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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating?

Are you worried about your pet not eating? Is your dog refusing his food and making you concerned that they aren’t getting the right level of nutrition?

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating? Dogs can last up to 5 days without eating but they need still need to be hydrated. If your dog isn’t eating then you should take them to your vet as they will have the best answer.

You are not alone and one question that is often asked vets by concerned owners is how long can a dog go without eating.

Here, we are going to run through a few of the reasons why your dog might not be eating and how you can help with that. Read on and feel assured that your dog isn’t at any risk.

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating?

Dogs can last for up to 5 days without any food at all, but they must still have water. You need to ensure that they are adequately hydrated, even if they are unable to eat the food you provide for them.

My Dog Is Refusing to Eat

First, take your dog to the vet as they will have the best input on this situation.

If your dog is refusing to eat, then you might want to check a few things out. For starters have a look at the food they are eating.

Does it have enough protein, fat and fiber in it? Dog’s are naturally intuitive about their food and if it is of a low quality then they will refuse it.

Another thing to look at is whether their food bowl and eating area is clean. The smell of old food and other odours can put a dog off from eating altogether.

Finally does your dog have a blockage in their throat or sore in their mouth? This would make it painful for your dog to eat so you should take them to the vets to get checked out.

My Dog Is Missing

The first question owners ask when their pet is missing is how long can a dog go without eating.

Don’t worry, dogs are natural hunters and while your pooch might be loved and pampered at home, their inherent genes will soon take over in the wild and they will be able to find food without many problems.

My Dog Is Unwell

If your dog is unwell from an illness or surgery and they aren’t eating, then the first thing to do is to make sure they are still hydrated.

Keeping their fluid levels up are really important and will help them to recuperate and give their bodies time to heal.

The next thing to do is to see your vet. It is important for their recovery that they have a healthy diet so discuss this with your vet and see what they suggest you feed them.

Wrap Up

Whether your dog is missing, unwell or just put off their food, you must make sure that they stay well hydrated. Any longer than 2 or 3 days of your pooch not eating and you need to seek medical advice.

Remember that it’s not about how long can a dog go without eating but how long your pet is not adequately nourished. We hope your dog is feeling better really soon and back to eating a natural, healthy diet!


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