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Best Dogs For Texas: These Dogs Are Ready To Be Texans!

Texas is a complex natural region that’s found in South Central US. It’s full of desert grasslands, desert valleys, and mountain slopes.

Besides that, this state is generally warmer and has good coverage of arid and semi-arid parts.

Even so, it’s still a vibrant place where you can engage in diverse hunting activities as well as farming thanks to the numerous farms and ranches.

But one thing that’s clear among the locals is that they love pets, especially dogs. So, what are the best dogs for Texas? Well, let’s find out.

12 Best Dogs for Texas: Ideal Breeds for Warm Weather

There are hundreds of dogs breeds but not all of them are suitable for the warm Texas weather.

Extremely large dog breeds and those with quite short snouts can’t thrive in such an environment. This is because their physical characteristics make it harder for them to cool themselves.

Generally, hot weather breeds have long snouts that cool warm incoming air. According to K9 of Mine, they have big ears that efficiently radiate heat.

Additionally, their smaller-medium sizes and lowly-covered short and light coats offer better heat dissipation. The best dogs to have in Texas based on different subcategories include:

Best Dogs for Texas: Ideal for Hiking

Texas is a south-central state that has great hiking trails. Most state parks take pride in their amazing trails and you can take a short day trip or an adventurous tour for a couple of days.

We all know that dogs are great companions. So, if you want to go hiking, you can, as well as, get a furry companion to ensure that you enjoy your journey. The best dogs for Texas that are ideal for hiking include:


a vizsla standing on a beach next to the ocean

Vizsla is one of the best dogs for Texas weather. It’s sometimes considered as the Hungarian version of the renowned German shorthaired pointer.

The active hunter has a short coat that efficiently promotes temperature regulation. As a result, the dog can withstand heat since it can naturally cool itself.

Vizsla has great running capabilities as well. However, it is known to make a great hiking companion. The multi-purpose dog can easily navigate through various terrains with you, thanks to its high level of endurance.

It’s also very curious and that’s why the dog breed isn’t afraid of visiting new places.

Its medium size in addition to loyalty has made it highly appealing to hikers. The best thing is that there are two varieties of Vizsla.

So, this gives you an option to either choose Magyar Vizsla or the Hungarian Vizsla.

  • Height Range: 21-24 inches
  • Weight Range: 50- 65 pounds
  • Characteristics: stubborn, obedient, lively, high level of physical endurance, and affectionate.
  • Adaptability: always has a strong desire to be around people, great learning capabilities, can survive in warmer climates.

Note: Vizsla dog breed has an extremely short and light fur. This means that much of its skin can be easily affected by skin diseases.

Even though it’s a warm-weather dog, make sure that you protect its skin as much as you can when you are outdoors.

2.Doberman Pinscher

a doberman standing in a field with rolling hills in the background

Even though it doesn’t make a good indoor companion, Doberman pinscher can be the best friend that you need during your hiking journeys.

It’s a beautiful and active guardian with a short coat. So, it can easily live in warmer climate areas.

Doberman pinscher has strong hiking and running skills. According to Pet ID Register, its muscular fit, compact-build, plus powerful, and fast nature makes the medium-large dog breed a perfect domesticated companion to take with you to the wilderness.

  • Height Range: 24-28 inches
  • Weight Range: 60-80 pounds
  • Characteristics: long muzzle, sleek, short, & glistening coat, fast & powerful, compact-built
  • Adaptability: tolerant to heat, social & affectionate if trained properly, capable guardian

3.The Australian Cattle Dogs

an Australian Cattle Dog standing outdoors panting

Even though it has its origins Down Under, the Australian Cattle Dog can easily survive in other warmer parts of the world.

Its herding background makes it a great running and hiking partner. This type of dog breed has a high level of adaptability and that’s why it can live in Texas.

The farmworker has a short double coat that can withstand hot climates. It’s a worker whose life is mostly around farm animals.

With its high level of stamina as well as affection for human beings, The Australian Cattle Dog has the power and enthusiasm to drive it through various hiking ridges.

  • Height Range: 17-20 inches
  • Weight Range: 35 -50 pounds
  • Characteristics: compact and highly muscular body, alert and upright ears, fast learner, good stamina.
  • Adaptability: good at following routines, has a short double coat to withstand extreme weather changes.

4.Ibizan Hound

an Ibizan Hound on a leash next to their owner

It’s an agile and lean dog that belongs to the hound family. Ibizan Hounds come with two types of hair but the most common one is the smooth coat. Its active and intelligent nature makes it one of the best hiking dogs.

The Ibizan hound can thrive in hotter climates thanks to its high level of adaptability.

