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79 Cool Dog Names From Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones could very well be the greatest TV show ever. Even if you don’t agree with that statement surely you can acknowledge the cultural impact that it has had. 

And to name your dog after one of the characters would be a very fun way to honor the show in the years to come. Not to mention there are many names from Game Of Thrones that are cool.

Let’s get to the 79 great dog names from Game Of Thrones!

79 Dog Names From Game Of Thrones:

  1. Ned (King Of The North, father of the stark children)
  2. Rob (also known as Robert Baratheon)
  3. Jorah (protector of Daenerys Targaryen)
  4. Catelyn (wife of Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark)
  5. Cersei (daughter of Tywin Lannister)
  6. Daenerys (the Khalisi and daughter of the Mad King)
  7. Targaryen (as in House Targaryen)
  8. Jon (son of Ned Stark – not technically)
  9. Robb (the eldest son of Ned Stark)
  10. Arya (the youngest daughter of Ned Stark)
  11. Sansa (as in Sansa Stark)
  12. Snow (as in bastards from the north)
  13. Sand (as in bastards from the south)
  14. Theon (only living son of Lord Balon Greyjoy)
  15. Sandor (also known as “the hound”)
  16. Davos (the onion knight)
  17. Tyrion (the witty and smart brother of Cersei and Jamie)
  18. Bran (second son of Ned Stark and warg)
  19. Viserys (brother of Daenerys Targaryan)
  20. Samwell (Educated friend of Jon Snow)
  21. Jeor (Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, father to Jorah Mormont)
  22. Varys (the Master Of Whispers)
  23. The Hound (the nickname for Sandor Clegane)
  24. Shae
  25. Bronn (Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater friend of Tyrion Lannister)
  26. Clegane (the last name of “the hound” and “the mountain”)
  27. Tywin (as in Tywin Lannister, father of Cersei, Tyrion, and Jamie)
  28. Gendry (Gendry Baratheon, son of Robert Baratheon)
  29. Tormund (Tormund Giantsbane, the wildling from the beyond the wall and friend of Jon Snow)
  30. Talisa (Robb Stark’s wife)
  31. Ygritte (known for saying “you know nothing, Jon Snow”)
  32. Gilly (Samwell Tarly’s wife)
  33. Missandei (trusted adviser to Danaerys Targarean)
  34. Jaqen (master assassin from Bravos and friend of Arya)
  35. Ellaria (mother of the sand snakes from season 5)
  36. Tommen (as in Tommen Baratheon son of Cersei)
  37. Daario (advisor/soldier for Danaerys Targarean)
  38. Hodor (you know who he is)
  39. Osha (a free folk that served House Stark)
  40. Rickon (youngest son of House Stark)
  41. Gregor (aka “The Mountain”)
  42. Ros
  43. Myrcella (daughter of Cersei)
  44. Rodrik (Master-At-Arms at Winterfell for House Stark)
  45. Renly (brother of Robert and Stannis)
  46. Yoren (a recruiter for the Night’s Watch)
  47. Allister (the Master-At-Arms of Castle Black)
  48. Robin (son of Lord Jon Arryn, the former hand of the king)
  49. Aemon (the maester at Castle Black)
  50. Syrio (the Bravosi that first taught Arya how to use a sword)
  51. Dontos (as in Ser Dontos The Red)
  52. Yara (the sister of Theon Greyjoy)
  53. Olenna (the Matriarch of House Tyrell)
  54. Meera (sister of Jojen and assisted Bran north of the wall)
  55. Shireen (daughter of Stannis Baratheon)
  56. Mance (leader of the free folk or wildlings)
  57. Jojen (assisted Bran north of the wall)
  58. Oberyn (fought The Mountain during a trial by combat for Tyrion)
  59. Bowen (senior at Castle Black and also the first steward at Castle Black)
  60. Mace (the lord of Highgarden)
  61. Septa
  62. Yohn (the lord of Runestone)
  63. Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf)
  64. Summer (Bran’s direwolf)
  65. Ghost (Jon’s direwolf)
  66. Lady (Sansa’s direwolf)
  67. Grey Wind (Robb’s direwolf)
  68. Shaggydog (Rickon’s direwolf)
  69. Doran (was head of House Martell)
  70. Trystane (eldest son and heir to the House Martell Throne)
  71. Lyanna (sister to Eddard Stark)
  72. Khal (a Dothraki warlord)
  73. Euron (brother of Balon Greyjoy)
  74. Drogo (Dothraki warlord and husband to Danaerys Targarean)
  75. Jamie (the brother of Tyrion and Cersei and King’s Guard)
  76. Rhaegar (brother of Danaerys Targarean)
  77. Khaleesi (Dothraki title for the wife of Khal)
  78. Drogon (one of the dragons of Danaerys Targarean)
  79. Viserion (one of the dragons of Danaerys Targarean)

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Wrap Up

We hope these dog names from Game of Thrones helped you find the perfect name for your new pup.

There are so many good characters in GOT which can make it hard to choose, but we did our best to make your name choosing process as easy as possible.


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