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5 Best Dog Water Dispensers in 2021

Are you having trouble keeping your dog’s water bowl filled up on a daily basis?

Or maybe you need to keep your dog’s water bowl filled up while you are at work?

Either way, a dog water dispenser is just what you need to keep your dog hydrated all day long.

A water dispenser will automatically fill up the water bowl when it runs low so your dog never runs out of water.

All you need to do is keep the water supply filled up daily or weekly depending on the water reservoir size.

What Are The Best Dog Water Dispensers?

AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Waterer

This water dispenser is like a traditional water cooler, except it uses gravity to automatically fill the water bowl up as your dog needs it.

The water jug that gets placed on top of the small model holds 1 gallon of water at a time and the large model holds 2.5 gallons.

There is no spilling when connecting the jug either due to the advanced lid and connecter that only starts to flow water when securely locked into the base.

Automatically the machine will know when to start and stop to avoid overflowing, although the water level can be high.

All of this can be cleaned with soap and water, which should be done somewhat often to avoid mold or any other build-up.

The water bottle on top is see-through so you will know when it is time to clean it.

Lastly, the anti-skid rubber bottom will prevent this water dispenser from being pushed all around the house by your dog.

An important, but an often overlooked feature that can avoid your dog pushing the water bowl until it floods your floors.

This water dispenser comes in both small and large sizes.

However, if you want the large size you will have to buy the water and food dispenser bundle.


  • Anti-Skid Bottom
  • Automatically Fills Without Overflowing
  • Can Clean With Soap and Water
  • High Capacity Water Bottle


  • Can Only Buy The Large Water Dispenser In A Bundle
  • Water Level Can Be High Leading To Some Spilling

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Veken Pet Fountain Automatic Water Dispenser

This is an elegant water dispenser for small dogs that slowly pours water out in a soothing, quiet stream that is made for casual sipping.

The water is filtered as well in case you are using tap water and want to make sure it is top quality.

This fountain is made out of BPA-free, non-toxic ingredients to make sure that your dog can’t be harmed by drinking out of this water dispenser.

Onto the water capacity, this dispenser can hold 2.5 Liters of water which is roughly 0.66 Gallons.

There are three modes of dispensing waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain.

These are available just in case your dog feels more comfortable with a faster or slower speed of dispensing.

These features are for your preference but if its too confusing flower waterfall is a safe choice.


  • Made With BPA-Free And Non-Toxic Ingredients
  • Fancy Water Fountain Design
  • Multiple Dispensing Options


  • Needs To Be Plugged In, Could Use A Longer Power Cord
  • Small Fountain, Only For Small Dogs
  • Stream Of Water Can Lead To Deflection Of Water Onto The Floor

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

This dog water dispenser is a large tower that uses gravity to fill up a water bowl and keep your dog hydrated at all times.

There are small, medium, and large sizing options that have varying amounts of water capacity.

The small can hold 64 ounces which is 0.5 gallons, the medium can hold 128 ounces which is 1 gallon, and the large can hold 320 ounces which is about 2.5 gallons.

Which size you need depends on your dog’s water intake which usually correlates to size and activity level.

A nice feature about this water dispenser is the stainless steel water bowl that is also dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel is good to have because the looks maintain better over time in comparison to regular metal or plastic.

Note: This bowl can still rust so be sure to take proper precautions to avoid it.

This water dispenser is also pretty easy to clean because you can disassemble most of the parts and wash them individually.

The stainless steel bowl can be washed in the dishwasher, the reservoir can be cleaned with a brush through the base.


  • Sizes For All Dogs
  • Stainless Steel Bowl (Which Is Also Machine Washable)
  • Automatically Fills Up The Bowl Using Gravity
  • Easy Cleaning Due To The Ability To A Disassemble


  • Fills Water To The Rim Which Could Mean Spilling
  • Sizing Can Be Tricky So If You Have A Medium Or Large Dog Get The 3 Gallon

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UPSKY Dog Water Dispenser

This is another unique design of water dispenser that uses special technology to dictate how fast the water dispenses depending on your dog’s drinking speed.

This happens using a floating disk that gets pushed underwater by your dog’s tongue and then the water below pushes up to your dog.

Although this water dispenser can only hold 35 ounces of water which is much less than some of the other more traditional models.

But this will also take up much less space in your home or apartment if you are worried about a large tower crowing your space.

If you are worried about water splashing onto your floor like a traditional dog bowl, don’t.

The design of this water dispenser is made so that the water comes in when it is being consumed and stops when your dog is done, this prevents overflow and spilling.

This product can also be broken down into parts for easy washing of the floating disk, border, and bowl.

It’s a good thing it’s this easy to break down and wash because it is recommended you wash this product “every fifth day”.


  • Unique No-Spill Design
  • Fills Up As Your Dog Drinks
  • Smaller Than Many Other Water Dispensing Towers
  • Can Mount In Your Car


  • Stainless Steel Bowl Can Rust
  • Cannot Fill Up The Water Bottle From The Top
  • Water Filter Not Included

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Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station

This is a standard, reliable dog water dispenser with high capacities available that could last your dog a week or more depending on the dog.

There aren’t any fancy machines inside that may or may not work just gravity pulling the water down when it reaches a certain low level!

Thanks to a specific ingredient, specifically antimicrobial materials, there will be precautions in place that stop the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria.

That is also the reason you cannot machine wash this since that material is sensitive to high temperatures.

You can get this water dispenser with the 1 gallon or 3 gallons water reservoir.

A larger size will last much longer but it will also be much heavier to load onto the top of the base and the base will be much larger.

Knowing that, choose the size you feel most comfortable handling and the size that you have room for in your home.


  • Automatically Fills With Water Using Gravity
  • 1 And 3 Gallon Reservoir Sizing Options
  • Made-With Anti-Bacteria Materials
  • Easy To Clean


  • Floating Piece Can Retain Water
  • Must Wash It Regularly Since Your Dog Will Make Contact With It Daily

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Wrap Up

These water dispensers will take a load off of your day and put your mind to rest if you leave your dog at home alone.

The minutes that you will save each day and the constant hydration your dog will have makes a water dispenser an absolute essential for your household.

If there was one product I would recommend it is the AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Waterer.

It may be a very simple design, but that is a good thing as it focuses on doing the basics the right way.

There are no fancy features to dispense the water that might break the dispenser, just good old fashioned gravity.

There is no metal or steel in the bowl so you don’t have to stress about rust, only keeping it clean of bacteria.


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