Its flexibility and friendly nature mean that you can easily expose it to different sights, experiences, and sounds. It’s also a fast learner with high energy levels.

Generally, hound dogs are healthy and less prone to the most common infections. So, you can always navigate through rough terrains with them since they don’t easily get down.

  • Height Range: 22-27 inches
  • Weight Range: 45 -50 pounds
  • Characteristics: easy to train, high level of physical endurance, playful, great agility, and alertness.
  • Adaptability: tolerates hot weather, can stay alone, and ideal for apartment living.

Best Dogs for Texas: Athletic

Most sporting dogs tend to have one major characteristic-they are highly energetic.

Athletic dogs have high energy and stamina that allows them to spend the entire day in fields. This means that they also need frequent exercise sessions or else they will become hyperactive.

While looking for a sporting dog breed in Texas, you need to get a pet that can survive in warmer regions. The best ones include:

5.Rhodesian Ridgeback

a closeup of a Rhodesian Ridgeback

It’s a large and active dog breed that does well in hot climates. The Ridgeback’s native homeland is South Africa and that’s why it can live in Texas.

The dog has a high level of adaptability hence it can survive under extreme temperature changes.

Apart from the hot Texan sun, the Rhodesian ridgeback is a sporty runner. It has a deep loyalty to its owner and learns very quickly.

The agile and strong dog is very active and has the right endurance for speed. As a result, it’s a popular choice for backpackers, runners, and trainers.

The outdoor companion has a short and shiny odor-free coat. Even in places with high temperatures, this sporty pet can effectively thrive as its coat can dissipate heat.

Due to its sheer size, power, and high level of intelligence, Rhodesian ridgeback isn’t ideal for first-time dog owners.

  • Height Range: 24-27 inches
  • Weight Range: 70-85 pounds
  • Characteristics: affectionate, even-tempered, generally quiet, agile, active, and strong.
  • Adaptability: easy to train, extremely tolerant to heat, excellent companions, not ideal for apartments.


a Whippet resting in grass

It’s a hound breed with a medium size. Its sporty nature is based on the fact that it was developed to chase rabbits in the mid-19th century.

Since then, Whippet has undergone several upgrades to become the highly adaptable dog that it is today.

It has a sleek appearance and, therefore, you can easily turn it to your “designer” pet friend. Its physical traits in addition to mental capabilities make it an ideal breed for hunting and racing.

It’s the companion that you can take with you for your morning jogs without it lagging behind in distress.

Its speedy and obedient nature means that you can play with it different pet games. It’s agile, strong, and highly competitive.

Even though Whippet is a purebred, it does very well healthwise. Its thin coat that is fairly spread throughout the body enhances its physical traits, making it highly adaptable to extremely hot places.

Note: Due to its high level of activity, you need to subject it to regular exercises in order for it to relax.

  • Height Range: 18-22 inches
  • Weight Range: 18-48 pounds
  • Characteristics: active and energetic breed, lively & friendly, gentle, quiet, and affectionate.
  • Adaptability: an agile competitor, can thrive in warmer climatic regions, enjoys small games.

7.American Water Spaniel

It’s a water retrieving dog that doesn’t perform well in hunting activities only but also in dog sports. The American Water Spaniel is a versatile all-round dog breed that’s a charmer.

It excels in nearly everything including engaging in canoe activities, swimming, groundwork, and fetch games among others.

The breed has high energy levels and if you are a person who loves outdoor fun, this can be the right companion. It will engage you, entertain you with its adaptive skills, and still give you a run.

Even though the American Water Spaniel has a dense curly coat, it’s naturally a swimmer and that’s why it can live in warmer regions.

  • Height Range: 1ft.3′ – 1 ft.6′
  • Weight Range: 25-46 pounds
  • Characteristics: lively & active, obedient, effective swimmer, trainable, and intelligent.
  • Adaptability: a skilled natural swimmer, can live in warmer regions, needs consistent training, outdoor companion with great speed.

Best Dogs for Texas: Companion/ Working Dogs

These dog breeds provide you with the best pet company and some of them are even useful in doing certain tasks.

A Chihuahua, for instance, offers a pleasuring company while the German shorthaired pointer can be affectionate while still being useful outdoors.


a Chihuahua laying down in a pink sweater

A Chihuahua is usually small, weighing less than 6 pounds on most occasions.

Its origins are the warm climates of Mexico and so they can perfectly adapt and live in this kind of weather. Its loyal and charming nature makes it a great companion.

The designer dog will charm you with its playful and clingy personality. Its ability to learn quickly and take in instructions means that you will always have an obedient and watchful companion beside you.

Chihuahuas normally come in two coat types. There is the long-coated breed with a soft flat or curly coat and then there is the smooth-coated breed with a smooth and shiny coat.

