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Are Shiba Inus Good With Cats?

Shiba Inus are wonderful dogs with a reputation for having a distinct personality different from most other canines. Today, we’ll talk about what they can be like around cats based on our research.

Are Shiba Inus good with cats? Shiba Inus can be good with cats if they have the right training and socialization at a young age.

The Shiba Inu dog breed likes to dominate other dogs in the home or environment of the same gender. They can and usually do get along with dogs of the opposite sex and cats.

Shiba’s are not just standard mutts that when placed in a room, can adjust. Here are some rules on how they handle being around other animals.

Are Shiba Inus Good With Cats?

Challenges of A Shiba

The Shiba Inus is a high-spirited breed that will need to be kept on a leash when you are out and about with them because they will take off after prey any chance they get.

This breed can run at high speeds and driven by their high spirit; they are usually quick on their feet. Shiba’s are also very possessive of their toys, bedding, and anything they may claim as their own.

Assertive Shiba vs Assertive Cat

When I say that these dogs normally get along with cats, there are a few stipulations to that rule.

First, if you already have an assertive cat in the home, the Shiba is not going to back down from confrontation; instead, they will go head-to-head most of the time.

There is also the issue of a very submissive cat; this will not make the Shiba Inu happy either.

The balance will be found when you have a Shiba and a cat that can behave on a social level; in other words, they can get along, but they also know their place in the home.

Bringing a Cat and a Shiba Together in Harmony

When it comes to introducing the cat and the Shiba, you must allow them time to get used to each other.

Here are a couple suggestions to make this transition easier:

Introducing Shiba To Kittens

If you have a kitten that you want to bring into your family, you will want to place the kitten in a cage and allow the Shiba to smell and get used to the scents.

After a few minutes, you will want to put the Shiba on a leash and have someone hold him or her while you open the cage door and pick up the kitten.

Slowly place the kitten on your lap and say something that your Shiba will understand, such as “Good Girl”.

Your Shiba will know that you don’t say that unless everything is good so they will begin to relate that to the kitten.

Do this several times throughout the next few days to give your Shiba time to get to know the kitten.

You can slowly ease the kitten into your Shiba’s life by leaving it out for longer periods.

Introducing Shiba To Adult Cats

If you want to introduce an adult cat to your family, the same process as introducing a kitten might work best in this situation.

When bringing in a cat, you must keep in mind that they too are set in their ways and they already know what they like and what they don’t like which may not go over well with your Shiba at first.

The great thing about cats is that they normally adjust to their surroundings if they have time to do so. That is not going to happen right away, it usually takes a few months before cats are comfortable in their new surroundings.

Kittens on the other hand are easily adjusted to their surroundings and live-in-the-moment for the first few months of life.

In most situations, the cat or kitten brought in will know that the Shiba is dominant because they were there first.

The Shiba’s demeanor will shine through their actions to make it clear to the cat or the kitten that they can live there but they are not boss.


Are Shiba Inus good with cats? Yes, but it’s not going to happen overnight. The best way to have a balanced relationship between your Shiba and your cat is to get them both when they are young and raise them together.

They have many common likes and dislikes and they will find mutual ground eventually. Check out this article if you are curious about other breeds like Shiba Inus.







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