Do Kevlar Dog Toys Exist? + 7 FANTASTIC Durable Dog Toys

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Do you have a fierce dog that destroys every toy they get in minutes? 

Then you might be looking for the often sought after kevlar dog toys, however, they don’t actually exist. We explain why below and recommend other very durable dog toys.

Here is your guide to getting the best durable dog toys.

Do Kevlar Dog Toys Exist?

No, kevlar dog toys do not exist because it is a very strong fabric that if ingested by a dog could kill them.

This is why you cannot find kevlar dog toys sold online and the closest you can get are very durable dog toys.

What Are The 7 Best Durable Dog Toys?

Best Overall – Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Goughnuts MaXX Pro 50 Stick - Large (for Dogs 60-120 Pounds) and Virtually Indestructible Rubber Dog Chew and Training Toy for Large Breeds and Aggressive Power Chewers
  • THE LAST CHEW TOY YOU'LL NEED: Large toy designed for extreme chewers 60-120lbs by mechanical and polymer engineers obsessed with your dog's safety and enjoyment
  • MULTIPLE SIZES PERFECTLY FIT YOUR POOCH: We have sizes for every type of dog jaw and chewing intensity. After many years designing chew toys, we found it’s healthiest to use a toy that reduces leverage in the dog’s jaw, by forcing the jaw to stay more open while chewing. Follow our sizing chart in the images!
  • SAME RUBBER THE ASTRONAUTS USE – SERIOUSLY, our reinforced natural rubber is designed by engineers that make rubber for spaceships and aircraft. UNIQUE DURABILITY FOR UNIQUE DOGS: We have multiple rubber recipes to better suit all dog types. Please reference the sizing sheet in the images. This is our toughest recipe.

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This toy is not the best looking, but it is one of the strongest. It has a large cylinder design with rounded edges. It also comes in a black ring design if you prefer rings over sticks.

There is also an interesting safety indicator built into this toy.

There is a red indicator on the inside of the stick and ring. If your dog breaks the outside and you see this red indicator Goughnuts says you should immediately take this toy away from your dog.

Goughnuts also guarantees that if your dog chews through the outside layer. They will replace your toy with a brand new product.

Some who have bought this product rave about how strong this toy is and how their strong dogs can’t figure out how to break it.

Dogs who have ripped toys apart within minutes of getting them can’t even break the surface of this toy.


  • Very Strong
  • Goughnuts Guarantee
  • Red Safety Indicator


  • Plain Design
  • Some Products Can Be Broken

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Best Plush – Fluff & Tuff Walter Wabbit Plush Toy

Walter The Wabbit Tuff Dog Toy
  • Walter Wabbit is a large toy measuring 12" in length.
  • Made with Fluff & Tuff’s unique, ultra-plush outer fabric. Thick, durable Tuffweb mesh liner.
  • All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched.

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This chew toy has cute looks and durability. This toy measures about 12” inches in length and has an ultra-plush outer fabric. With a thick, durable Tuffweb mesh liner.

Fluff & Tuff made this toy concealed, folded, and double stitched.  Your dog can’t rip the toy apart starting at the seams. The polyfill is also non-toxic for optimal playability.

If you worry about the eyes, they’re embroidered. But, Fluff & Tuff says you should still supervise your dog when playing with this toy.

They made this toy with high-quality materials to make this toy very durable. Yet, they say this is still a plush toy and isn’t indestructible.

Some buyers of this toy say it has been one of their go-to toys for years. Since these toys are machine washable, all the smells that come over time wash away.


  • Machine Washable
  • Non-Toxic Polyfill
  • Very Durable


  • Big Dogs Might Tear This Toy Apart

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Best Tasting – Oneisall Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

oneisall Durable Dog Chew Toys Bone Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers— Indestructible Puppy Toys for Large Dogs M
  • ✦Make your puppy happy to chew & play, with his bone toy he will never feel lonely.
  • ✦Safe to chew: our bones are made of food grade nylon, not rubber.
  • ✦Keep his teeth healthy, let him chew and enjoy the bacon flavor taste of his new toy.

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This chew toy looks like a bone and has a durable nylon shell. But, don’t worry with this strength they also made sure that this toy is safe and non-toxic.

Not only will this toy be a great kevlar-like dog toy for your dog to chew on. This toy will also help clean your dog’s teeth and control tartar.

Dog’s like this toy not only because of its durability. This dog toy has a special bacon-flavored smell. They will be in love with this great smell of this toy.

