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Best Dogs For Townhouses: Which Dog Is The Right Fit?

Townhouse living can be wonderful but do you ever feel like there’s something missing? You have the family under one roof but a pet would just add a little more joy into everyone’s lives.

Cats are low-maintenance, birds can be entertaining, but dogs are the perfect family companions. They help families bond and lower stress and tensions in the home. A dog will truly change your life for the better.

However, townhouses offer some challenges. You have neighbors close by to consider. You don’t want to annoy them!

Then there are the difficulties of living in an urban area. Dogs love the countryside and some breeds just won’t be content with city living.

Fortunately, there are plenty of dogs who do enjoy townhouse living. You just need to be able to identify them.

Find out how to choose a dog below, then continuing scrolling for a list of the best dogs for townhouses.

How to Identify the Best Dogs for Townhouses

If you’re looking for a dog for your townhouse, then there a number of traits to look out for.

Dog breeds vary wildly in their temperament and behavior. While many will settle in well to a townhouse, others will cause difficulties.

In order to be a responsible dog owner, use the following list as a checklist to refer to when you spot a potential new pet. If they meet all of these criteria, then you’ve found a suitable pup for your home.

Your townhouse dog should be:

Obedient: Living in a town comes with challenges for a dog. There’s traffic, crowds, and endless temptations from food vendors. Your dog can’t just run wild like do out in the woods.

Find an obedient dog that is able to navigate the streets without a problem. Urban environments don’t come naturally to dogs but an intelligent breed will be able to quickly pick up good habits.

Quiet: If you share a wall with other homes, then the last thing you want is a yappy dog. Almost every breed of dog barks occasionally but some will do it all night long, for no reason at all.

Find a dog that controls their barking habits, so that you don’t end up with passive-aggressive notes put through your door! In particular, ensure they don’t start barking every time they’re left at home alone.

Low energy: When you live in a town or city, it can be hard to find wide-open spaces for your dog to run around in. As a result, you may not be able to provide them with hours of exercise each day.

Opt for pets on the low end of the energy spectrum. This will depend on your personal situation but there are certain breeds that really ought to be out in the countryside while others do fine in a town.

Find a dog with an energy level suitable for urban life.

Friendly: Your dog will come into contact with strangers each and every day. Make sure they’re friendly around other dogs and humans so as not to cause any problems.

Sometimes a more aggressive dog is suitable, such as for law enforcement or people who want guard dogs. In a townhouse, this isn’t necessary.

A dog can still deter home invaders while being friendly when they meet a stranger in the park.

The following breeds are the best dogs for townhouses because they contain most of these characteristics.

However, you should also consider looking at mixed breeds or heading down to the doggy adoption home.

You might find a dog you like which isn’t any particular breed and yet is obedient, quiet, low energy, and friendly.

The Best Dogs For Townhouses

1) Pug

a closeup of a Pug on a walk

Pugs split opinions among dog owners but they’re a perfect family pet for your family townhouse. They’re very low maintenance, spending a lot of time asleep.

This means that while you can play and have fun with your pug, she isn’t going to be up all night annoying the neighbors. They very rarely bark so it might be a while before the neighbors even realize you’ve got a new pet!

Pugs are calm, friendly, and highly entertaining. The kids will love her, strangers in the street will love her, and even the grumpy man of the house who said he hates Pugs will love her.

They’re kind, gentle, and require very little exercise. The Pug is the perfect dog for busy households who won’t have time for lots of exercise and attention.

2) Shih Tzu

If you want to have fun in your family townhouse, then a Shih Tzu is the perfect pet. They’re mischievous but not disobedient. From running off with your socks to falling over when they run, they offer hours of entertainment.

Despite their lively and outgoing nature, Shih Tzus are actually very low maintenance. They get tired out quickly and won’t need a lot of exercise. A short walk each day is plenty since they are designed to be house dogs.

Bringing a Shih Tzu into your home will bring the whole family a great deal of joy. They’re intelligent and will do what they’re told but don’t require any constant tasks like some working dogs do.

While a Border Collie needs to be out herding sheep, a Shih Tzu is very comfortable curled up on the family couch.