The latter is the most ideal for Texas weather since it has shorter coverage.

Note: while this is a great companion breed, it should be noted that it’s prone to shivering when it gets cold. That’s why they mostly love warm places.

  • Height Range: 6 -9 inches
  • Weight Range: 3-6 pounds
  • Characteristics: low energy, small in size, devoted, obedient, fast learner.
  • Adaptability: ideal for apartment living, suitable for novice owners, enjoys human companionship.

9.Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier Laying Next To A Bush

A Yorkie is the best companion you can ever have.

With its tenacious personality, this toy dog’s small size, and vocal prowess mean that your days will no longer be the same. They are cuddle buddies that will often snuggle up to you or your loved ones.

You might be probably wondering how a Yorkshire terrier with its thick coat can survive the Texas heat.

Well, its coat is smooth and silky with a thin texture. The single coat of fine hair and not fur. This means that the dog can’t trap heat, even when it’s extremely hot.

So, your pint-sized furry friend will still stay cool even when temperatures are extremely high. It’s ideal for apartment life due to its designer status.

However, you need to train it earlier if you have small children.

  • Height Range: 7-8 inches
  • Weight Range: 5-7 pounds
  • Characteristics: very vocal, playful, silky fine hair, with a short & compact body.
  • Adaptability: quite stubborn, can be trained on socialization, its thin & fine coat doesn’t trap heat although it’s a good insulator.

10.German Shorthaired Pointer

a young German Shorthaired Pointer running in grass and leaves

This is a medium-large dog breed with versatile characteristics. German shorthaired pointer is an affectionate companion that has a straight and easy-to-care-for nature.

It’s also a true working dog breed that’s eager to always go outside.

A German shorthaired pointer has a short and thick coat that effectively repels water. However, there is variation in the coating thickness and this makes it possible for it to live in warmer climatic regions.

For instance, its head has shorter, thinner, and softer hair to minimize excess sweating.

  • Height Range: 23-25 inches
  • Weight Range: 55-70 pounds
  • Characteristics: intelligent, charming, people-loving personality, less aggressive, shorter, and smooth coat, loves to get outdoors.
  • Adaptability: can get accustomed to the heat, normally bred for water retrieving, ideal in offering companionship.

Best Dogs for Texas: Hunting Dogs

Texas has one of the most diverse and quality hunting opportunities in America. There are more deer, nilgai antelopes, turkey, and feral hogs here and that’s why hunting dogs are in high demand.

A good dog breed should be able to tolerate this weather and still have hunting capabilities.

The best-hunting dogs that can perfectly blend with Texas weather include:


a Weimaraner standing in a field with flowers

This dog breed perfectly fits the Texas weather profile in addition to its great hunting capabilities.

Its physical characteristics make it a great hunter. Originally, the Weimaraner was bred as a gundog and it was ideal for handling game animals like bear and hare.

Even though times have changed, they are still in demand especially when it comes to hunting.

The purebreds have a friendly nature and are fast-learners. This makes them excellent companions, especially if you are on new hunting grounds.

Due to their hunting origins, they have a lot of energy that needs to be dispensed.

They also have a high prey drive that makes them ideal for this activity.

  • Height Range: 23 – 27 inches
  • Weight Range: 55-85 pounds
  • Physical and Mental Characteristics: friendly, sporty, high level of agility, short and smooth coat that’s ideal for hot weather, high prey drive, and potential.
  • Adaptability: high level of sensitivity, tolerates hot weather, not suitable for apartment living.


A Greyhound Dog Standing In A Backyard

It was originally bred as a hunting dog. Greyhounds were used to chase deer, foxes, and hare.

The fact that they can scale high speeds of up to 45 mph means that they are nice domesticated animals that you take with you during hunting trips.

For starters, a Greyhound has certain characteristics that make it appropriate to pet in Texas. The breed has a short and thin coat that can withstand high temperatures.

In addition to that, it has a lean figure that facilitates faster movements and higher leaps that are important during hunting.

  • Height Range: 25-30 inches
  • Weight Range: 60 – 80 pounds
  • Physical and Mental Characteristics: lean body, intelligent, pointed muzzle, long legs, thin body, short & smooth coat, long & narrow head.
  • Adaptability: tolerates hot weather, ideal for novice owners, adapts to different climatic conditions

In Summary

The above-reviewed pets are some of the best for Texas. They have physical as well as mental characteristics that allow them to stay in warmer weather.

Generally, they have medium and short coat coverage to minimize insulation and facilitate heat dissipation.

Most of these pets are versatile in nature, and you cannot only use them for companionship but also in activities such as sporting, hiking, and hunting among others.

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