John Wick Dogs: What Kind Of Dog Did John Wick Have?

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The new popular movie franchise on the block is John Wick, and even more than him the John Wick dogs!

While Keanu Reeves may not have a dog in real life, but his character in John Wick has had a dog in every movie.

This question is simple but it has two answers for both of John Wick’s dogs.

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John Wick Dogs Explained

What Kind Of Dog Did John Wick Have In The First Movie?

If you are referring to Daisy which was the first dog that John Wick got from his late wife that dog was a Beagle.

It was the dog with adorable flopping ears and a multi-color short fur coat.

John Wick’s dog name in this movie is Daisy. The real John Wick dog’s name is Andy and was only 8 weeks old at the time of filming the first John Wick movie.

Although Andy wasn’t featured in that movie for long he sure did make an impact on the audience.

If you want to see the reverse parody of John Wick then watch this hilarious youtube video titled “Dog Wick”.

What Kind Of Dog Did John Wick Have In The Second And Third Movies?

Ok fine, he technically got this dog at the end of the first movie, but that is beside the point. The dog featured in the second and third movies is a pit bull.

John Wick’s dog doesn’t actually have a name yet. He instead refers to him as just “boy”.

Specifically, this pit bull is named Burton but some people call him Bubba.

He is a rescue dog that was chosen because he had a sad look that would make viewers sympathize with him.

I know I watched these movies hoping that this beautiful dog would make it through to the end.

What Kind Of Dogs Did Halle Berry Have In The Third Movie?

The two adorable, athletic dogs Halle Berry had in John Wick 3 Para Bellum were Belgian Malinois.

Which she actually underwent much training with in order to prepare for the latest movie in the franchise.

Halle Barry’s character aka Sofia hasn’t yet said the names of the John Wick 3 dogs in a movie.

Belgian Malinois looks a lot like a German Shepherd and it even shares some traits like high intelligence however these two dogs are completely separate breeds.

This breed is also used as police dogs which explains their use in a tactical film such as John Wick.


That’s all the John Wick dogs there are right now however I hope they will add new dogs to the mix in the future as this will likely be a long-running franchise.

If you really want to learn more about the new dogs involved in John Wick 3 check out the training video featuring Halle Berry!

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