Another nice benefit is they are considered hypoallergenic dogs!

3) Labrador

Although Labradors can be quite demanding, they’re known for their high intelligence, loyalty, and obedience.

This makes them perfect for town life because they’ll happily sit before crossing the road and will come when called.

Labrador’s are incredibly mild-mannered and gentle around other dogs as well as children.

They don’t bark as much as other dogs and can be trained not to if they do.

The key to becoming a Labrador owner is being dedicated to their training. They are capable of being calm and obedient dogs but they’ll need some instruction from you.

As long as you train them early, then you shouldn’t have many problems. You’ll also need to be sure you can exercise your Labrador.

While they don’t require as many walks as some dogs, it would be beneficial to live near a park where they can have a proper runaround.

As long as you’re able to give your Labrador enough exercise and training, then they make a fantastic townhouse dog.

You’ll be overwhelmed by their obedience, loyalty, and gentle nature.

4) Boston Terrier

a Boston Terrier resting with doggy socks on

The Boston Terrier is a favorite of many dog owners due to their unique personality and energetic nature.

According to Dogtime, Boston Terriers were bred to fight but you wouldn’t know it to look at them now! They’re a gentle breed who are great if you’ve got children or other pets at home.

They do well living in smaller homes as well and are okay with being left alone.

The Boston Terrier is a small, easy to train dog that gets on well with strangers. If this kind of dog appeals to you (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it?) then you should definitely consider adopting one.

Despite their quick speed, you’ll be surprised at how good-natured and low maintenance the Boston Terrier is. They’ll give you and your family 13-15 years of love and joy.

5) King Charles Spaniel

When it comes to cuteness, few breeds match the adorable good looks of the King Charles spaniel. For many, this alone is enough to encourage adoption. But what if you live in a townhouse?

Well, the King Charles Spaniel is loving and playful. They can adapt to nearly any situation meaning they’re great whether you live on a farm or in the town center.

The King Charles Spaniel is friendly and affectionate. They’re especially good with strangers and other dogs, so don’t worry about taking yours on a walk around town.

They’re one of the easiest dogs to train and will be an obedient companion. They’re also one of the quietest dogs!

Your King Charles Spaniel might bark when you come home out of pure love and excitement but this will soon settle down.

If you live in a townhouse a King Charles Spaniel makes a wonderful addition.

6) Dachshund

a dachshund laying in green grass

Dachshunds are a dog bred to be energetic and lively. They really don’t hold back in any situation. However, their small size and loving nature mean that they fit in well to townhouses.

They don’t drool or snore like some other breeds so your quality of life won’t be negatively affected by that.

The Dachshund fits in well to most social situations and will be okay with living in a built-up area (as long as they get to visit the park occasionally!)

A possible downside to the Dachshund is that they can get a bit noisy. They tend to bark more than other dogs.

However, this can be trained out of them. If you train them not to bark at inappropriate times, then they’re intelligent enough to take this on board.

Despite their over-excitable nature, the Dachshund deserves to be on this list because they’re just so small, easy, entertaining, and brilliant with social families.

7) Poodle

Some people love them, others hate them but the Poodle will settle in well to a townhouse. In terms of intelligence, they rank highly, learning new commands and tricks incredibly quickly.

If you’re concerned that your dog won’t obey commands in a potentially dangerous urban area, then you can stop worrying once you’ve got a Poodle.

These dogs are famous for walking the streets of Paris, so they can handle the situation wherever you live.

Poodles can be relatively high energy but they don’t need too much exercise. They’re calmer than toy breeds of dog and far less mischievous. A Poodle is loyal, sensitive, and always wanting to please.

They’ll settle in well to the family home and will thrive off positive reinforcement.

Poodles do bark when the doorbell goes or if they haven’t had enough attention but they won’t be at the window all day barking at passers-by.

By opting for a Poodle, you can be confident you have a pup that won’t step out of line too often.

8) Australian Shepherd

a merle coated Australian Shepherd curled up laying in the grass

According to AKC, the Australian Shepherd was born to work all day, so you might be surprised that they make good dogs for townhouses.