There is a size for every size of dog. Their sizes are small, medium, and large. Small is for dogs from 0-15 pounds, the medium is for dogs from 15-60 pounds, and large is for dogs from 60+ pounds.

Some buyers say their dogs love chewing on this toy and they love the smell. Some have also said their dogs have never been able to destroy this toy, it is very durable.


  • Bacon Flavor
  • Nylon ShellSize
  • For All Dogs


  • Bacon Smell Can Be Overwhelming For Humans
  • Very Hard Plastic Material

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Best Ball – West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball

West Paw Zogoflex Jive Ball Dog Chew Toy – Bouncing Toys for Dogs, Fetch, Catch, Chewing, Play – Floatable, Recyclable Balls – Latex-Free, Non-Toxic, Dishwasher Safe Dog Toy, 3-1/4-Inch, Granny Smith
  • DURABLE DOG CHEW TOYS: More durable than a tennis ball, the West Paw Zogoflex Ball Dog Chew Toy is perfect for fetch and features a unique shape for an engaging, erratic bounce.
  • SOFT, BOUNCY DOG BALLS FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR PLAY: Light enough for kids or adults to throw or roll, this floatable dog ball features a high bounce for your furry friend to run, fetch and chase in all terrains.
  • DOG BALL TOYS FOR WATER PLAY: Keep your friendly Fido entertained in the pool, lake or river with this dog ball chew toy from West Paw that is squishy and floatable, making it the perfect dog water toy.

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This toy is great if you are looking for a very durable dog ball toy.

This product can both float and bounce, making it perfect for all settings. Whether you are in the pool or in the yard.

The size of this ball fits in all standard ball-throwers! This toy is also dishwasher safe, so don’t worry about the smell festering over time.

People that own this product say their dogs love this toy’s durability. Some even say their dogs carry this ball everywhere they go because they love how it never breaks.


  • Very Durable
  • Floats And Bounces
  • Fits In All Standard Ball-Throwers


  • Hard Material
  • Some Dogs Don’t Like The Smell

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Best For Small Dogs – Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring

Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew Toy Ring for Aggressive Chewers from 30-70 Pounds in Green. Durable Rubber Dog Chew Toy for Medium Breeds and Power Chewers
  • Medium green ring, designed for aggressive chewers from 30-70 by mechanical and polymer engineers.
  • Measures 5 inches in diameter with a 1.75 inch cross section. DIfferent sizes available for larger/smaller dogs. If unsure of sizing, size up for safety.
  • Original Rubber is tough and durable. Tougher rubber available for extreme chewers. Floats like an ice cube

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This product is the original version of the Goughnuts Indestructible chew toy MAXX. This product is perfect for teething puppies!

It is a smaller toy but has a strong outer layer.

Like the newer version of this toy, this chew ring has a red indicator inside. You will see if your dog has broken the outer layer.

If this happens, you need to take the toy away and GoughNuts will guarantee a replacement!

If you have a larger dog this toy will not be indestructible. This toy is better for smaller dogs and puppies.

For smaller dogs, this product is not very likely to break and will live up to its indestructible reputation.

Many owners of this product say their dogs have not yet broken the surface of this toy.

Some have even said their dog has been using this toy for three years and hasn’t broken the surface. 

Many of the negative reviews come from people with larger dogs.

Whose dogs received this product made for smaller dogs and broke it.


  • Great For Teething Puppies
  • Red Safety Indicator
  • Goughnuts Guarantee


  • Not Good For Big Dogs

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Best Bundle – Pacific Pups Products Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers – Set of 11

Pacific Pups Products supporting dog rope toys for aggressive chewers-set of 11 nearly indestructible dog toys-bonus giraffe rope toys-benefits non profit dog rescue.
  • THESE ROPES SUPPORT US IN OUR EFFORTS TO SAVE DOGS FROM HIGH KILL SHELTERS – Pacific Pups Products Dog Toys were created to support Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue in California. PPP created the best dog toys with the best of intentions.
  • PLASTIC FREE! ASTM F-963 CHILDRENS TOY SAFETY STANDARDS CERTIFIED & LIFETIME GUARANTEED–Your dog is guaranteed to have a great time with these dog toys, or your money back! Although our dog ropes toys are durable dog toys,they're not completely indestructible,so rest assured that we chose to use the safest adhesives & materials available as opposed to the strongest.
  • INCLUDES FREE GIRAFFE DOG FLOSS TOY – our dog toys value pack includes this giraffe rope dog flossing toy for FREE! The giraffe flosser rope toy and carrot flossie are structured to clean teeth, and provide other dental benefits, including gum health. Your dog will have fun playing with this dog floss toy while improving dental health! Although our dog toys are for aggressive chewers, flossies like this are not indestructible dog toys. Dispose of any toys that fray or break.

