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Are Havanese Hypoallergenic?

Are Havanese hypoallergenic? Yes. Technically Havanese are hypoallergenic however no dog is really allergen-free, including the Havanese.

Havanese, like all dog breeds, produce allergens in their saliva and in their sick. In cleaning themselves, they lick their fur and transfer these allergens across their bodies.

The Havanese is regarded as hypoallergenic largely because they do not drool heavily and they do not shed as much as the average dog.

What Do People Mean When They Say Hypoallergenic?

Most of us are familiar with the sniffles we catch seasonally from airborne allergens such as, pollen.

These so-called allergens can cause many uncomfortable symptoms.

Including shortness of breath, congestion, and skin rash. In the most extreme cases, allergy symptoms can be life-threatening.

Household pets are a common source of allergens. Typically, in the form of small proteins in their saliva, fur, or shed skin cells also known as “dander”.

Approximately, 10 to 20% of people just like you and me are allergic to dogs and/or cats.

Due to the growing popularity of dog ownership, we’ve seen some breeders making claims that they breed hypoallergenic dogs. In technical terms, these are dogs that produce little to no allergens.

Which Dog-Breeds, If Any, Are Hypoallergenic?

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, there are no cat or dog is truly ‘hypoallergenic’.

Different dog-breeds produce varying levels of allergic response in humans depending on a couple of factors.

  • A person’s sensitivity.
  • The type of proteins shed by that dog.
  • How much they shed.
  • If you clean your dog regularly, you can reduce the effect of their allergens.

But, if you bathe your dog too often, you risk washing away all of the natural oils in their skin and drying them out.

So, how can a person who loves dogs but has horrible allergies avoid having an adverse reaction? Stay away from dogs.

You can also help mitigate the allergic fallout in your home by not only bathing your pet but also keeping a clean house.

But, if you are extremely allergic, the best idea is to just not have a dog.

However, if your symptoms are manageable, take heart, there are some viable hypoallergenic breed options for you.

What About Havanese?

The Havanese have beautiful, silky-smooth fur that makes them ideal as lap dogs. Anyone who loves curling up on the couch with their pooch would love this breed.

But, owning one will involve spending a great deal of time in close proximity with a dog.

While the Havanese has quite long fur, the breed is generally noted to shed far less than other breeds. This means that they do not spread their dander around your home nearly as much as other breeds.

These dogs also tend not to drool in excess which also means that the allergen proteins in their saliva are not as much of a problem.

Because of this, the prevailing sentiment is that Havanese is a hypoallergenic dog breed.

However, it would be irresponsible for someone to bring a dog home knowing they’ll need to give the animal up.

Or, if they’ll be forced to keep their pet outside the house. Dogs of all breeds need a great deal of care and attention.

Are Havanese Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic claims are typically reserved for hairless dogs.

E.g., Chinese Crested. Or dogs with a coarse or woolly coat like poodles, i.e. dogs that don’t shed very much.

However, a majority of the allergens produced by all pets, including dogs, are produced in the saliva.

As previously stated, Havanese do not produce saliva to a high degree.

Therefore, they are considered “hypoallergenic” when compared to other dogs, but depending on the severity of a person’s allergies it is still ill-advised to assume that Havanese will never trigger an allergic response in anyone.

Allergen Production

Havanese generally produce allergens to a lesser extent than most.

It is important remember, however, that most dog breeds produce similar levels of allergens, whether from saliva or dander.

In fact, most research indicates that homes with “hypoallergenic” dogs do not have a lower level of allergens than homes with “non-hypoallergenic” dogs.

Regardless of how much or how little you believe your dog sheds, the only thing that can effectively alter the levels of allergens in your home is how often and how thoroughly you clean.

Are Havanese Low Shedding?

Havanese have long hair but do tend to shed less than other dog breeds. They are average shedders.

Best Practices for Grooming Your Havanese

The best way for you to reduce you and your family’s exposure to allergens is by regularly grooming and bathing your dog. As a long-haired breed, you should keep your Havanese trimmed.

You should also clean your dog’s bed with regularity, along with anything else your dog touches. It’s recommended that you do this at least twice a week.

If you are worried about allergens, then it is also recommended that you not have carpet. Carpet can not only trap dander in its fibers, but those allergens can seep through the carpet and become trapped in the padding underneath.

Avoid using harsh shampoos that may dry out your dog’s skin by removing the natural oils in their fur. Ask your veterinarian for any recommendations for shampoos that you can use more regularly.

Best Allergen Control Methods

If possible, grooming your Havanese away from allergy-sufferers or even outside can help.
Brush your dog thoroughly after bathing to reduce shedding.

Blow them dry if possible, to extract any loose hair.

Keep their hair trimmed to a manageable length.

You might also purchase an air filtration machine at any major store that will help to reduce the number of airborne allergens in your home.

We recommend that you opt for a high-efficiency particulate air (“HEPA”) filtration device that can filter the largest interior space of your home.

Conventional wisdom and research agree that regular cleaning can reduce exposure to allergens. But, I cannot stress enough that you will always be at risk of exposure to allergens when living in a house with a dog.

Dogs Aren’t the Only Ones…

If you have a dog allergy, you should be cautious of other furry little critters too. Cats, rodents, and other animals may cause a similar reaction.

If you fall into this category, perhaps you should conider another type of pet such as fish or reptiles that do not produce dander.

Are Havanese Hypoallergenic? – Final Points

Just to sum things up – are Havanese hypoallergenic?

The Havanese is a high maintenance breed and requires a moderate amount of regular grooming. However, this breed seems to produce a slightly lower level of allergens when compared to other dog breeds.

The Havanese is mostly hypoallergenic. It sheds less than other breeds and drools far less than most.

It’s important to note, however, that most experts would agree that there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic/allergen-free dog.

If you already have a pet or you are often in contact with animals, you know your situation the best. Remember to regularly bathe your pet, clean all surfaces in your home thoroughly, launder your dog’s bed, and shower your pooch with love.






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