Although this is true, the Australian Shepherd is also a relatively calm and relaxed dog. Although they love to work, they’re also able to adapt to a situation where they don’t need to.

Most importantly, the Australian Shepherd is one of the most trainable, obedient, and intelligent dogs out there.

Being quite a large breed, it would be ideal if you live in a bigger townhouse with a garden. Australian Shepherds shouldn’t be kept anywhere too compact.

As long as you can provide that, then an Australian Shepherd is well worth adopting. They are fantastic around children and strangers, offering the highest levels of affection.

They will bark on occasion but not incessantly. If they’re barking, it’s usually for good reason, so pay attention!

9) Basenji

The Basenji is a wonderfully unique breed of dog, originating in Japan. They are incredibly loyal to their family, so won’t do well if they’re always being looked after by your friends while you’re away.

When you’re home, however, they’ll offer you their full attention and affection. The biggest draw of the Basenji, however, is that they never bark.

Known as the “barkless dog”, this is the ideal breed if you want your home to remain quiet.

Basenjis aren’t the easiest dogs to train but that actually isn’t too much of an issue. They’re not naughty by nature so you’ll find that not as much training is required.

Many Basenji owners say that they’re more like a cat in that they don’t get into any trouble despite also not responding well to commands.

If you think about it, cats are the perfect townhouse pet! So a dog that resembles them would be a good option.

The Basenji is a fascinating and unique dog, perfect for anyone looking for something a little special.

10) English Bulldog

an English Bulldog walking in green grass

If you want a pooch which is truly dependable than put your money on the English bulldog. They’re a low-energy but affectionate breed that makes them perfect for life in townhouses.

They aren’t known for any erratic or unpredictable behavior. They just go where you go without complaint. They’re a laid back dog that won’t mind a family that isn’t constantly giving them attention.

A couple of things to look out for are the drooling and the snoring but if you can deal with this, then you can’t go wrong with an English bulldog. They’re a sweet and lovable breed despite their tough appearance.

They can be quite a funny dog to live with, so you get entertainment even with their low-energy and high predictability.

11) Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a lazy and gentle breed of dog that does well in urban environments. They are affectionate with their owners and tend to be reserved around neighbors.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback will give you all the love you expect from your dog with none of the aggression towards strangers. They’re also a protective dog, which can work well if you want protection for your townhouse.

For this reason, it’s important to get plenty of training to keep the Rhodesian Ridgeback under strict control.

Rhodesian ridgebacks tend to be gentle with children and get along well with other dogs in the household.

If you’re looking for a loyal, dependable, and dignified breed, then the Rhodesian Ridgeback is for you. They won’t dig up your garden and they’ll rarely bark, if at all.

If you adopt a Rhodesian Ridgeback, your neighbors will love them, your kids will love them, and you will love them.

12) Newfoundland

A Closeup Of A Newfoundland Dog

If you have plenty of space in your townhouse, then why not consider a Newfoundland? This beast of a dog can grow up to 128 inches and weigh 150 pounds, so they’re a dog that needs a lot of space.

However, if you’re able to offer that, then you have a gentle and friendly dog that will fit in well in your townhouse.

As one of the most intelligent breeds, you won’t have any trouble teaching your Newfoundland how to navigate busy city streets.

The sheer size of the Newfoundland makes them a great guard dog and most home invaders will turn and run a split second after seeing this dog.

When they’re with you or meeting strangers in the park, however, they couldn’t be any sweeter. Kids will want to run up and pet this fluffy and adorable dog and he’ll happily oblige.

If you’re a social family, then the Newfoundland is a great way to interact with other humans.

If you’ve got room, then why not adopt a Newfoundland?


A townhouse is a perfect place to raise a dog but you need one with the right temperament.

Now you know the 12 best dogs for townhouses, you can begin searching for the right dog for your needs. You have plenty of options, from the tiny Pug to the enormous Newfoundland.

What you choose depends on your personal circumstances but opt for a quiet, obedient, low energy, and friendly dog breed that will adapt well to life in a townhouse.


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