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The toys in this bundle include, 11 toys with several different sizes that you can use depending on the size of your dog.

Some are made for tug of war, some are made for fetch, and some are just made for idle chewing or teething. There is a toy for every type of dog and activity.

Because of the durability of these rope toys, they are good for keeping your dogs from chewing on furniture or shoes while they are teething.

Even if your dog isn’t teething these toys will naturally reduce your dog’s anxiety.

As a bonus, Pacific Pups has included 2 floss toys that can improve your dog’s dental health, just by chewing them!

The giraffe and carrot are floss toys and are not made to be near indestructible like the other toys. If either of these toys begin to break Pacific Pups recommend you get rid of them.

Also, Pacific claims these toys are plastic-free and use the safest materials instead of the strongest.

Therefore, these toys are advertised as “Nearly Indestructible”.

Still, these toys are very durable and plentiful for that matter!


  • Bundle Of 11
  • 2 Floss Toys For Good Dental Health
  • Plastic-Free Toys
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Good For Teething Dogs And Puppies


  • The Floss Toys Get Easily Torn Apart

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Best Interactive – Kong Extreme Dog Toy

KONG - Extreme Dog Toy - Toughest Natural Rubber, Black - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - For Large Dogs
  • INSTINCTUAL NEEDS: The KONG Extreme black rubber toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation. Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development, emotions and behavior. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this toy helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, barking and more!
  • FETCH TOY: The KONG Extreme's unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet.
  • POWER CHEWING DOGS: The KONG Extreme black rubber formula is created for power chewing dogs.

Last update on 2020-07-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is the best interactive toy for power chewers that you and your dog didn’t know you needed.

It can work as a chew toy or a fetch toy for those fast-paced playful sessions.

The reason this dog toy is more interactive than others is that you can put a portion of food or a treat in the middle.

Whether it is almond butter, dog treats, or a part of your dog’s favorite meal, put some in the center and it will keep your dog busy for a long time.

If you’re wondering about cleanup put your mind to rest. This toy is dishwasher safe, meaning your dog can cover this toy in slobber and you can machine wash it and use it again!

To build on the credibility of this dog toy, it is made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

Lastly, the size of your dog decides which size of this toy you can get. The sizes are extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, extra extra large.

It is advised to get one size up or a size proportionate to your dog. Smaller versions of this toy take away from the durability which can lead to the destruction of this toy.


  • Interactive Dog Toy
  • Good For Power Chewers
  • Can Be Used For Fetching And Chewing
  • Can Put A Treat In The Middle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made In The USA
  • Available In Several Sizes


  • If You Don’t Buy The Right Size, Your Dog Will Destroy It
  • Some Products Are Faulty

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Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the GoughNuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX is the best durable dog toy.

It is great for large dogs and has both a ring and stick design. Many dogs have tried for dozens of hours to break the indestructible layer and have failed.

It isn’t the best looking toy, but if you’re looking for a toy that won’t break, it will live up to that job.

The Fluff & Tuff Walter Wabbit toy is another great option if you want a durable toy that still has a nice look to it.

All the other toys on this list are great as well. These are all great options for your dogs and are very durable.

Depending on what you are looking for there is at least one option to fill your need on this list!

You won’t regret buying a durable dog toy.

You might think it is better to buy regular dog toys. But if you decide to buy one of these dog toys, it can last your dog many months or even years, not minutes.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Durable?

Size Of Your Dog

Size of your dog matters when buying toys for two main reasons. First, if the toy is too small it can be a choking hazard to your dog.

Second, if the toy is small and your dog is large and aggressive, it will be easier for your dog to bite through the toy or rip it apart if it is plush.

What Toy Does Your Dog Prefer?

Does your dog like to fetch, chew aggressively, or playfully chew a plush toy?

Observe which your dog prefers, and buy them one of these indestructible toys that fits their play style.

Or if your dog like multiple types of toys, try out a couple of these toys, they are built to last.

Consider What You Want Too

If you don’t like scented toys then you shouldn’t buy them.

Your dog will most likely love a toy that smells like bacon, but if you are sensitive to smells or don’t want your dog to get bacon smell on their dog bed you shouldn’t get it.


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