are French bulldogs easy to train? It doesn’t matter, you’ll love them anyway!




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