How Much Should You Tip Dog Groomers?

Are you tipping your groomer the right amount?

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Some people choose to groom their dogs on their own, but a growing number have been using dog grooming services to take care of this challenging task.

People often wonder how much should you tip dog groomers, and the answer is that you should (the how much is relative).

Not An Easy Job

Dog grooming is a lot more than about taking care of a cute puppy’s appearance.

Dog groomers go through training and need to perform their taxing job, which not everyone can handle, sometimes under especially difficult circumstances.

They are often trying to avoid scratches and bites, along with other behavioral issues associated with canines.

You need to also consider that not all dogs enjoying being groomed and can be difficult for the groomer to deal with.

It may be one of the reasons that you opted to use their service rather than do it yourself. Tipping a dog groomer for having to do the hard work seems only reasonable.

A groomer’s job requires a lot of patience and is filled with tough physical activity. Their efforts should be recognized as you are doing a lot of things for your precious pet that you have decided was too hard to do.

They Perform A Service So You Don’t Have To

When you are at a restaurant, and a waiter brings over your meal and caters to your needs during your visit, you typically tip them at the end of the meal, right?

It might be an ingrained practice but keep in mind you do this because the waiter is serving you the food, and you do not have to do it yourself.

The same idea applier to dog groomers as well. As part of their routine, they not only wash your dog, they check their skin for dryness, sores, and pests, clip, pull, and grind nails, and squeeze anal glands.

All things that you would need to do if you were not enlisting their help.

They Don’t Get Paid All The Money You Pay

The money that you pay for your dog’s grooming does not all go to the groomer, in fact, they get only a fraction of it.

Depending on the company, they often get paid a steady salary, which might be a minor percentage of the money taken in for their efforts, no matter how good of a job they do.

The tips help increase their own personal earning and it is good to appreciate their hard work.

How Much Should You Tip Dog Groomers?

As with any other service that involves tips, they should be scaled based on the performance of the groomer.

The typical rule of thumb is a tip of 15% – 20% of the cost of the service.

But if a groomer did an exceptionally great job on your loving pet, and especially if your dog was a challenging task to groom, you should up that tip a bit to reward the groomer’s efforts.

If a dog needs more extensive grooming, and of course if you are satisfied with the service you should show your appreciation to the groomer with a more generous tip.

Of course, if the opposite is true and you find your dog smelling bad, or not having received the treatment paid for, you should be under no obligation to leave a tip.

Final Thought

The question of tipping a dog groomer has a lot of variables and is still debated on many dog care forums, but the general rule of thumb (and decency) is to offer up a small bonus on top of the regular price it the groomer performed a satisfactory service. In return, you get a clean and happy dog to share your home with.


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