5 Best Dog Toys For Dachshunds in 2020

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Dachshunds are amazing dogs with German origins where they first got their start as a hunting hound with an acute ability for trailing using scent. This breed is intelligent and also adorable with its unique long body but short legs.

Their breed facts aside these dogs deserve to have the best toys to gnaw on! That’s what this list is all about the best toys for Dachshunds.

What Are The Best Toys For Dachshunds?

Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys

This is a 5 rope toy bundle that is great for multiple types of games because of how unique each toy is. Whether it’s fetching, tug of war, regular chewing, or some other creative game you have at least one of these toys will be perfect for it.

Also, for a Dachshund, this toy is great because this toy is made to be chew resistant. This is not a guarantee it will be indestructible but if your dog can get a little aggressive these toys can handle it.

Lastly, these toys are made of 100% natural cotton fibers that you can wash if they get too dirty or stinky. You will most likely have to do this often because your dog will be all over these toys. That is even better for you due to the fact these toys clean your dog’s teeth as they chew!


  • Comes With 5 Toys
  • Non-Toxic, Made With 100% Natural Cotton Fibers
  • Cleans Teeth
  • Good For Aggressive Chewers
  • Washable

Chew King Fetch Balls

Get these fetch balls and you won’t ever need to see another crusty, slimy tennis ball in your life! These, unlike tennis balls, are made for dogs to retrieve and keep them coming back due to the space inside the tennis ball for storing food or treats your dog will get overtime.

Of course, these toys are also natural and safe for your dog toy chew on and lick. This also may be obvious, but don’t let your dog consume any parts of this if they chew them off. Lastly, there is no chemical smell to the rubber that makes you nauseous like other cheaper-made products.


  • No Chemical Smell
  • Machine Washable
  • Space Inside For Food Or Treats
  • Natural
  • The Size For Smaller Dogs Like The Dachshund Comes In A Pack Of 8

ZippyPaws – Woodland Friends Burrow

This is an interactive squeaky toy that keeps your dog engaged by making them play hide and seek! The premise of this dog toy is there are 3 small squeaky dog toys that look like animals and one large log you can put them in then your dog has to find them in the log.

Many people who have bought this product have said their dog loves playing this fun game. For a hound such as a Dachshund this is a perfect game as they were first bred to find small animals.


  • Hide & Seek Is Very Engaging For Dogs
  • Can Last A Long Time Depending On How Strong Your Dog Chews
  • Squeaky Smaller Toys Are Fun On Their Own

KONG Classic Dog Toy

This toy is becoming a frequent toy on our best toy lists because of its incredible durability and interactive features. On top of that this toy is also great for both chewing and fetching, whether you are able to play with your dog or not won’t matter because this toy is fun either way!

Since you are able to stuff treats and food in the middle it is important that you wash this after a session with your dog. This can be done easily by hand or if you prefer not to get down and dirty this toy is dishwasher safe.

Lastly, this KONG classic toy line is recommended by vets all over the world as well as dog educators. All these features will let your Dachshund fall in love with this toy and it will keep them coming back for more (especially if you put peanut butter in the middle).


  • Great For Chewing And Fetch
  • Durable Toy/Good For Aggressive Chewers
  • Vet Recommended
  • Interactive (You Can Put Treats Or Some Reward In The Middle)
  • Easy-To-Clean (Dishwasher-Safe, Hand Wash Safe)

Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick

This is toy is made with 100% real flavor and USA-sourced nylon which together make a very strong, yet tasty chew toy. All of which are made right here in the USA specifically the state of New York.

Something unique about this product that you don’t see on many toys is a dog-friendly design that allows dogs to get a good grip on this dog toy. Many regular toys make dogs fumble around with the toy until they give up or but this toy guarantees ease-of-use for your Dachshund.

Lastly, for your dog’s safety if they do not have strong teeth don’t get this toy as this toy could damage soft teeth. Also, do not let them consume this toy and replace it once you see fit.


  • Very Durable
  • Made Of 100% USA Sourced-Nylon
  • 100% Real Flavor
  • Dog-Friendly Design For Easy Usage
  • Made in the USA

Wrap Up

That’s all the Dachshund toys for now but hopefully one of these toys is good enough to make your dog happy. All of these toys can be good for your dog, but if you are struggling to decide here are a couple of standout products in our opinion.

First, the Zippy Paws interactive dog toy is a very interesting concept that makes it stand out greatly amongst the rest. It has durability combined with a fun hide & seek design that will keep your dog engaged for a long time.

One last standout product is the Benebone Maplestick. This product is so unique because of it’s 100% real flavor and durability that can both keep your dog coming back to it each day and last them a long time depending on how aggressive they chew.

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